Provincial principals forum the integrated quality management system iqms
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Provincial Principals’ Forum The Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS). Encore Conference Centre, Northlink College, Panorama 10 February 2011. Overview. Refinements of the 2011 IQMS process Administration Challenges Non-Compliance Refusal to be evaluated

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Provincial principals forum the integrated quality management system iqms

Provincial Principals’ ForumThe Integrated Quality Management System(IQMS)

Encore Conference Centre, Northlink College, Panorama

10 February 2011


  • Refinements of the 2011 IQMS process

  • Administration Challenges

  • Non-Compliance

  • Refusal to be evaluated

  • Dealing with Non-compliance

  • Moderation

  • The link between Performance and Development

Refinements of the 2011 process
Refinements of the 2011 process

  • A revised Summary Composite Score Sheet (QA7) was disseminated to schools.

  • Alignment

  • Standardized format

  • Benefit to school’s administration / educators

  • Reduced error margin at school and Head Office

  • Pay Progression for 2010 was done programmatically – resulting in much fewer queries.


  • Poor Administration

  • Non-Compliance

  • Refusal to be evaluated

  • Moderation

  • The link between educator performance and development

Administration challenges
Administration Challenges

  • Despite having sent the new QA7 and instructions to schools, many still submitted the ‘old’ QA7.

  • Some did not read the Explanatory Notes before completing the QA7 which resulted in numerous mistakes being made on the QA7.

  • Schools failed to use the drop-down menu for Post Levels on the new QA7, with the result that the pre-programmed rating codes did not appear.

  • Post Levels were not arranged from 1 to 4, as instructed, but muddled up.

Admin challenges continued
Admin. Challenges - continued

  • In some cases the formula is deleted and the incorrect coding is recorded.

  • Some schools do not understand REQV (Relative Education Qualification Value).

  • Post levels for principals are filled in incorrectly. i.e. PL1, 2 & 3 Principals.

Admin challenges continued1
Admin. Challenges - continued

  • Learning Support (LS) educators are still being left off school QA7s (Human Resource Management Minute 8 of 2011).

  • Some educators still use corrective fluid on the QA5s.

  • Documents are not verified by relevant stakeholders (SDT Co-ordinator, Principal & IMG).

Non compliance

  • Late submissions of Summative Score Sheets (QA7) - without any apology or explanation.

  • A large number of principals received ‘0’ for PS 1-4 as they do not teach. Some educators say that they also do not want to be evaluated on certain Performance Standards. (HR Circular Minute 6 of 2008)

  • Failure to submit the Internal PM Moderation Report.

  • Failure to submit SDT details for 2012.

Refusal to be evaluated
Refusal to be evaluated

  • Partial compliance: Some teachers refused to be evaluated on Performance Standard 7 because they do not participate in extra-mural activities.

  • Non-compliance: Some teachers refused to be evaluated because they are on their maximum notch and do not receive the 1%. (Resolution 5 of 2006)

  • Non-compliance: Educators aggrieved with internal IQMS processes that refuse to be evaluated.

Dealing with non compliance
Dealing with Non-Compliance

  • Principal determines reasons for non-compliance. (Educator has the right to lodge grievance).

  • Principal guides, encourages and advises compliance with CA 8 of 2003

  • Continued refusal – Principal issues written instruction to comply (Progressive Discipline).

  • Refusal of instruction = Insubordination.

  • Matter referred to Labour Relations i.t.o Misconduct.

  • DLR enforces compliance.


  • Moderation of the process and not scores. (Circular Minute 10 of 2007)

  • If there is no evidence to support scores, it should be referred back to the DSG.

  • Scores that appear inflated, without supporting evidence will be referred back to the school by the IMG.

Link between performance and development
Link between Performance and Development

  • IQMS is still regarded as a once off exercise at many schools.

  • There is not enough emphasis on continuous performance management throughout the cycle which includes personal and professional development (Human Resource Management Minute 9 of 2011)

The end
The End

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