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Work Place Violence. Lucy Carracedo TVC Veteran Service Officer. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Statistics….. Violence has reached “epidemic proportions” 111,000 violent incidents per year 750 - 1,000 workplace homicides per year

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Work place violence

Work Place Violence

Lucy Carracedo

TVC Veteran Service Officer

National institute of occupational safety and health
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

  • Statistics…..

    • Violence has reached “epidemic proportions”

    • 111,000 violent incidents per year

    • 750 - 1,000 workplace homicides per year

    • The second leading cause of death in the workplace overall


North American Industry Classification System

(Health Care and Social Assistance-code 62)

  • Occupations with highest workplace assaults.

    • Psychiatric Nurse

    • Deputy Sheriff

    • Social Worker

      • Veterans Services


  • Definition and Cost

  • Types of Violence

  • Risk Factors

  • Warning Signs

  • Prevention

  • Challenging Situations

Definition: Any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work place setting.

  • Shootings

  • Stabbings

  • Rapes

  • Beatings

  • Suicides and near suicides

  • Physical assault

  • Psychological traumas

  • Threats, obscene or rude phone calls

  • Intimidation

  • Harassment of any nature

    • Being followed

    • Being verbally harassed

Definition cont d
Definition (cont’d)

  • Work Place

    • Parking lots

    • Field locations

    • Client’s homes

    • Traveling to and from work assignments


  • Annual lost workdays:

    • 1,176,000 by

    • 500,000 employees at

    • 3.5 days per incident

  • Lost wages – approximately $55 million

Additional cost
Additional Cost

  • Lost productivity

  • Legal expenses

  • Property damages

  • Diminished public image

  • Increased security

Ultimate cost
Ultimate Cost

Human Factor

  • Victims

  • Families

  • Co-workers

  • Customers

  • Employers

  • Communities

Types of violence
Types of Violence

  • Based on Relationship of Victim and Offender

    • Violence by Strangers

    • Violence by Customers or Clients

    • Violence by Co-workers

    • Violence by Personal Relations

Violence by strangers
Violence by Strangers

  • Perpetrator has no relationship to worker or workplace.

  • Most common:

  • Robbery

  • Mugging

  • Rape

  • Acts of Terrorism

Violence by clients
Violence by Clients

  • Claimants/Clients.

  • A client complaint escalating into a fistfight.

  • A former client with a grudge against the business deciding to “get even.”

Violence by co workers
Violence by Co-workers

  • Current or former employees, work-studies, supervisors or managers

    • Bullying or threatening co-workers

    • Dispute with supervisor becoming violent

  • Office shooting triggered by a personnel action such as a firing or mass layoff

  • Includes threats to family members (i.e. an employee threatening to harm his or her supervisor’s family)

Violence by personal relations
Violence by Personal Relations

  • Current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend

  • Relative

  • Friend

  • Any combination of

  • A relative may enter a workplace to confront the victim over a family dispute

Risk factors
Risk Factors

Contact with the public

Working with unstable or volatile persons

Delivery of goods or services

Mobile workplace - “Out-reach” days

Working alone or in small numbers

Working late or early morning hours

Working in high-crime areas

Risk factors1
Risk Factors

“Profile” of a Perpetrator:

Warning signs
Warning Signs

  • Frequent conflicts with others

  • Difficulty accepting authority

  • History of past conflicts or violence

  • Dramatic behavior or personality change

  • Increased absenteeism and reduced productivity

  • Approval of violence to resolve problems

  • Indications of depression/desperation

  • Substance abuse: drugs or alcohol

  • Excuses and blaming others

Warning signs cont d
Warning Signs (cont’d)

  • Inconsistent work habits or behavior

  • Strained work or family relationships

  • Changes in health, hygiene or attire

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Loitering around or loner

  • Extremist attitudes and opinions

  • Frequent arguments, threatening gestures

  • Aggressive behavior or mental illness

  • Fascination with weapons or killing power

    Anything that makes YOU uncomfortable!


  • Environmental

    • Adequate lighting inside and outside

    • Secured entrances and accessible exits

    • Security hardware:

      • Key or Smart Cards/Dead Bolts/Peep Hole

    • Physical Barriers and alarms

    • Metal detectors

    • Cameras

    • Speed dial 9-1-1

    • Never close doors

Prevention cont d
Prevention (cont’d)

  • Behavioral/Interpersonal

    • Practice safety procedures – have a plan

    • Create a duress word or gesture for help

    • Organize your office for ease in exiting

    • Do not work alone – use buddy system

    • Stay mentally and physically alert

    • Don’t ever get complacent!

Challenging situations
Challenging Situations

  • A fist-shaking customer yells, “You’ll be sorry!” at a work-study, but doesn’t strike her

  • Jim is working in his office when his sister’s ex-husband threatens him with a knife, demanding to know where his sister is hiding

Challenging situations cont d
Challenging Situations (cont’d)

  • Rashid Siddiq, a TVC employee, is harassed by a Work-study who shouts racial slurs and threatens to follow him home with a gun

  • Deena Jones is working alone in the County Veteran’s Service Office when a man wearing a ski mask and carrying a shotgun comes in upset because he hasn’t received his VA check


  • Workplace violence can and does happen

  • You cannot predict the behavior of others

  • Educate and prepare yourself as well as your staff

  • Practice safety and stay alive