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High Performance Work Place

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High Performance Work Place. Early History. Changing Times. Today. Core Values. HPWP. Successful organizations that want to move to the “next step” are changing their approach toward people. WHY?. HPWP. Profits vs. People.

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Successful organizations that want to

move to the “next step” are

changing their approach toward




Profits vs. People

“80% of what any organization does can be done equally well by any other organization; competitive success depends entirely upon the other 20%---which is people.”


Why are Organizations Changing…

People are the Key Asset

The Workforce is Changing

Traditional Methods are Less Effective


Traditional Assumptions

People by Nature…

  • Lack integrity
  • Are fundamentally lazy and desire to work as little as possible
  • Avoid responsibility
  • Are not interested in achievement
  • Are incapable of directing their own behavior

Are indifferent to organization needs

Prefer to be directed by others

Avoid making decisions whenever possible

Are not very bright


Adversarial Relationships

Us vs. Them


Symptoms of Disharmony




Low Productivity

Frequent Accidents

Discrimination Charges

Low Morale

Theft Vandalism


Low Quality


symptoms of harmony

Symptoms of Harmony

Workers’ Comp MOD 45% Decrease

2008 1.85

2012 .98

Turnover 66% Decrease


Receiving 103% Increase

Shipping 30% Increase

Inventory Control Losses 94% Decrease


A Different Approach

Contrast This…

With What it Could Be


A Different Approach

A Philosophy based in the belief that…

Approximately 95% of All Employees at All Levels are Responsible Workers and Good People

Most of our Management Policies and Practices were Focused on Protecting PDC from the 5% Marginal Employee Group

When these Policies and Practices were Applied and Enforced Equally to All, They had a Negative Impact on the 95%.


Let’s define the 5%er—

Someone whose motives are not good

Their goal is to work as little as possible and to get away with as much as possible

They are not a team player and are not trustworthy

How many 5%ers work for you?


High Performance Work Place

It’s a Work Place that fosters maximumperformance and is supported by the following 8 key elements:

  • Positive Assumptions about People
  • Identification & Elimination of Negatives
  • Mutual Trust & Respect
  • Open, Two-Way, Adult-to-Adult Communication
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Involvement & Empowerment
  • Competitive Wages and Benefits
  • High Expectations
positive assumptions about people hpwp
Positive Assumptions About People HPWP

People by Nature…

Have Integrity

Work Hard toward Objectives to which they are Committed

Assume Responsibility with those Commitments

Desire to Achieve

Are Capable of Directing their own behavior

Want the Organization to Succeed

Are Not Passive or Submissive

Will Make Decisions Within their Commitments

Are Bright

positive assumptions about people hpwp1
Positive Assumptions About People HPWP

One Standard of Conduct

“Every associate is expected to act

in the best interest of Pate Dawson Company

and his/her fellow associates.”

identification elimination of negatives hpwp
Identification & Elimination of Negatives HPWP

A “Negative” is defined as:

Anything that

minimizes vs. maximizes

a person’s feeling of VALUE

to the organization.

identification elimination of negatives hpwp1
Identification & Elimination of Negatives HPWP

Negatives take Four Forms:

Management Behavior based on Negative Assumptions

Policies/Practices created for the 5%ers

Creation of a Two-Class Citizenship Culture

Disproportionate attention to equipment and facilities vs. PEOPLE

mutual trust respect hpwp
Mutual Trust & Respect HPWP


Elimination of Traditional Management Practices

Probationary Period

Behavior-based work policies and rules

Security checks on all bags in/out

Locked cabinets, doors and segregated building access

Progressive Discipline

Designated number of annual sick leave/days


open two way adult to adult communication
Open, Two-Way, Adult-to-Adult Communication

“The way you talk to a neighbor you like”

  • Open:
    • We are not trying to hide anything – No Secrets
  • Adult-to-Adult:
    • We are all adults
  • Two-way:
    • You get better understanding, more involvement, and a better outcome
training hpwp
Training HPWP

“The time and dollars invested

in personal and professional

development reflects an organization’s

VALUE for its people”

employee involvement empowerment
Employee Involvement & Empowerment

“People should be involved in every

decision that affects them”

employee involvement empowerment1
Employee Involvement & Empowerment

Opportunities for Employee Involvement

Setting Performance Goals and Objectives

Productivity, Quality, Safety, Scheduling Problems and Solutions

Development of Team Work Policies, Practices & Standards

New Team Member Selection/Hiring Teams

Termination of 5%ers

competitive wages benefits
Competitive Wages & Benefits

Objective is to make it a “non-issue”

Surveys conducted/researched annually

All market data and range data open to all employees

high expectations hpwp
High Expectations HPWP
  • The first 7 elements guarantee:
    • Employee loyalty and retention
    • Excellent community reputation
    • Ability to attract the best people
  • High Expectations guarantees:

High Performance

bottom line philosophy hpwp
Bottom Line Philosophy HPWP





We Couldn’t Change Our People


We DID Change

The Environment

in which Our

People Function


Then Helped Them

Change Themselves