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Social Media Marketing Overview

Social Media Marketing Overview. Who am I…. My name is Robert Hermann Founder and CEO of Good Doggy Marketing I learned online marketing in the highly competitive Global Marketing arena applying the most cutting edge Marketing from the world’s top Marketers.

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Social Media Marketing Overview

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  1. Social Media Marketing Overview Robert Hermann

  2. Who am I… • My name is Robert Hermann Founder and CEO of Good Doggy Marketing • I learned online marketing in the highly competitive Global Marketing arena applying the most cutting edge Marketing from the world’s top Marketers. • Author of “Robert Hermann’s Guide to Marketing Your Business Online in Toronto” • Platinum Member in Good Standing of The Local Internet Marketers Association (LIMA). Gooddoggymarketing

  3. What is Social Media? Social Media, or Interactive Media is: • A two way street that allows the source to broadcast, and the consumer to respond interactively. • This new form of media differs from the traditional “simply broadcast” method of distributing information (Think T.V.). Robert Hermann

  4. A Respected Description… “Social media are online communications in which individuals shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author. To do this, they use social software that enables anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share or mash up content and to form communities around shared interests.” Joseph Thornley Robert Hermann

  5. Why Would I Use Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing is Word of Mouth Advertising on Steroids!!! This can be very Good Or Very Bad…! Robert Hermann

  6. What Are These People Saying? Robert Hermann

  7. Don’t Think it Matters What They are Saying? Robert Hermann

  8. People are going to use Social Media Whether You actively participate in it or not! If You are not Branding Your Company…Then Who is? Most satisfied customers will NOT go out of their way to praise Your business unless specifically asked. A dissatisfied customer Will tell the world! Robert Hermann

  9. Who Controls Your Brand? Robert Hermann

  10. If Your Answer is Anything Other Than You…Your Business is in Trouble!!! Robert Hermann

  11. How Do I Use Social Media “One of the key components in successful social media marketing implementation is building social authority. Social authority is developed when an individual or organization establishes themselves as an expert in their given field or area, thereby becoming an influencer in that field or area.” European Journal of Social Psychology Robert Hermann

  12. What Social Media Sites Should I Use? There are literally Hundreds of Thousands of Social Media sites. Robert Hermann

  13. Robert Hermann

  14. We are only going to focus on a few… • Linkedin.com • Facebook.com • Photobucket.com • Wordpress.com/Blogger.com • YouTube.com • Twitter.com Robert Hermann

  15. LinkedIn • We are going to start with LinkedIn because: • It is exclusively a Business Site. • It is very straight forward and easy to complete. • It is Highly Respected by both Members and Search Engines Robert Hermann

  16. Tips • Fill out the entire site to completion…Your profile should Read 100% complete! • Use Your Keywords in all the appropriate places. • Pictures are Not optional! • Search for connections and Join Groups This is Your Gateway to Popularity! Robert Hermann

  17. Facebook Facebook allows you to announce, promote events, create a Group Page or create a company, business or personal Fan Page. Robert Hermann

  18. The Fan Page Robert Hermann

  19. When a person 'likes' a fan page, that connection is posted on their wall and then shown in the Home Page feed for others to see. Friends of that person click on the page just connected with...and so the number of followers grows. Robert Hermann

  20. Something Powerful! • You do not need to be a Facebook user to view a Fan Page. A person may follow a link from somewhere EG: Awebsite and look you up on Facebook from anywhere in the world. • Be sure to place Your important links on all your different online assets! Robert Hermann

  21. What is a “Like” • These pages are not private pages...so anyone can access the information on a particular page even if they haven't 'liked' it as such. (If you aren't sure what all this 'liking' is it’s Facebook's new way of 'becoming a fan' of a page. Where a person once became a 'fan' they now become a 'liker'). Robert Hermann

  22. Where to Link • It’s easy to post a link to a fan page across other Facebook pages...putting the page’s name in front of different groups of people. • Source out “groups” that fit Your Particular Niche, join them and start to add Value with Your link attached. • Place Your link at the bottom of Your email signature. Robert Hermann

  23. Reward New Clients • Place a promotional code on your Fan Page that offers a 10% discount on Your product or service and ask them to “like” it! • You can also place a piece of Media on Your Fan Page promote it and ask people to like it! Robert Hermann

  24. Free Ads Go to applications and search for Marketplace and join. You can now post for free. Give away free reports, and advertise your business opportunities. These advertisements can be targeted to geo location and stay for a long time so it can generate incoming traffic for quite a while. Keep on posting ads every week, focus on giving away branded eBooks, because this will generate viral traffic. Robert Hermann

  25. Tips This is a place where People come to Socialize…Treat it that way! • Give away media of interest • Hold a contest • Add comments of value to every Group you join • Occasionally update some “interesting” personal info Robert Hermann

  26. Tips • Interchange Your updates between Funny, Informative and business Personal… • Cross promote Your different web assets! • Market at a 5:1 ratio…Meaning You should have 5 of the above Posts before there is a Sales post. • Keep a good balance when updating…More than 1 a week, Less than twice daily. Robert Hermann

  27. Don’t Be Afraid To Sell! Robert Hermann

  28. Photobucket • Photobucket is a great resource for storing and sharing Your Visual Media. • This site is also a Powerful photo editor. • Be sure to use Your Keywords in the descriptions of Your Media. • Allow Your media to be viewed by all! Robert Hermann

  29. WordPress/Blogger • There are 2 different platforms here for these reasons: • Both are excellent Blogging Platforms! • Blogger has a higher page Rank because it is older. • WordPress will have the same editor and layout as your Website. • The choice is Yours! Robert Hermann

  30. Why I should Have a Blog… Robert Hermann

  31. Fill Out Your Profile • Have all the Contact information You feel comfortable giving available… • This is a way for potential clients to get in touch with You! • This is a way for people to pass on Your information to there Friends and Family! Robert Hermann

  32. Custom Header Please note this Resource Fiverr.com • Fiverr is a site where people do small jobs for You for $5…Very Reputable! • Order Your custom header @Fiverr Robert Hermann

  33. Robert Hermann

  34. Your Blogs… • Your Blogs should be fairly short 250-450 words, can be done often. • They should be Keyword driven. • They should have a Call To Action. • They can contain Other people’s media as long as the author is referenced. • They should point to Your other Web Assets and Vice Versa! Robert Hermann

  35. YouTube Don’t be Afraid of Video! Here Are some Important Reasons WHY! Robert Hermann

  36. Live Video Requires No Editing

  37. Remember… Robert Hermann

  38. You Don’t Have to be the Star! Robert Hermann

  39. Video Content Ideas • Short is Sweet! • Inform in your first 10 seconds • Live videos require no editing • PowerPoint Driven Content/Animations • No Scripts Needed

  40. Resources • YouTube itself is an excellent content resource for Your other Web Assets! • Animoto.com is a Fantastic FREE site that will virtually build videos, ready to upload to YouTube videos for You! • Use Graphics from Your other Web Assets to customize Your business’s Channel. Robert Hermann

  41. Twitter • In Twitter You “Tweet” short Messages to Your Followers. Robert Hermann

  42. Customize Your Page • Using the common theme of being congruent use the custom graphics from Your other web assets to customize Your Theme. • Complete all the “About You” fields You feel comfortable with and make sure to include all Your other web assets! Robert Hermann

  43. What and When… • What to Tweet is easy…Tweet anytime You want to promote something on one of Your other web assets! EG: A new Video, a recent article, a new service offered… When You do this is once You Have something New of Value to share! Robert Hermann

  44. Congratulations! Go Enjoy Social Media! Robert Hermann

  45. Robert Hermann

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