Safety and Database Subsection
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Safety and Database Subsection ADO - PO - SA Main safety projects / activities RP issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safety and Database Subsection ADO - PO - SA Main safety projects / activities RP issues Patrols What is the current status and what needs to be implemented before the end of the long shutdown 12.03.2009 , Olga Beltramello. General Safety

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Safety and Database Subsection


  • Main safety projects / activities

  • RP issues

  • Patrols

  • What is the current status and what needs to be

  • implemented before the end of the long shutdown

  • 12.03.2009 , Olga Beltramello

General Safety

A new safety organization have been implemented at Point 1with :

  • Nomination of new PH TSOs and DTSO for the various buildings

  • Nomination of the missing safety officers

  • Creation of the general weekly safety meeting every week at Point 1 where all TSO, safety officers, safety engineers, SLIMOS and safety coordinator are reporting

  • The main safety issues are reported weekly at OPM meeting

General Safety

  • Work package analysis meetings are held every Tuesday with the WPA manager (William), the GLIMOS, RSO (Giuseppe), ALARA coordinator (Fernando), the safety coordinator and the concerned project responsible.

  • These meeting are followed by VIC.

  • Work declaration form (web based) is implemented and mandatory for all activities happening in SR1, SGX1, SX1, USA15, US15, UX15.

  • Very active presence of the safety team in the experimental area (all TSOs, WPA manager (William), Franck and Xavier).


The SLIMOS desk has been set up operational for the LHC run period and later moved to shutdown configuration.

All safety systems and access systems (LACS/LASS, SSA) IHM are implemented and operational.

The SLIMOS procedures are available.

The SLIMOS handbook is created and under consolidation, this shall be finalized before the end of the shutdown period.


The Fire Brigade instructions and routes (with the associated signalization in situ) have been implemented (Sofia, Irina and Kathy).

The safety systems (ODH, FG, Fire, seismograph), access systems and some missing infrastructure (ventilation) data are currently under collection and shall be inserted in the SLIMOS desk and also in the safety web page (Alessandro).

The SLIMOS shifts are operational, about 50 SLIMOS have been trained and qualified (Sofia and Xavier).

Safety Systems (Fernando, Sofia, Nuno)

Safety systems / safety matrix status :

  • All safety systems (ODH, FG, Fire, Sniffers, ..) have been implemented and receptioned.

  • Their maintenance is currently on going.

  • The ATLAS safety matrixes have been implemented and receptioned.

  • The maintenance campaign is going on.

  • DSS operational, remaining missing actions or signals are being implemented

  • The FPIAA system remaining missing areas/ configuration (forward platforms, open configuration) are currently under installation.

  • The surface seismograph shall be linked to the SLIMOS desk and the two seismograph events shall be connected to DSS for actions in case of seismic events

ATLAS Training

An ATLAS training for Fire Brigade has been developed (Sofia, Kathy and Xavier) and the entire fire brigade has been for half a day trained.

Very appreciated and successful !

An ATLAS training for visitor guides has been developed to cope with the new access and RP situation (more than 50 people trained by Xavier).

The ATLAS Safety training is currently under revision :

  • The ATLAS RP training has been created (Giuseppe)

  • The ATLAS access training is under creation (Sofia and Irina) with the help of a Finnish company RecIT.

  • The ATLAS level 4A safety training shall be revised

Main Safety Engineering consolidation campaigns before this summer

A campaign to improve the overpressure between the caverns and

the tunnel is currently on going in collaboration with CV (air flow

measurements, sealing improvement, overpressure measurement,

implementation of additional pressure or air flow sensors, link

to the slimos desk, etc..) (Olga, Fernando, Nuno)

An assessment of the criticality of possible CO2 leaks during ID

operation is being performed with the various TRT and ID experts.

with the study of the possible technical and operational solutions.

A large CO2 tests campaign will be run in collaboration with ID

experts and Fire Brigade to assess the stability of the various CO2

systems, the various operation parameters and the safety


RP issues – General summer

The RPE / RPA team has been trained, the piquet service has been set up and the ATLAS RP activities have been successfully organized and run since the first beams (Giuseppe).

Additional training is possible with N. Conan from SC-RP every week , please register.

A new session of RPA and RPE training is planned this year, if you are interested please contact Giuseppe or Olga.

The ATLAS activation and dose calculations is currently under restructuring and revision (Giuseppe and Zusanna)

RP issues – Gate monitors summer

The Radiation gate monitors to detect possible radioactive material exiting at UX15 access points have been selected in collaboration with SC-RP and ordered to Dubna (available end of March).

The infrastructure and access points configuration need to be modified to implement the gate monitors, currently under study (Tatiana and Wim).



RP issues – Surface Buffer Zone summer

The creation of the surface radioactive buffer zone in the surface building is under study (Patrick) . It shall be implemented before the next shutdown period.

RP issues – ALARA summer

In order to gain experience when the dose rates are negligible and to prepare for future shutdowns, we have agreed with Michel to follow the coming ATLAS Detector closure and to collect the data required for the ALARA studies.

The strategy is the following :

  • Collect for the complete access closure activities the ALARA parameters : type of activity, person ID, type of expertise, time spent to perform each activity, eventually some first possible optimization etc..

  • The level of detail in the recovery process of the ALARA parameters will depend on the estimated criticality of the activity (low, medium, high)

  • The most critical activities will be filmed and pictures will be taken

RP issues – ALARA summer

  • The data will be analyzed and an optimization of the working procedures will be established in very closed collaboration with the various working teams.

  • A dose rate estimation will be performed for the forward shielding removal

  • We willl possibly propose further development of shieldings.

  • Work out the specification for the personal database and the associated tools.

  • A meeting will be held in the coming 2 weeks to detail the strategy to the various teams intervening in the ATLAS closure activities.

  • This campaign will be coordinated by Fernando and requires collaboration from the whole team (access and safety).

RP issues – Upgrade studies summer

We have started our participation to the Upgrade studies in collaboration with Michel for the Lar Upgrade and Raphael for the IBL and beam pipe replacement :

  • RP calculations (Giuseppe and Suzanna)

  • ALARA studies (Fernando and Olga,..)

Patrols summer

The ATLAS patrols procedures are ready and tested and


The Patrols are under the responsibility of the GLIMOS.

The ATLAS patrol manager is William.

Several ATLAS patrols have been run with around 30 persons from ATLAS Collaboration and DT persons.

Patrols summer

The patrollers and head of patrol training and validation have to be created and organised.

The patrol team piquet on call service are currently under setting up ( for the LHC run period)

This on call service shall be associated to other services like RPE/RPA to minimize impact on personnel.

No more than 3 to 5 patrols should be expected per year.