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Silver Trowel Trade Training

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Silver Trowel Trade Training. Welcome. Silver Trowel - Background. Silver Trowel Trade Training is a private registered training organisation (RTO) Delivering training for the building and construction industry since 1997

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Silver Trowel Trade Training

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Silver Trowel

Trade Training

silver trowel background
Silver Trowel - Background
  • Silver Trowel Trade Training is a private registered training organisation (RTO)
  • Delivering training for the building and construction industry since 1997
  • Silver Trowel Trade Training is the largest private training provider for the Building and Construction Industry in Western Australia
  • In February 2008, we became the first CRICOS registered training provider in Australia to offer a range of building and construction courses to International Students.
employment opportunities in western australia
Employment Opportunities in Western Australia

Discover Australia’s booming economy and numerous job

opportunities and the need for skilled migrants

Western Australia has a strong mining, building and construction industry with an on-going shortage of skilled qualified tradespeople.

If you are looking at being your own boss or working in a

growing industry with the opportunity to earn a generous

income, Western Australia can provide that to you!


The brickie worth more than a GP

By Muriel Reddy, Paul HeinrichsFebruary 27, 2005

Meet a man with the potential to earn $800 a day - Rohan Strange, bricklayer. Mr Strange, 27, is an anachronism in a trade that is close to death because as brickies retire, workers are not stepping up to replace them. As a young man with a lucrative career and healthy prospects, Mr Strange is also a poster boy for the trade. Nearly three years ago the Williamstown man established his own business and is so busy now, he frequently has to turn down work.

On a good day, a good bricklayer can lay between 700 and 800 bricks. It's nice money if you earn the top rate of $1.20 a brick (the Master Builders Association figure) - and, given the critical shortage of brickies, there's every chance of reaching that potential. In Lalor, GP Domenic Barbaro, 58, is a partner in one of the northern suburbs' busiest practices, with 20,000 patients on the books and six partners.

After Dr Barbaro arrived in Australia with his family, his parents worked hard to educate him - virtually his mother's whole pay from a machinist's job went to pay his fees at Assumption College in Kilmore - so he could study medicine. After six years at Melbourne University, then two in hospitals earning minimal money for maximum hours (up to $110 a week), Dr Barbaro and another doctor, with the help of their parents, bought land and built a practice from the ground up to serve the 1500 Italian families then living in the district. Today, more than half of the gross revenue of the practice goes to cover the costs - from rates, cleaning, maintenance, security, computers and wages for more than a dozen staff.

Whenever he calls in tradesmen, Dr Barbaro says he feels he is being charged top dollar because medicine is seen as a big money earner. Dr Barbaro said: "If you are thinking a bricklayer can earn $200,000 a year, there wouldn't be too many general practitioners who could earn that. You'd have to work very, very hard, seven days a week." He believes that a busy GP could gross $250,000 to $300,000, but more than half would go in costs, and tax on the rest would leave the GP with an income less than $100,000 a year. "If you went into business, you'd do a lot better," he said. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations Skilled Vacancies Index for February shows businesses in several sectors are facing severe difficulties finding workers.

Reserve Bank governor Ian Macfarlane has warned that the skills shortage could not only limit Australia's growth, but ignite inflation as firms bid up wages to compete for scarce skilled workers. The Master Builders Association of Victoria warns that the skills shortage crisis will drive up the cost of building and renovating houses. Its executive director, Brian Welch, says an electrician can earn $60 an hour, a carpenter $35 an hour, and a plumber can earn even more. Still, the trades are struggling to attract the young to their ranks. "We are battling apathy and the prejudice of image," Mr Welch said. "Part of the problem the industry confronts is that the parents of Victorian schoolchildren choose not to encourage them to enter a trade. But getting junior to do a double degree is not necessarily going to guarantee him or her a safe career.

"Trade skills are transportable - you can work on an international level - and they are also highly paid." The Business Council of Australia claims that research has consistently shown that parents and peers are the people school leavers most frequently turn to for career advice. "Very little information is readily accessible to parents across all the socio-economic groups," Maria Tarrant, the council's policy director, said. "The lack of quality careers information means that many parents may be relying on data that is hopelessly out of date.“ When Rohan Strange completed year 12, he had decided on a career in the building industry. After a four-year apprenticeship and 18 months sub-contracting, he has no regrets. "Like any career, it depends on how much you want to put into it," he said. "The sky is the limit but you have to be willing to do the work."


Skills shortage looms for construction industry

  • The construction and property services industries are facing a severe skills shortage over the next three years
  • The warning from the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council (CPSISC) expects an uptick in residential construction over the next three years
  • This will fuel a large demand for construction workers
  • The research released today by the CPSISC predicts an increase of 45,000 jobs over the next three years
  • The industry is expected to see employment increase by 1.5% every year until 2016
  • Demand is set to be highest among construction managers, carpenters and joiners, painting trades workers and plasterers
  • Surveyors, engineering professionals, civil engineering draftspersons andbricklayersare also expected to be in high demand

PATRICK STAFFORD | 27 MAY 2013 - This article originally appeared on SmartCompany.

living in perth
Living in Perth
  • Perth’s warm climate and strong economy have attracted many migrants keen to take
  • advantage of the outdoor lifestyle and job prospects.
  • Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia, the capital of Western Australia and located
  • on the western coast of Australia.
  • The cost of living is 14% less than Sydney and Melbourne, around the same as Brisbane.
  • Perth is an easily accessible city with good road infrastructure giving it a spacious feeling.
  • It is a clean city also known for its many parks and playgrounds for children, with Kings Park
  • being the most well-known. 
  • The Swan River runs through the heart of Perth and offers many outdoor activities,
  • as do the many beautiful local beaches.
  • Public transport to and from the central business district is efficient and inexpensive.
  • There is a free bus service, known as the CAT in the central business district.
  • Perth’s average temperature during summer is 31.1°C. Winter is also relatively warm
  • compared to the other states, with an average top temperature of 18.3°C. Perth experiences
  • the most sunny days of all Australian capital cities, with over 3000 hours a year.
  • Perth’s climate and location accounts for many of its leisure activities, including water sports
  • and alfresco dining. There are plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes. Perth locals also have the
  • Margaret River winery region and spectacular outback landscapes on their doorstep which attract
  • visitors from across Australia and overseas.
student and lecturer testimonial
Student and Lecturer Testimonial

Stephen Thng

Stephen started his career in Singapore working with a local construction company as a

general foreman/site assistant. Stephen enjoyed working in the construction industry

but started to look elsewhere for greater opportunities.

Over time Stephen continued to hear about Australia, a vast land with plenty of space, areas for improvement and abundant opportunity for those willing to work hard. Through research Stephen found that Silver Trowel Trade Training was a reputable trade trainer and chose to enrol with them.

Stephen chose to become a bricklayer. He liked the challenge, saw the potential and knew that it would be a lasting career as there would always be demand for bricklayers in the construction industry. Stephen also realised that there was a very specific need for bricklayers who could do the job well.

The information Stephen received from Silver Trowel Traded Training helped him prepare for his move to Perth, Western Australia and to settle in. Through his course at Silver Trowel Trade Training, Stephen was also able to quickly make new friends.

When reflecting on the best parts of studying with Silver Trowel Trade Training, Stephan clearly remembers his lecturer who gave him the support and guidance he needed in order to gain his trade and find employment. During his course Stephen also found an employer who gave him the real life, on-site training which further developed Stephen’s skills ensuring, he became a qualified and experienced bricklayer.

Since his time studying with Silver Trowel Trade Training, Stephen has been granted permanent residency. After working hard as a bricklayer for 6 years, he has now returned to Silver Trowel Trade Training as a lecturer so he can share his experiences with students and help them the same way he was helped by his lecturer.

student testimonial
Student Testimonial
  • Wong Shi Zhong

Growing up Wong always wanted to create “art”. Wong wanted to create something that people would see

andadmire, something that would make them say “wow that looks good.” Now, having obtained his trade

certificate through Silver Trowel Trade Training, Wong is able to work on many different projects creating his

“art pieces” to be admired in schools, hospitalsand many other important commercial and residential spaces.

Wong grew up in Malaysia in a very supportive family environment. His parents encouraged him to go to

university in Malaysia and after studying diligently Wong completed his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

However, throughout his time at university Wong kept his eye on his true goal – learning a trade in Australia.

It was this dream that led Wong to register with a migration agent who advised him that he could gain a visa to study and live in Australia whilst learning a trade through Silver Trowel Trade Training. Wong immediately jumped at the opportunity as he already had family in Australia and he was drawn to Australia’s clean environment, friendly people and the opportunities it had to offer.

Before arriving in Perth, Western Australia, Wong did not think that you could study to learn how to lay bricks. Soon after starting his course with Silver Trowel Trade Training, Wong learned that laying bricks is a trade that involves a lot of thought and planning as with each project and each material there are things you need to consider in order to be able to create a ‘piece of art’. In Australia there are also standards which need to be learned and followed which help bricklayers do their jobs thoroughly.

Wong very much enjoyed his course with Silver Trowel . The first couple of months were the hardest for him as although he had always preferred working with his hands and keeping fit he had not been able to do so whilst at university. Wong is very proud of the muscles he has developed.

When asked what the best things were about studying with Silver Trowel, Wong remembers the support he received from his lecturers; they were very understanding of the cultural and language barriers he and his fellow students experienced and gave extra support when Wong needed it. Wong also remembers the induction he received when he came for his first day; he says the information was very clear and helped him get ready for the course and understand what was expected.

Wong successfully completed his course with Silver Trowel Trade Training and has found an employer to sponsor him so he can continue working and living in Australia.

student testimonial1
Student Testimonial
  • Jaswant Maan

Jas grew up working on his parents’ farm in Punjab, India. After finishing his university

degree in political science and history, Jas tried very hard to find work. Unfortunately

he found that it was very hard to find work in Punjab and he also found himself missing

working outdoors with his hands. Eventually Jas decided to register with his local agent to

help him find opportunities abroad.

In 2008 Jas decided he would like to move to Australia and learn a trade that would allow him to work outdoors and with his hands again. Upon arriving in Perth, Western Australia Jas realised that there were so many options to choose from and there was plenty of opportunity for him and his young family.

The best parts of studying with Silver Trowel Trade Training were the information given at the induction on Jas’ first day, and the support and guidance of the lecturers. The information provided by Silver Trowel Trade Training helped Jas understand what he needed to be able to work in the Perth construction industry and how he could go about finding employment. Jas says the quality of the trainers helped him learn bricklaying quickly and gave him confidence to work with an employer.

Since completing his course with Silver Trowel Trade Training, Jas has taken advantage of the opportunities in Perth and together with the friends he completed his bricklaying course with, he has started a bricklaying business. Now Jas has the freedom to choose when and how often he works.

silver trowel courses
Silver Trowel Courses

We currently offer the following CRICOS registered courses to international students:

  • Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Certificate III in Solid Plastering
  • Certificate III in Bricklaying
  • Certificate III in Carpentry
  • Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • Diploma of Management (Business)
  • Diploma of Building and Construction ( Management )
our training facility
Our Training Facility
  • Silver Trowel has a modern and fully equipped training facility located in Cannington, just 10 kilometres from the Perth city business centre.
  • Easily accessible by public transport and with free parking available on campus.
  • Our facilities and teaching resources are at the leading edge of trade training delivery and adhere to principles of workplace safety.
why silver trowel
Why Silver Trowel?
  • AQF qualifications are recognised worldwide
  • State of the art facilities/equipment
  • Experienced, industry current teaching staff
  • Mentoring and understanding of your needs
  • Students enrolled from over 30 different countries
  • Offering non-discriminatory, non-judgmental training and job

placement assistance

  • Strong links with the building and construction industry
  • Silver Trowel is also contracted to the WA Department of Training and Workforce Development to deliver training to Australian apprentices.
your guarantee of quality
Your Guarantee of Quality
  • In 2008 Silver Trowel was awarded the highest ranking of three gold stars from the Institute of Trade Skills Excellence. This award recognises the quality of our training delivery and teaching methods
  • Inducted into the WA Industry & Export Awards Hall of Fame after winning these awards for Education & Training in 2009, 2012 & 2013
  • Winner of the Ethnic Business Awards 2010
  • We have qualified training staff and a student services team dedicated to making the training experience both positive and rewarding for our students
  • STTT has strong links with the construction industry and our student services team can assist you to find paid work placements

Australia Needs you!

Learn, earn and live in Australia