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Trade Training Centre Application PowerPoint Presentation
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Trade Training Centre Application

Trade Training Centre Application

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Trade Training Centre Application

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  1. Trade Training Centre Application The process of applying for funding and the criteria of the application Anthony McKay, Parade College P: 03 9468 3300; E:

  2. Single School Application • Parade College decided to submit a single school application because of the following reasons: Less complex in organisation structure, Possible partnerships within the local catholic schools were at different stages in their investigations for TTC funding. • Informal partnerships with local Catholic schools and NMVC

  3. Expression of Interest and Starting the process of collecting evidence • After thinking about the needs of the College and the local area, the concept of a multi- purpose structure for traditional trades was developed. • After reading the criteria of the application, we gathered a list of organisations that we would contact to obtain letters of support for our application.

  4. Letters of Support • Organisations that we have had a relationship with over the last 5 years with SWL, ASBA, Work Experience and Employment for Parade College students, within the area of traditional skills of the application. Letters needed to state the past relationship between the two bodies (For example 5 Parade students employed over the last 5 years, SWL or work experience placements over the last 3 years) • BNLLEN, NMIT, 370 Degrees, RMIT, NMVC, Catholic Schools of the local area, Local Member of Parliament, EREA, Parade College Board of Management and Committees at Parade College. • We contacted all of the above and arranged meetings for further discussions of our proposal. • We arranged to meet with the CECV representatives.

  5. The Application • We contacted a Building and Construction Organisation about the construction of the work space and a draftsman for the drawing up of plans. Schools should be reminded that they need to commit financially to the first stage. • We met with DEEWR at planning meetings and asked many questions about the criteria and questions and the wording of questions. • WE spoke to DEEWR as we were writing the application on a weekly basis and sometimes a daily. • WE spoke with the CECV concerning the criteria and our application.

  6. Criteria and Evidence • We needed to follow up the collection of evidence form the various parties who had offered support. This is a process that you need to give yourself 6 to 8 weeks. • We had to address the criteria and use our evidence to support our statements within the application. • Certain criteria was difficult to address because of the technical nature of the question (risk management, employment trends in the local area and ongoing costs etc) • We had a great volume of information for other questions and needed to be specific on what we used. • We needed to supply evidence for each question and make sure we used the right zip folder for storage of the documentation.

  7. Application Writing • The difficulty of the writing of the application was the word limit on each question, many times we used attachments in the zip folder to give further evidence for the question. • Double checking if all evidence has been received. • Costing of the project

  8. Quotes for the application • To work out and receive professional assistance in what machinery and equipment was needed for the TTC. • To obtain quotes for the machinery and equipment. • To obtain plans for the structure which is a cost that the school has to pay at the start of the process. • To follow up supplies for quotes. • To be sure that you cover all expected areas for quote ( desks, chairs, blinds etc ) A key factor is if the application is successful on going costs are the responsibility of the organisation. • Some areas you are unable to get quotes for (exhaust system for machinery until the structure is built) and make sure you make a note of it in the quotes section of the application.

  9. HOPE • Dream, apply and good luck