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Juli Dolz Colmenero EADA Executive Master in Operations and Supply Management 2012-2013 Master in Quality 2001-2002 UPC Industrial Engineer 1984-1989. “ My aim is doing an international steering on your Company, building a team of people focused to customer and results.”.

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Juli Dolz ColmeneroEADA Executive Master in Operations and Supply Management 2012-2013Master in Quality 2001-2002UPC Industrial Engineer 1984-1989

“My aim is doing an international steering on your Company, building a team of people focused to customer and results.”

Core values and principles
Corevalues and principles

  • I love finishing everything I begin. My commitment with the agreed decisions is out of discussion.

  • I respect the laws and the people.

  • I´m pragmatic in my decisions. The most simple ones are always the most easy to drive. I feel creative.

  • I´m a great believer in not only developing my own knowledge, but sharing it to others too.

  • I like to know the staff and assisting them on releasing the potential that resides within them to become the best they can be.

  • Organizations made up of inspired individuals can create powerful cultures of success at work. This is as I want to reach my targets.

  • Customers and suppliers: The relationship rules must be clearly specified, but they are members of the same community, the same family.


Safety & Environment

Technical & Quality

  • PlasticMaterials UPC, 20 h, 1988.

  • Conservation and Restoring of Graphic Material, INEM, 500 h, 1989.

  • Reliability ofExperiments, ICT, 12 h, 1990.

  • QualityControlusingLifeTests, ICT, 8 h, 1990.

  • Quality Auditor, Bureau Veritas, 20 h, 1995.

  • IncertainitiesCalculationonCalibration, ICT, 8 h, 2000.

  • Colorimetry, CIEF, 20 h, 2001.

  • SolvingImpregnationProblems, Fundermax, 16 h, 2011.

  • Adaptingto EMAS fromISO 14.001, NTC, 3 h, 2000.

  • Introductiontotheoperation of BiologicalWaterTreatementPlants, ABT, 12 h, 2000.

  • FireFightingforEmergencyPlantTeams, Can Padró,8 h, 2009.

  • MAC Load HandlingEvaluation, Egarsat, 16 h, 2010.

  • FirstAid, Egarsat, 4 h, 2009 and 2011.


  • 2 years of Economics at EUEE Sabadell, 1992-1994

  • Advanced Excel, ICT, 20 h, 2000.Femxa, 20 h, 2011.

  • SAP for Key Users, VMS (T-Con), 24 h, 2009

  • Cloud Computing, UOC, 25 h, 2012.


  • Customerattention ACFOR, 20 h, 2003.

  • SkillsDevelopmentfor Managers,DelSoM, 16 h, 2008.

A quality work
A Qualitywork…

  • Standardizing and mapping processes, describing job responsibilities, agreeing technical specifications, creating key indicators,…these are the basis for a common understanding with all the company factors.

  • On my career I have implanted ISO 9.001 Quality Management Systems at TYCSA, TABERCOLOR and IMPRESS.

  • I have actively worked on the design and deployment of the ISO 14.001 Environmental Management Systems at TABERCOLOR and IMPRESS.

  • I have aided on the FSC, EMAS and OSHAS deployment at both these companies.

  • I have described and optimized all IMPRESS processes.

  • I have used English, French and Polish as negotiation languages at technical and claim discussions, quality audits and technical service to customer.

Achieved certifications
Achieved Certifications

But the most important “certification” was becoming the Plant reference for the Group.

Partner distribution





5 S and SMED are a mean for changing employees mentality and work efficiency. The result?: Changing completely a plant, decreasing the unprofitable times in a 50 % and making a team.

The use of LM tools as 8D, role playing sessions, and Ishikawa diagrams are usual on my management


5 S

5 S


A proper communication to the staff is a key factor for obtaining the success.

Part of my responsibilities on my career consisted on presenting to the staff the main indicators in a visual way.

To reach the targets, periodic information must be supplied.

I have done it using widely all Office tools, image processors and Cloud utilities.


From years 2008 till 2011 I worked as Production Manager at Impress. These were conflictive years of staff reduction and plant optimizing. Reducing the 36 % of the plant staff with just a 25 % of capacity decrease, was a whole challenge.

But we did it reducing the customer quality claims in a 93 %!

A change of the staff mentality was required. Every single employee was of worth for the Company. The staff had to became a team for surviving.

And we got it.


After staff reductions, appropiate working atmosphere must be built.

I designed several team-working activities for intermediate leaders in which versatility, coordination, flexibility and communication was required.

A good way for learning to work together.


During my CIP plant steering between 2010-2012 our plant increased the crew participation by a 300%, obtaining an award at the Constantia Group AG 2011 contest.

On the pictures, the CIP-plant information point and me with the awarded employees.


  • More than 230 ideas in 2011.

  • 35% of implementation rate.

  • 250.000 € of real savings.

  • 1.600 h of machine capacity gained.

  • 65 % of the staff issuing new ideas.

  • 10 new tools developed in one year.


On the future, only Organizations capable of empowering their employees on becoming responsibles of their own results, will survive.

For many Companies, this is a long way to go. I believe to be the most healthy. I see myself participating on this cultural change as an engine.

Let´s do it.