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NEW YORK. THE BIG APPLE THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS. The Big Apple. The name „Big Apple“ symbolizes the success. It has ever been used, first by writers and then my Jazz musician. The five districts/ boroughs. ● (1) Manhattan ● (2) Brooklyn, ● (3) Queens, ● (4) The Bronx,

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  2. The Big Apple • The name „Big Apple“ symbolizes the success. • It has ever been used, first by writers and then my Jazz musician

  3. The five districts/ boroughs ● (1) Manhattan ● (2) Brooklyn, ● (3) Queens, ● (4) The Bronx, ● (5) Staten Island

  4. 1) Manhattan • = New Yorks County • = Manhattan Island • In the north there is the Harlem River, in the east there is the East River and in the west there is the Hudson River • Is the real center of NY • Only one million people live there, but more than five million people work there.

  5. 2) Brooklyn • = Kings County • Has the highest population of all the districts of NY • The name „Brooklyn“ originally comes from „Breukelen“ which is a city in the Netherlands

  6. 3) Queens • = Queens County • In Queens there are the two biggest airports • John F. Kennedy International Airport • LaGuardia Airport

  7. 4) The Bronx • = Bronx County • It has its name from Jonas Broncks who came from Sweden and was the first settler there. • It is the only district which is not on an island

  8. 5) Staten Island • = Richmond County • „Todt Hill“ is the highest point there and in NY • In former times all the waste was taken to this island and now it is really very stinky there.

  9. Sights

  10. 1) Statue of Liberty • = the landmark of New York • is also called „Miss Liberty“ or „Lady Liberty“ • was a present from the French • It is 102 meters with the pedestal • In the pedestal there is a musuem

  11. 2) The Empire State Building • It is, with 381m, the highest building. • It played an important role in many famous films, e.g. Independence day or King Kong

  12. 3) Central Park • Is the most important and the biggest park in NY. • It is also called the green lungs of NY • There are always many special events like night-inline skating • There is a zoo and a museum in the park • In the middle there‘s the big lake „Jacqueline-Kennedy-Reservoir“.

  13. 4) Ground Zero • This is the place were the Twin Towers were. • On the 11th September they were destroyed by some terrorists. • The Twin Towers were the fincial heart of NY • World Trade Centre

  14. 5) Yankee Stadion • It is located in the Bronx • Baseball,football and basketball are the most famous sports

  15. Public transport • 1) Yellow cabs • The streets are all straight and have only got numbers and the direction east and west • Most people (50 000 a day) in NY go by taxi because traffic is very bad and the tolls (Gebühren) are very high. • 2) Subway • The NY subway is one of biggest in the world • It‘s open 24h a day

  16. The Weather • In summer • It is very, very hot • In winter • It can be very cold

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