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NEW YORK. The centre of New York is the island of Manhattan. This island is full of skyscrapes . However , hundred years ago it was the home of the Alconquin Indians .

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  2. The centre of New York isthe island of Manhattan. • Thisisland isfullofskyscrapes. However, hundredyears ago itwasthehomeoftheAlconquinIndians. • ThefirstEuropeanscamefromtheNetherlands. In the 17th centurya DutchmanPeter Minuitboughtthe island fromtheIndiandsfor just 24 dollarsandbuiltsomehousesthere. • He calledit New Amsterdam. In 1664 tookthis island Britishandtheycalledit New York, becausethe King´s brotherwasDukeof York. Obr. 1

  3. Now, hundred years later is New York the largest city in the USA. • People from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland and China came to find a new life here. Obr. 2

  4. There are a lot of museums, art galleries, theatres and night clubs, restaurants and shops in New York. Obr. 3

  5. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France. It stands on the Liberty Island. You can get a ferry to the island and climb the stairs inside the statue. Obr. 4

  6. The Empire State Building is the highest building in New York since 2001. In this year World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorist atack. Obr. 5 Obr. 6

  7. Times Square is the entertainment centre of New York. There are a lot of theatres, bars and restaurants. On New Year´s Eve, New Yorkers come to Times Square to celebrate the New Year. Obr. 7

  8. There is Central Park in the midlle of Manhattan. You can walk here, take a boat on the lake, play baseball or just relax away from the noise and traffic. Obr. 8

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