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Ladies’ Circle (Malta) - LCM Beyond the Moon PowerPoint Presentation
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Ladies’ Circle (Malta) - LCM Beyond the Moon

Ladies’ Circle (Malta) - LCM Beyond the Moon

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Ladies’ Circle (Malta) - LCM Beyond the Moon

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  1. Ladies’ Circle (Malta) - LCM Beyond the Moon The main charity that LCM has embarked upon this year is ‘Beyond The Moon’. This charity’s aim is to offer children suffering from a life-threatening illnesses and their families, a free all inclusive family holiday filled with beautiful, joyful experiences that reach ‘Beyond the Moon’. LCM is also trying to turn their National Charity into an International Charity among LC all over the world. This will take place when we will be putting forward our bid during the LCI conference to be held in Iceland this August. The idea is that LC all over the world will raise funds in order to send children and their families on this once in a life time dream holiday. LC Malta will be receiving the requests and co-ordinating with the main organising body of ‘Beyond the Moon’. The latter have a panel of experts who first and foremost see if the patient is fit to travel and then ensure that the request fits into their criteria. The child and family nominated must come from a lower income bracket and may be nominated from anywhere in the world. It costs Eur 4700 to realise the dreams of these sickly children by: Reaching Out . . . And Being There and extending our arms Beyond the Moon

  2. And if this makes you smile . . . Why can’t they forget their pain for a short while and smile too? We must not forget that . . .

  3. Together we can: Reach Out. . .And Be There!

  4. So if you want to help this Charity. . . It's Simple Buy a Thimble

  5. The Thimble will come in this presentation box. Please contact Kathleen at or +356 9983 6199. Together we can 'Sow' the Seeds of Love!