s hoppers s teering s ystem n.
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S hoppers S teering S ystem PowerPoint Presentation
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S hoppers S teering S ystem

S hoppers S teering S ystem

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S hoppers S teering S ystem

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  1. Shoppers Steering System Team Number : 28 Members : Shraddha Shah (5860) Rishi Patel (5826) Abhinav Guru (2797) Team Location : On-Campus

  2. System Purpose Current Scenario • Is there a system that facilitates user to find detailed information about Malls/Shops in car? • While going for shopping in a car, the only feasible option to get detailed information about malls, shops, products is to use laptop and start surfing many sites. Proposed System • The focal idea is to simplify users experience related to searching of malls & shops and also getting detailed information about the same while going for shopping. • Our system will provide all information in detailed and easily navigable format by using only a single interface, in car.

  3. System Requirements • The system is to be used in cars as an accessory to the GPS system. • The system shall allow user to browse list of malls and shops in LA. • The system shall provide detailed information of all the malls and the shops along with their rating. • System shall provide user with a list of FAVORITES which user often uses to get detailed information. • The system shall allow user to quickly find the direction’s to the nearest location of there favorites shops based on their current location.

  4. Navigation Map(1)

  5. Navigation Map(2)

  6. Navigation Map(3)

  7. User Profile • User Psychology • Attitude: Neutral • Motivation: Moderate, Low • Knowledge and Experience • Reading level/education: Basic reading Ability • Typing/computer skills : Low • Education: No degree required • System experience: Novice • Task experience: Moderate • Application experience: One similar system • Native language: English • Use of other systems: Little or none • Computer literacy: Low

  8. User Profile • Job and Task Characteristics • Frequency of use: Low • Primary Training: None • System use: Discretionary • Task importance: Moderate • Task Structure: High • Turnover High • Physical Characteristics • Color blindness: Doesn’t matter • Handedness: Left, Right, Ambidextrous • Gender: Both • Age: All age groups

  9. Dialogue Style • A combination of Menus and Direct Manipulation. • Simple Touch and Go interface to make it easy to use for users as turn over rate for the system will be high.

  10. Task Analysis

  11. User Characterization • User Workload: • Little workload as system is all about casual browsing of shopping related information. • User Environmental Consideration: • System shall be placed in car using which a shopper can commute to the Shopping Mall(s)/Shops.

  12. I/O Devices • Touchscreen: • Touch screen is normally easy to operate • It is highly attractive • Almost everyone likes to feel it • Eliminates hardware space • Cost-wise effective

  13. Summary Style Guide • Page Design: • All the screens in our system are scrolling free. • They possess easy view of the system. • Title of the system is present on each and every screen of the system. • Link Design: • Footers are present on each screen that easily allows user to navigate back & forth. • Color Design: • We have maintained consistency in our system. i.e. all the screens have the same appearance and background effects. • The Buttons that are clicked are highlighted in the screen with a different roll over color.

  14. Visual Design • Icons/Symbols: • Icons for Navigation buttons : • Use of Colors: • Main Color: BLUE appearance of our system makes our system easily visible. • Background Color :The screen contents shall be easily readable so we have kept our background pretty light in color. • Fonts: • Times New Roman,Calflisch Script Pro

  15. Home Page Design • Menus: Start Steering • News • Weather Forecast

  16. Home Page • Malls/Shops/ Sales: To Start steering the system to get details info about each one of these • Shops: Major Sales List • Weather Forecast

  17. Malls In Particular city On selecting location • It will list all malls in that location (click on mall to get detailed information about the mall) • Main Menu: Go back to the home page

  18. Malls In Particular city On selecting location • It will list all malls in that location (click on mall to get detailed information about the mall) • Main Menu: Go back to the home page

  19. Location of Particular MALL

  20. Shops in a Particular MALL

  21. Tools Used • Macromedia Dreamweaver • Microsoft Visio • Adobe Photoshop

  22. Assumptions: • Primary objective is to guide the user to a specific location to shop. • All Cars will have built in Support for GPS and internet connectivity. • Feasibility is not a constraint . • All systems can be implemented in the method described without any problems.

  23. Future Plans

  24. Thank You