s hoppers s teering s ystem l.
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S hoppers S teering S ystem

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S hoppers S teering S ystem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S hoppers S teering S ystem Team Number : 28 Members : Shraddha Shah (5860) Rishi Patel (5826) Abhinav Guru (2797) Team Location : On-Campus System Purpose Current Scenario

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Presentation Transcript
s hoppers s teering s ystem

Shoppers Steering System

Team Number : 28

Members : Shraddha Shah (5860)

Rishi Patel (5826)

Abhinav Guru (2797)

Team Location : On-Campus

system purpose
System Purpose

Current Scenario

  • Is there a system that facilitates user to find detailed information about Malls/Shops in car?
  • While going for shopping in a car, the only feasible option to get detailed information about malls, shops, products is to use laptop and start surfing many sites.

Proposed System

  • The focal idea is to simplify users experience related to searching of malls & shops and also getting detailed information about the same while going for shopping.
  • Our system will provide all information in detailed and easily navigable format by using only a single interface, in car.
system requirements
System Requirements
  • The system is to be used in cars as an accessory to the GPS system.
  • The system shall allow user to browse list of malls and shops in LA.
  • The system shall provide detailed information of all the malls and the shops along with their rating.
  • System shall provide user with a list of FAVORITES which user often uses to get detailed information.
  • The system shall allow user to quickly find the direction’s to the nearest location of there favorites shops based on their current location.
user profile
User Profile
  • User Psychology
    • Attitude: Neutral
    • Motivation: Moderate, Low
  • Knowledge and Experience
    • Reading level/education: Basic reading Ability
    • Typing/computer skills : Low
    • Education: No degree required
    • System experience: Novice
    • Task experience: Moderate
    • Application experience: One similar system
    • Native language: English
    • Use of other systems: Little or none
    • Computer literacy: Low
user profile8
User Profile
  • Job and Task Characteristics
    • Frequency of use: Low
    • Primary Training: None
    • System use: Discretionary
    • Task importance: Moderate
    • Task Structure: High
    • Turnover High
  • Physical Characteristics
    • Color blindness: Doesn’t matter
    • Handedness: Left, Right, Ambidextrous
    • Gender: Both
    • Age: All age groups
dialogue style
Dialogue Style
  • A combination of Menus and Direct Manipulation.
  • Simple Touch and Go interface to make it easy to use for users as turn over rate for the system will be high.
user characterization
User Characterization
  • User Workload:
    • Little workload as system is all about casual browsing of shopping related information.
  • User Environmental Consideration:
    • System shall be placed in car using which a shopper can commute to the Shopping Mall(s)/Shops.
i o devices
I/O Devices
  • Touchscreen:
    • Touch screen is normally easy to operate
    • It is highly attractive
    • Almost everyone likes to feel it
    • Eliminates hardware space
    • Cost-wise effective
summary style guide
Summary Style Guide
  • Page Design:
    • All the screens in our system are scrolling free.
    • They possess easy view of the system.
    • Title of the system is present on each and every screen of the system.
  • Link Design:
    • Footers are present on each screen that easily allows user to navigate back & forth.
  • Color Design:
    • We have maintained consistency in our system.

i.e. all the screens have the same appearance and background effects.

    • The Buttons that are clicked are highlighted in the screen with a different roll over color.
visual design
Visual Design
  • Icons/Symbols:
    • Icons for Navigation buttons :
  • Use of Colors:
    • Main Color: BLUE appearance of our system makes our system easily visible.
    • Background Color :The screen contents shall be easily readable so we have kept our background pretty light in color.
  • Fonts:
    • Times New Roman,Calflisch Script Pro
home page design
Home Page Design
  • Menus: Start Steering
  • News
  • Weather Forecast
home page
Home Page
  • Malls/Shops/ Sales: To Start steering the system to get details info about each one of these
  • Shops: Major Sales List
  • Weather Forecast
malls in particular city
Malls In Particular city

On selecting location

  • It will list all malls in that location (click on mall to get detailed information about the mall)
  • Main Menu: Go back to the home page
malls in particular city18
Malls In Particular city

On selecting location

  • It will list all malls in that location (click on mall to get detailed information about the mall)
  • Main Menu: Go back to the home page
tools used
Tools Used
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Primary objective is to guide the user to a specific location to shop.
  • All Cars will have built in Support for GPS and internet connectivity.
  • Feasibility is not a constraint .
  • All systems can be implemented in the method described without any problems.