Multifactor Identification for Internet Banking
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Multifactor Identification for Internet Banking Citizens State Bank Monticello, Iowa 319-465-5921 citizensstateonline - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multifactor Identification for Internet Banking Citizens State Bank Monticello, Iowa 319-465-5921 Effective December 11, 2006

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Multifactor Identification for Internet Banking Citizens State BankMonticello,

Effective december 11 2006 l.jpg
Effective December 11, 2006

Effective December 11, 2006, we will be introducing significant security enhancements to better secure our Internet banking environment.  These changes are designed to ensure that only you can access your accounts.  The security enhancements are called Multifactor.

Logging in to your account information l.jpg
Logging In To Your Account Information

The security of your personal information is our highest priority.  To continue providing a safe and secure Internet banking environment we will  be introducing significant security enhancements to better protect your personal information.  These changes will include a new login screen.  We are moving the entry of your password to a separate page.

What is multifactor l.jpg
What is Multifactor?

Multi-factor authentication works by using more than one way to confirm your identity. Internet fraud is becoming more common and more advanced. As Internet thieves continue to develop new ways to trick people, their fakes become harder to spot. With multi-factor authentication, even if you fall for an Internet scheme, you are still protected.

Multifactor continued l.jpg
Multifactor (continued)

Each time you login our system will verify the computer you are using. If the system recognizes your computer then your private picture and phrase will be displayed. This ensures that you are on the correct website.

If our system doesn’t recognize your computer it will challenge you with security questions that you submitted in the initial enrollment (see the next page). Only after successfully answering a question can you enter the Internet banking portal.

Initial enrollment steps l.jpg
Initial Enrollment Steps

  • Login by entering your current Access ID

  • Click Submit

  • Enter your current password.

  • Click SUBMIT.

  • Complete the Enrollment Form

    • Provide a current e-mail address.

    • Enter a pass phrase for the randomly selected authentication image.

    • Provide answers for 3 challenge questions

    • Select whether you are logging in with your personal computer, or a public computer. Only register personal computers that you frequently use and are not available for public use.

  • Click submit

Login after the initial enrollment l.jpg
Login After the Initial Enrollment

  • Login using your current Access ID.

  • Click submit

  • Your authentication image & your phrase are displayed.

  • If the image and phrase are correct, then enter your password. If these don’t match your picture and phrase, do not enter your password.Contact a Citizens State Bank representative immediately.

  • If everything matches.

  • Click Submit.

    Always verify the image and phrase each time you login and never proceed if these don’t match your picture and phrase.

Changing your image pass phrase or security questions l.jpg
Changing your Image, Pass Phrase, or Security Questions

  • Enter your current user code.

  • Click Submit.

  • Your image and pass phrase are displayed.

  • Click submit, if they are correct.

  • Select options from the main menu.

  • Select change in security data to make the necessary changes.