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Vijaya Bank(Safe Banking tips for online Banking) PowerPoint Presentation
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Vijaya Bank(Safe Banking tips for online Banking)

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Vijaya Bank(Safe Banking tips for online Banking) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vijaya Bank offers a wide range of personalized and online banking services including savings and current accounts, credit cards, debit cards, loans, mortgages and insurance to meet your personal needs

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Vijaya Bank(Safe Banking tips for online Banking)

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    2. WHAT IS ONLINE BANKING? Online Banking allows users to conduct Banking/Financial transactions through the internet and eliminates the need to visit the branch for the same. Online Banking is fast and easy but it is important to be aware of the possible security threats as well. Following are a Few tips for safe online banking:

    3. 1. Strong Password Creating a strong password is the most important thing when it comes to online banking . Your password should be a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers and should not contain your name, initials or D.O.B. Make sure you change your password frequently.

    4. 2. Updated and secured PC’s Keep your system’s security software updated.Always keep your firewall turned on and antivirus software running.

    5. 3. Be wary of Phishing attempts Never ever login to your account by accessing links in an email. Always type in the url in the browser to access your account. An email that looks to be from your bank and asks you to login using a link, could actually be an attempt at phishing i.e. trying to steal your username and password to get to your money.

    6. 4. Access your account from a secure location Always access your account from a trustworthy network and check the url of the site, it should always start with ‘https’. This is a confirmation that the connection is secure connection.

    7. 5. Logout when you are done At the end of every session, make sure you logout of your account properly. For extra precaution clear your cache after each session.

    8. 6. Regular monitoring of your account Scrutinise your bank account statements frequently to check for any unauthorised/fraudulent activity. If you do come across anything suspicious, do report it to your bank immediately.

    9. 7. Opt for account notifications Sign up for getting text/email alerts from your bank in case of any unusual activities in your account.

    10. For Safe Banking transactions, choose

    11. VIJAYA BANK • Vijaya Bank is a PAN India Institution, serving diverse sectors of the society • The Bank offers a bouquet of innovative and attractive products and services to its customers. It has also incorporated a host of latest Digital Banking products, to provide the best services to its customers. • Digital Banking services are: • VPAYQWIK • Mobile Banking • Net Banking • Vijaya UPI • Twitter banking and many more… • For details, visit:

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