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Internet - Banking PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet - Banking

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Internet - Banking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet - Banking. LTD « VEK GROUP » Internet-Banking. Internet-Banking. « iBS » System – is a brand new decision amongst “ Internet-Banking ” products .

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Internet - Banking

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    1. Internet-Banking

    2. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Internet-Banking «iBS» System– is a brand new decision amongst “Internet-Banking” products. «iBS» Systemallows a Bank client to receive access to his/her accounts and transactions at any time and from any available computer with Internet access. «iBS» Systemis aimed at maximum automatization and security while providing bank servicing for Clients.

    3. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking «iBS» Internet-Banking System «iBS» contract manager system Main «iBS» system «iBS» administration systems «iBS» information centre (call-centre) systems Synchronization module «Firebird» data base Cryptographic information protection system

    4. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking We have developed an Internet-Banking system of new generation Advantages of the system «iBS»– are multifunctionality and simplicity of functioning of three basic blocks of the Internet-Banking system: • Operation of the system by Bank clients. • Operation of the system by employees. • System integration.

    5. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking «iBS» Internet-Banking System consists of: 1. The main «iBS» system is a system that allows an Internet-Bank client to access his/her accounts and transactions. 2. «iBS» contract manager systemisa system used by bank employees (account managers) to connect (add-on) clients to the Internet-Bank, create users’ accounts and authorize clients to control their own accounts as both users and clients.

    6. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking 3. «iBS» information centre (call-centre) systemsis a system allowing a Bank to provide technical support to Internet-Bank users via telephone connection channels. 4. «iBS» administration systemsis a system, used to create «contact manager» and «information centre» users’ profiles (authorizes users of these systems and allows to look through operational logs).

    7. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking 7. Cryptographic information protection system,designed to create an open keys infrastructure. Within created infrastructure this system provides control over cryptographic keys and certificates, generation and checking of electronic digital signature (EDS) on electronic documents and encryption of information, processed by various application automated systems.

    8. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking 5. «Firebird» data baseprovides secure storage of information and high operation speed. 6. Synchronization moduleisresponsible for interaction between the Internet-Bank system and ABS. Consists of a set of adapters for Automated Banking System (ABS) (each ABS has its separate adapter).

    9. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking «Contract-manager»section consists of the following panels: 1.Clients. 2. Users. 3. Rights (right of access setting). 4. Administration (web-log browsing).

    10. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking

    11. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking

    12. «iBS» system functionality description The «iBS» main systemincludes the following sections: 1. Accounts. 2. Payment orders. 3. Applications. 4. Statements. 5. Messages. 6. Options. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking

    13. «Accounts» section consists of the following panels: 1.1. Accumulations and commitments. 1.2. Current accounts. 1.3. Card accounts. 1.4. Deposit accounts. 1.4. Credit accounts. 2. «Payment orders» section consists of: 2.1. New payment orders. 2.2. Payment orders pending for signature . 2.3. List of accounts’ transactions. 2.4. Templates. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking

    14. 3. «Applications» section: 3.1. Application for opening of a new account. 3.2. Foreign currency purchase application. 3.3. Foreign currency sale application. 3.4. Foreign currency convert application. 3.5. Opening a new card account application. 3.6. Application for additional card issue. 3.7. Application for establishment of a letter of credit. 3.8. Application for realization of periodical payments. 3.9. Collection application. 3.10. Credit application. 3.11. Application for card blocking. «Statement» section: 4.1. Accounts’ statements. 4.2. Schedule of payments. 4.3. Export of statements. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking

    15. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking 5. In «Messages»section bank customer receives and sends messages: 5.1.Changes in the legislation of Ukraine. 5.2. Foreign currency exchange rates. 5.3. Bank news (bank standard documents). 5.4. Business correspondence. 5.5. Other information messages. 6. The «Options» section allows customer to adjust reception of messages related to his/her account’s transactions by means of mobile communication (SMS) and e-mail.

    16. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Operation of the system by Bank clients Simple and convenient interfaceof the contract-manager «iBS» reduces time a bank employee (account manager) needs to add-on a customer to the Internet-Bank system and simplifies adjustment of a customer user rights. The account manager can add-on a client from any Bank branch. Speed and easiness of workwith «iBS» information centre system (call-centre) allows to provide quickly and qualitatively technical and functional support to the Internet-Bank users via telephone connection channels. «iBS» Administration system is a system which serves for creation of users «the contract of the manager» and "information centre" (the rights are granted users of these systems and viewing of the journal of their actions is carried out).

    17. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Operation of the system by Bank employees «iBS» has a function allowing to receive statistical informationon system operation (quantity of added-on clients, fulfilment of transactions through «iBS» system). «iBS» systemcan work simultaneously with several Inter-Branch Accounts (IBA) and different types of ABS (several ABS can be connected to the unified Internet-Bank system by means of adapters). Advantage of «iBS» system- is client’s EDSkeys allowing him/her to work in all system modules. «iBS» system has built-in functions of clients advanced registration. If the password has been input incorrectly 3 times in a row- the Client is blocked from logging-on during one hour, he/she receives informational SMS and such operation is being registered in the Bank Security Service (SS).

    18. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking «iBS» system integration The first time developers have created a system thatconsiderably simplifies the process of integration of Internet-Bank into the automated banking system. «iBS» is adapted for integration into all ABS used in Ukraine. «iBS» is adapted for integration with several ABSused by Bank. Integration is carriedout by creation of the special module for continuous and fast interrelation between systems of "Internet-Banking" and automated banking system.

    19. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking • Integration: • 1. The mechanism of connection of banking systems to «IBS» • using a principle of adapters ; • using a principle of the information date bus. • 2. The mechanism of several ABS use . • 3. The mechanism of several IBS use.

    20. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Use of adapters (features) For information reception-transmission special adapter-programs are being used, which on the one hand are connected to the «iBS» system database, and, on the other hand, to a banking system (ABS, virtual POS-terminal, others) are used. When the system is connected by means of adapters, information from «iBS» system is transmitted to banking systems only upon availability of sufficient number of electronic-digital signatures and fulfilment of Bank requirements of document transfer. The iBS system independently enquires information from Banking systems (statuses of documents, account balances, statements, others). Use of several "adapters" simultaneously is admissible. The system independently determines which operation to execute and through which "adapter".

    21. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Use of the information data bus «iBS» system can also be connected to banking systems by means of the information data bus (for example «Sonic ESB»). The mechanism of several ABS use «iBS» system is designed in such a manner that it can work with several ABS simultaneously, including different types of ABS. The mechanism of several IBA use «iBS» system is designed in such a manner that it can work with several IBA simultaneously. Herein, on client’s part, the only visible difference will be in requisites, that are automatically filled in.

    22. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Safety: Authentication (identity verification)in «iВS» Internet-Banking system is carried out by means of: one-time use passwords; electronic-digital signature. The user of several clients. Protection of information network and databases.

    23. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking One-time use passwords generators. Generation of one-time use passwords is carried out by means of special Generator- breloques by "VASCO" company (authentication (identity verification) mean certificated in Ukraine). The given method allows the client (user) to enter Internet-Banking system using any device that doesn’t even support Java-applet, and also using computers which do not have «client trust» certificate (Internet cafe, hotel computer, others). Using given authentication (identity verification) mode client (user) acquires complete access to Internet-Banking system, with exception for documents signature.

    24. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking One-time use passwords generator

    25. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Electronic-digital signature Authentication by means of electronic-digital signature by the client is executed by signing a confidential/secret word of electronic-digital signature, specially generated by a bank server for this client. Using given method, Java-applet, which generates digital signature on the client’s part is being activated. All documents that are being sent to the bank contain 100 % of signatures weight. Within the client users have their preset signature weight for each account when connecting to «iBS». Possibility of fulfilment of operations is reached within one account under the rule of single signature (signature weight =100 %), and within another account it is obligatory for an operation fulfilment to have approval by one more user (signature weight is 10 % and 90 % accordingly). If necessary, documents may be additionally approved by External systems in addition (ERP, others).

    26. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking User of several clients One user can work on behalf of several clients with different kinds of accounts, using single digital signature. At a loss of electronic-digital signature or for any other reason the user may be blocked. At the same time the user’s access block to information of all accessible clients is in effect. When client is blocked the user’s access block is carried out only to the information on blocked client, at the same time the user may continue to work with information of other accessible client.

    27. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking The connection scheme

    28. The connection scheme LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking

    29. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Convenience of «iBS» system: The Internet-Bank is adaptedwork both with natural persons and legal entities. One user has possibilityto work with several clients (both with natural persons and legal entities). Adjustment «User rights»allows designating different signature weight for each of the user’s account. The systems automatically notifiesthe user about change of the document condition. .Reliable and safe Internet-Bank systemfunctions in a regular operation mode in case of loss of connection and at failure of a binding channel between Internet-Bank and ABS.

    30. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Convenience of «iBS» system: The users’ action logof the contract-manager registers all changes of information in the contract-manager. Connection between «iBS» andABS (by means of adapter)can be established through remote, protected channels that will allow connecting a regional branch with one more ABS to a single Internet-Bank. The system of useridentification provides possibility to access Internet-Bank in two variants: • Complete access. Usingelectronic-digital signature (complete access to accounts and transactions ). • Limited access. By means of one-time use passwords generator (viewing account movements and operations only).

    31. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking Advantages of «iBS» system : • Competitive price • Does not require installation of additional software on the client’s PC • «IBS» includes module of natural persons and legal entities servicing • Cross-platform and work in all Web-browsers • Integration into any different bank «ABS », used in the territory of Ukraine, possibility of work with several IBA • Financial centre for holdings and corporations which have branch offices and affiliated organisations (adjustment of account rights and limits for each user) • Flexible system of authorities at operations execution • Maximum automated remote servicing (availability of a wide spectrum of applications for banking services) • Absence of necessity of the assertion of clients in “Back-office” at registration of the new User • Optimal utilization of software and hardware resources • Expanded reporting system of bank employees on their actions

    32. LTD «VEK GROUP» Internet-Banking System features: «iBS» system considerably expands the area of availability of Bank services, both for natural persons and legal entities, transferring relations of a Client and a Bank to a qualitatively new level. The user interface of «iBS» system is developed as simpler as possible and intuitively clear for natural persons, unlike the professional accountant who professional accountant who is used to a document-focused interface . «iBS»systemallows to earn, rendering additional services to clients.

    33. Whith the best regards CoLTD «VEKGROUP» Kyiv, Vikentiia Khvoiky 18/14, оf. 214. tel. (044)227-79-00. Thank you for your attention.