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Looking Through The Eyes of Boys and Girls PowerPoint Presentation
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Looking Through The Eyes of Boys and Girls

Looking Through The Eyes of Boys and Girls

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Looking Through The Eyes of Boys and Girls

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  1. Looking Through The EyesofBoys and Girls Dan Hodgins

  2. Girls see the details of experiences…… The Crockus is Four times larger than boys.

  3. Boys Brains see the whole but not the details

  4. 34%of preschool children last year were expelled and 87% of them were boys • 50% of eighth grade boys are more likely to be held back a grade • Boys are 6 times more likely to be “misdiagnosed” with ADD or ADHD • Boys are 4 times more likely to be labeled needing special education • Boys are 7 times more likely to be labeled with reading or language delays • Boys are more likely not to complete high school • Boys are 4 times more likely to commit suicide • 62% of the schools last year removed recess time • 51% of the schools last year removed talking during lunch time

  5. Dobler, 2005)

  6. Core of Your Brain

  7. Boys have a thicker skull

  8. Skull Development Toddlers have a thick skull for protection. Normally as the child increases in age his/her skull decreases in thickness. The skull for males does not decrease in thickness.

  9. Boys Brains can be 12 – 18 months behind in development

  10. A boy’s brain develops from the back (the doing part) towards the front (the thinking part) Girl’s brain develops more from front to back. So, boys develop motor skills, their physical abilities, before they start to think about them.

  11. If boys are 12 – 18 months behind are we? • Using appropriate strategies in the classroom for their developmental level? • Using appropriate assessments based on their level not their age?

  12. Girls develop complex verbal skills one year earlier.

  13. All Learning Must go through the Corpus Callosum. It is a connection of cognition and emotion

  14. Girls Corpus Callosum is 3 times larger

  15. Warning!!!! According to Richard Lapchick, author of Baseball and your Boy, warns that “most coaches, who are male, lack even rudimentary knowledge of the emotional, psychological, social and physical needs of children.”

  16. Sam and Abdul were playing together in the block area building anairport for their toy planes. Sam pretended to land one of the planes and mistakenly knocked over the airport ‘tower’. Abdul yelled at him, “You dummy. You knocked over the tower!”

  17. Boys develop “sensory overload” earlier

  18. Sensory Stressors: • Walls covered with “stuff” • Environments that are filled with too many choices • Signs that say “Be nice to your friends”; “Use Kind Words”; “Safety comes first, no running”

  19. Girls brains are always “on”

  20. Boys brains go into pause state after completing a task

  21. “Channel Surfing”(Ruben Gur) Males often “zone out” in front of the TV, channel-surfing and not stopping for any long term engagement. They are channel surfing as a form of brain-rest. Females, on the other hand, more often stop surfing at a drama that involves senses in which people are talking or otherwise in interaction and relationship.

  22. Washing Hands for Boys • Turn on water • Pause • Soap on hands • Pause • Rinse off soap • Pause • Turn off water • Pause • Dry hands • Pause

  23. Pause Breakers: • Shouting • Spinning • Jumping • Running • Clapping

  24. Boys Respond Better to Loud Voices

  25. If boys respond to loud voices Why are we always saying “use your inside voice”?

  26. Girls have more sensory awareness especially through touch

  27. Sensory • Girls are better at using their senses to assist in memory development. Especially through their fingertips and skin. • Boys work better in temperatures 10 degrees lower than girls • Boys work better with bright lights, girls work better with dim lights

  28. Girls Sing in Tune more Frequently

  29. Boys are better at short term memory, girls are better with long term memory

  30. Boys don’t remember what you have told them. Each time an incidence happens, it’s as if it never happened before.

  31. Communication Patterns: • 55% facial • 38% voice tone • 7% voice alone

  32. Girls by 5 years of age have 5,000 – 7,000 words

  33. Boys by 5 years of age have3,000 – 5,000 words.

  34. Males emotional response is on the right side of his brain, while the power to express his feelings in speech lies over on the left side. Because the two halves are connected by a very small corpus callosum, the flow of information between one side of the brain and the other is more restricted.

  35. Girls use words as soon as they hear them……

  36. Talking to Yourself increasing cognition by 72%

  37. Boys work out codes…….