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Humphreys College Career Services. Get Help , Get Started , Get a Job !. Get Help. Job Placement Services Modesto Campus Stockton Campus Job Placement Policies Current Students Alumni Career Library Book suggestions Website suggestions Personality and career choice.

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humphreys college career services

Humphreys CollegeCareer Services

Get Help,

Get Started,

Get a Job!

get help
Get Help

Job Placement Services

Modesto Campus

Stockton Campus

Job Placement Policies

Current Students


Career Library

Book suggestions

Website suggestions

Personality and career choice

job placement counselors
Job Placement Counselors

Chiyo Miyai

Stockton Campus

6650 Inglewood Avenue

Stockton, CA 95356

(209) 478-0800

Carrie Castillón

Modesto Campus

3600 Sisk Road, Suite 3A

Modesto, CA 95356

(209) 543-9411

job placement policies
Job Placement Policies

Current Students

Job Placement assistance is available for current students who have completed three quarters of full-time study.


Job Placement assistance is available for graduates or alumni of Humphreys College.

career library
Career Library

Book suggestions

Website suggestions

Personality and career choice

book suggestions
Book Suggestions

Fearless Interviewing: How to Win the Job by Communicating with Confidence, Deb Gottesman

Gallery of Best Resumes for People Without a Four-Year Degree, David F. Noble

Gallery of Best Resumes: A Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers, David

F. Noble

101 Best Cover Letters, Jay A. Block

101 Best Resumes, Jay A. Block

Cover Letters that Knock’em Dead, Martin Yate

Knock’em Dead 2006: The Ultimate Job Seekers Guide, Martin Yate

Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions, Matthew J. DeLuca

website suggestions
Website suggestions

The following websites can provide you with specific details

on numerous professions including job descriptions, salary

expectations, and future growth. These websites are

helpful when researching and investigating various career

fields as well as pay trends and local and national statistics.

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-07 Edition

Salary Wizard™ Job Salaries & Compensation Survey Software

California Employment Development Department

California LaborMarketInfo, LMInfo Home

personality and career choice
Personality and Career Choice

Are you still unsure about a career choice?

Take a minute to take our personality/career test.

get started
Get Started

Dress for Success

Appropriate dress for women

Appropriate dress for men

What to take to an interview/What not to take to an interview

Write It Down

Cover letter


Electronic Resume

Thank You Letter

Salary Requirements

Letter of Reference

Helpful Information

Know the Company

Possible Interview questions

Questions to ask a potential employer

Interview tips

Illegal questions in an interview

How to survive a phone interview

Handling a group interview

Salary Negotiations




dress for success
Dress for Success

For women

For men

What to take to an interview

What not to take to an interview

dress for women
Dress for Women

A straight-forward business suit is best. If you do not have a

suit, a blouse and knee-length skirt are appropriate.

Wear sensible shoes.

Be moderate with make-up and perfume.

Wear simple jewelry.

Hair and fingernails should be well-groomed.

dress for men
Dress for Men

A clean, ironed shirt and conservative tie are a must.

A simple jacket or business suit is a good idea as well.

Shoes should be polished.

Face should be clean-shaven; facial hair should be neatly


Hair and fingernails should be well-groomed.

Use cologne or after-shave sparingly.

what to take to an interview
What to take to an interview:


Pen or pencil


Briefcase or leather folder (if needed) containing unfolded copies

of your resume

what not to take to an interview
What NOT to take to an interview:

Cell phone

Your children



Book bag

write it down
Write it down

Cover letter


Electronic Resume

Thank you letter

Salary Requirements

Letters of Reference

cover letter
Cover letter

As with resumes the format and content of your cover letter is important. Your cover letter is a marketing tool. Like effective advertisements, effective cover letters attract an employer’s attention by highlighting the most attractive features of the product.

Before reading a word of your cover letter, a potential employer has already made an assessment of your organizational skills and attention to detail simply by observing its appearance.

Your cover letter may be printed on the highest-quality paper and typed on a state-of-the-art computer, but if it isn’t arranged according to the proper format, you won’t come across as a credible candidate. Certain guidelines apply when composing any letter.

Either two styles may be used for cover letters:

Business or block style: all the elements of the letter begin at the left margin.

Personal style: The return address and complimentary close begin at the centerline of the page, and paragraphs are indented.

The cover letter should consist of no more than three or four short paragraphs. The idea of the cover letter is not to repeat what’s in the resume. The idea is to give an overview of your capabilities and show why you are a good candidate for the job. Be sure to state why you are interested in working for this company. Don’t hold back or be modest. At the same time, don’t exaggerate to the point of misrepresentation.

Sample Business or Block Style Cover Letter

Sample Personal Style Cover Letter

business or block style cover letter
Business or Block Style Cover Letter

1421 Peanut Drive

Modesto, CA 95354

October 31, 1978

Human Resources

Mad Hat Industries, Inc.

1600 Blue Road, Bldg. D

Modesto, CA 95351

Dear Mr. Jones:

Please accept this letter as an application for the Administrative Operations Support Assistant position recently advertised in The Modesto Bee. I feel confident that my more than twelve years of progressive professional administrative assistant experience, coupled with my excellent customer service skills, would enable me to make a significant contribution to your company.

During my experience at Parker’s Pastries as an administrative assistant I was continuously the primary telephone and walk-in contact for new and current customers. I handled numerous projects simultaneously such as supervising employees, ordering supplies, preparing monthly reports, and processing daily accounts receivables. I maintained a high degree of confidentiality by creating and managing over 200 student and faculty files. My position demanded consistent excellent written and verbal communication skills. On a daily basis I used several software programs including Microsoft Word and Excel.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications and your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 209-492-9726.


Cindy Patton

personal style cover letter
Personal Style Cover Letter

1421 Peanut Drive

Modesto, CA 95354

January 1, 2006

Human Resources

Mad Hat Industries, Inc.

1600 Blue Road, Bldg. D

Modesto, CA 95351

Dear Mr. Jones:

Please accept this letter as an application for the Administrative Operations Support Assistant position recently advertised in The Modesto Bee. I feel confident that my more than twelve years of progressive professional administrative assistant experience, coupled with my excellent customer service skills, would enable me to make a significant contribution to your company.

During my experience at Parker’s Pastries as an administrative assistant I was continuously the primary telephone and walk-in contact for new and current customers. I handled numerous projects simultaneously such as supervising employees, ordering supplies, preparing monthly reports, and processing daily accounts receivables. I maintained a high degree of confidentiality by creating and managing over 200 student and faculty files. My position demanded consistent excellent written and verbal communication skills. On a daily basis I used several software programs including Microsoft Word and Excel.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications and your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 209-492-9726.


Cindy Patton


A winning resume grabs the reader’s interest. It shows why they should hire you by focusing on

your accomplishments. It is also effortless to read. Each section is visually distinct. Each

statement is visually distinct. A resume is not an autobiography. It’s a sales brochure.

Both the appearance and content of your resume are important. If a resume is too long, too wordy,

too cluttered looking, or to disorganized, it gets “filed”---into the waste basket. Use matching

paper and envelopes for both your resume and cover letter. Use quality paper that has weight and

texture in conservative colors like white and ivory. Employers often copy your resume and circulate

it throughout the office. Mistake on resumes are embarrassing and can remove you from

consideration. Proofread your letter carefully. Best fonts for resumes: Century Schoolbook,

Courier, Times New Roman, and Gill Sans.

The content of your resume should be concise. However, you are selling your skills and

accomplishments in your resume. You should include skills, educational background, certifications,

and professional affiliations in your resume. Never include a GPA under 3.0. High school

information is not necessary when a candidate is a college graduate. Do not send references with

your resume and cover letter unless they are specifically requested.

There are two types of resumes:

Chronological: If you are currently working or were working recently and if your most recent experiences relate to your

desired field.

Functional: focuses on skills and strengths that your most recent jobs don’t necessarily reflect. A functional resume

may be useful if you have no work experience, have been out of the work force for a long time, or are changing careers.

Sample Chronological Resume

Sample Functional Resume

chronological resume
Kallie Higgins

2445 Moaning Hills Drive ♦ Ripon, CA. ♦ 95356 ♦ (209) 569-0533

PROFILE Highly motivated professional. Attention to detail with excellent written and verbal communication skills. Adapts well to new concepts and responsibilities. Thrives in a fast-paced environment. Over twelve years of administrative assistant experience.

EDUCATION Hollywood Community College, Hollywood, CA

Liberal Arts (A.A.), June 2000

Humphreys College, Modesto, CA

Paralegal Certificate (12 month), June 2004

SKILLSSoftware: Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Legal Solutions

Type: 46 wpm

EXPERIENCE Timmons & Flute Law Office

Legal Assistant April 2003-present

Administrative support to lead attorney. Maintain over 150 confidential files. Calendaring. Set appointments. Proofing and preparing legal documentation. Arrange travel itineraries. Screen phone calls. Interact with clients. Attend weekly meetings. Recordkeeping. Review mail.

MGM Studios

Administrative Assistant June 1992-April 2003

Primary contact for general public and actors. Created and maintained over 200 confidential files. Established office procedures and systems. Support for actors and staff. Proofread, prepared, and distributed memorandum, correspondence, and monthly reports on a daily basis. Screened and directed callers and scheduled appointments. Ordered office supplies. Inventory. Accounts receivables. Petty cash. Bank deposits.

Davis Mountains Spa and Resort.

Purchasing Assistant August 1990-Sept 1991

Ordered supplies for security systems. Interacted with vendors via phone. Inputted orders and invoices on the computer system. Inventory.

Administrative Assistant July 1989-August 1990

Supported the vice president. Daily communication with international clients. Proofread, prepared, and distributed correspondence. Attended weekly meetings. Scheduled appointments. Faxed.

Chronological Resume
functional resume
Functional Resume

Isabella Martinez

1701 Parker Avenue, Stockton, CA 95345 (209) 545-8989/607-3456


Offering more than 20+ years of management advisory experience, administrative support, and strategic planning in challenging

multitasking environments. Successful written and verbal communication skills. Strong ability to organize high-level business affairs,

fundraisers, and projects. Savvy in interacting and creating key relationships with management, staff, clients, vendors, consultants, and subcontractors.




Operations Management:

● Strategic planning andmanagement of five major projects consecutively.

● Contract and procurement on a daily basis for multiple businesses.

● Processed payroll for over 500 employees weekly; certified payrolls for up to 15 union employees.

● Reduced operating costs through result of maximizing efficiency in labor and equipment.

Communications and Professionalism

● 200+ vendor relations including government and private industries.

● Maintained and established extensive customer databases.

● Provided administrative support for executive management for over 20+ years.

● Conflict resolution in contract negotiations including Department of Agriculture.

Fundraising/Customer Relations

● Achieved loyal support and motivation of customers and vendors.

● Successfully organized educational fundraising events including numerous dinners, auctions, and festivals for successful private schools.

● Served onadvisory boards and recruited volunteers from the community through personal networking involving mass mailings and phone solicitation.

● Created innovative business delivering wine to specialty markets throughout Central Valley.

● Creative marketing for over 10 years for family-owned cheese business.


Office Manager,Cooper’s Bakery, Inc., Jan 2002-present

Manager & Owner, Whiskey River Winery, May 1992−Oct 2002

Sales Account Clerk, Barker Cheese Farms, Jan 1985−March 1992

Fundraising Coordinator (volunteer), St. Peter’s Catholic High School, 1993-1998

electronic resumes
Electronic Resumes

The fastest way to respond to Internet job listings is to e-mail your cover letter and resume to the person or organization indicated. However,

there are some simple rules to follow before hitting the “send” key.

Here are some reasons why you should not send your resume as an attached file.

Attached files are known to carry viruses, so employers may choose not to open them.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may not be compatible with the employer’s ISP, making your attachment impossible

to open on the receiving end.

You and the potential employer may be on different computer platforms (e.g., Windows, UNIX, and

Macintosh) making the attached files unable to be received.

You and the employer may have different word processing software programs or versions, making attached

files unopenable; or if opened, they may appear as unreadable gobbledygook.

If a job posting specifically asks that your resume be sent as an attachment, follow the directions

provided and assume the employer is capable of opening and reading it.

To have your e-mail actually considered really comes down to some simple rules:

Use the right subject: “seeking employment” is not an acceptable subject. If you are responding to an

advertisement, use the job title or job code.

Include a cover letter in your e-mail and address it to the recipient. The cover letter will introduce you,

specify how you meet the needs of the employer, and will encourage the recipient to read your full resume.

Always send your resume in the body of the e-mail message, not as an attachment. Put that resume right in

the message so the recipient will see it as soon as he or she opens the message. This e-mail technique also

helps you get through e-mail systems that reject all attachments in this day of rampant computer


Make sure your resume is properly formatted for e-mail. Plain text resumes not formatted for e-mail can be

unreadable, and unreadable resumes will most likely be deleted. Take the time to make sure it will look as

good on all computers and in all e-mail systems as it does on your screen. This means shorter text lines,

spacing between sections, and text-based highlights.

how to prepare an electronic resume
How to prepare an electronic resume

Convert to Text only or Plain Text.

Adjust your Text Only or Plain Text document.

Delete references.

Use all CAPS for words that need special emphasis.

Since your resume has been stripped of all bolds, underlines, and italics you will have to highlight words using all

capitalized letters to draw attention to important words, phrases and headings.

Replace each bullet point with a standard keyboard symbol.

Special symbols such as bullet points, arrows, triangles, and check marks don’t transfer well. Therefore, you need to

change each to a standard keyboard symbol. Suggested replacements are: dashes, plus signs, asterisks.

Use straight quotes in place of curly quotes. Like bullet points, curly quotes do not transfer accurately.

Rearrange text if necessary. Do a line-by-line review of your document to make sure there are no odd-looking line

wraps, extra spaces, or words scrunched together in a body.

thank you letter
Thank You Letter

Write a follow-up letter immediately

after your interview. Make sure to

stress your continued interest and

competence to fill the position. If you

lost points during the interview, this

letter can help you regain your


Sample Thank You Letter

sample thank you letter
Sample Thank You Letter

September 21, 2004

Mr. Tom B. Knowles

Corporate Credit Manager

Great Tasting Foods Company

1005 Sparks Road

Big Springs, TX 65789

Dear Mr. Knowles:

It was a pleasure meeting you last Friday to discuss the accounting supervisor position at Great Tasting Foods. I greatly appreciate the time you spent with me and the valuable information you offered about the position’s various duties and responsibilities. It was a most informative and interesting interview.

Upon reflection of our discussion, I feel confident that my background and qualifications would make a positive contribution to your company. My experiences and accomplishments in cost accounting closely parallel the defined objectives and expectations of this position. The international aspect of the business is of particular interest to me as I strive for continued professional growth and to expand my knowledge base.

I hope that my response to your concerns and my credentials relative to the job requirements are satisfactory and that a mutually beneficial working relationship will result. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.


Tina Fargo

(205) 456-8934

salary history
Salary History

Many potential employers will request a salary history with your resume

submission. This usually means that the potential employer has a

predetermined salary range in mind. In reviewing salary histories a

potential employer can “weed out” candidates who have previously

exceeded the present salary range. In turn, a potential employer may be

gathering information as to how “low” a salary range he or she can offer.

In the end, the submission of a salary history can negatively effect a

candidate even before an interview has taken place.

As a candidate, you decide if you want to apply for positions

that require a salary history submission.

Sample Salary History

sample salary history
Sample Salary History


123 Wayne Drive ♦ Ripon, CA. ♦ 95356 ♦ (209) 555-9654


Cobb Insurance Office

311 14th Street

Ripon, CA 95356

(209) 551-2145

Executive Assistant

Start: $2350 per month (plus benefits)

Current: $2500 per month (plus benefits)

Whole Choice Foods, Inc.

345 Diner Lane

Modesto, CA 95343

(209) 532-9054

Administrative Assistant

Start: $3000 per month (plus benefits)

Current: $2500 per month (plus benefits)

Sunrise Garden Company

345 Krypton Lane

Modesto, CA 95455

(209) 456-0999

Administrative Assistant

Start: $1650 per month (plus benefits)

Current: $2200 per month (plus benefits)

letters of reference
Letters of Reference

Do references matter?

Yes! Employers are concerned about making costly hiring mistakes. One exceptional

reference may be the deciding factor in your favor. One mediocre reference can lose

a job for you.

Be prepared to provide at least four references at the interview.

Who can you ask to be a reference?

1) Former supervisors

2) Professor or teacher

3) Coworkers

4) Satisfied customers

5) Managers

Sample of Letter of Reference

sample letter of reference
Sample Letter of Reference

June 29, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Isabella Castillo for a position of employment at your company. I have known Ms. Castillo for over three years as a student and as a tutor for the college. She is very detail oriented with excellent communication skills. The instructors have spoken highly of her and express that she is a top-notch student with excellent potential. She is known throughout the college for her integrity, enthusiasm, professional demeanor, and excellent accounting capabilities. She is a determined individual and I do know that she is destined for success in any direction she chooses.

I am sure that Ms. Castillo will be an excellent employee for any company fortunate enough to hire her. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.


Susie Tolbet

Counselor/Office Manager

(209) 543-9411

helpful information
Helpful Information

Know the company

Possible interview questions

Questions to ask an employer

Interview Tips

Illegal questions

Survive a phone interview

Handling a group interview

know the company
Know the Company

You need to know as much information as possible about the company you

are interviewing with. As soon as you have scheduled an interview, you

should begin researching the company. Often you can find this information

through the internet and company websites.

There is a portion of the interview where you have an opportunity to ask

questions. It is during this time that you have the opportunity to show the

Potential employer that you have researched their company. Your interest

in the company can be very appealing to a new employer.

possible interview questions
Possible Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself.

Why do you want to work here?

What about our company interests you?

Why did you leave your last job?

What are your best skills?

What is your major weakness?

Do you prefer to work by yourself or with others?

What are your future career goals?

Why should I hire you?

What are your strengths?

What do you know about our company?

What are your hobbies?

What salary are you expecting?

What can you do for us that someone else can’t do?

What qualifications do you have that relate to the position?

Give me and example from a previous job where you have shown initiative.

What motivates you in your work?

What qualities do you find important in a coworker?

What would you like to be doing five years from now?

What do you expect from this job?

What hours can you work?

When could you start?

What have you learned from your past jobs?

How does your previous experience relate to this position?

How do you think your education has prepared you for this position?

What were your favorite classes and activities at school?

Why did you choose your major?

Do you plan to continue your education?

What course did you find most challenging?

Why are your grades so inconsistent?

possible questions to ask a potential employer
Possible Questions to Ask a Potential Employer

What characteristics best describe individuals who are successful in this position?

What is a typical day for a position you are applying for in your company?

What do you like most about working for this company?

Are other applicants being considered for this position?

Will there be training?

What other positions and/or departments will I interact with most?

How will my performance be evaluated?

What are the opportunities for advancement?

Does your organization encourage its employees to pursue additional education?

What makes your organization different from its competitors?

How would you describe your organization’s personality and management style?

interview tips
Interview Tips

Be on time.

Make eye contact.

Remember to listen. Communication is a two-way street.

Reflect before answering a difficult question.

When it is your turn, ask the questions you have prepared in advance.

Do not ask questions that raise red flags.

Show you want the job.

Avoid negative body language.

End the interview with a handshake and thank the interviewer for his or

her time. Reiterate your interest in the position and your qualifications.

Send a "Thanks for the Interview" note immediately.

illegal questions
Illegal Questions

Federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against any person on the basis of sex,

age, race, national origin, or religion.

Keep in mind that many employers simply do not know what is an illegal or legal question.

Examples of illegal questions:

How old are you?

Are you pregnant?

What’s your medical history?

Where were you born?

Have you ever been arrested?

You may gracefully point out that the question is illegal and decline to answer.

survive a phone interview
Survive a phone interview

Be prepared for a phone interview at any minute.


1) Keep a copy of your resume close to the phone.

2) Keep a list of your strengths, accomplishments, and skills close to the phone for review.

3) Clear the room of kids, pets, television, etc.

4) Speak slowly.

5) Do not interrupt the interviewer.

6) After the phone interview, take notes about what you were asked and how you answered.

Your goal is to get a face-to-face interview.

handling a group interview
Handling a group interview

Of all interviews, a panel interview can be the most stressful because you find yourself trying to sway several

decision makers rather than one or two. Unlike that old bit of advice — try to relate to the interviewer — it

can be difficult, if impossible, in a panel interview.

Bring a Cheat Sheet

You should bring a list of highlights that you would like to mention during the interview. Your interviewing

“cheat sheet” should focus on key assets you’ll bring to the position.

Take Names and Use Them

Individuals like to hear his or her name during a conversation. It is important to know who is interviewing

you, so ask their names and write them down within your notes — in order of where each is seated. Don’t be

afraid to use their names or ask questions throughout the process.

Take Notes

During the process, members of the panel will mention facets that will need remembering. Just as you jotted

down the name of each panel member, you can also make small notations of each person’s concerns or

specific questions. Adding important yet little tidbits into your thank-you letter will help set you apart from

other candidates and reflect your attentiveness.

Make Eye Contact

Try your best to look individuals in the eye and focus on speaking to each person equally, focusing heavily towards the

one that asked the question.

salary negotiations
Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations are a game.

Potential employers will often ask how much money you are currently earning in your

present position or what type of salary are you looking for.

Tell the truth. Remember that the truth is not just what your are currently being

paid; it is what your work is worth in the current marketplace.

Do you homework. Check salary for your profession in industry trade magazines for

salary surveys, human-resource professionals, your own network, and word-of-mouth


Never discuss salary until you have been offered the job.

If pressed to give a salary answer, remember to increase your requirements by a few

dollars. Therefore, if the employer offers you less than your requested amount, you

have still managed to meet your personal salary goal.


It is estimated that 80 percent of the workforce got their jobs through employee referrals or networking.

You know lots of people – relatives, neighbors, friends, and the people you bump into every day. If you think about it,

you probably know at least 50 people. These 50 people are your “primary network.” They are the eyes and ears you

need to learn of a job opening. Talk to them. One of them may know of a job opening where they work

There is also a “secondary network.” Each of the 50 people you know, knows another 50 people – their relatives,

Friends and neighbors. If your 50 people talked to their 50 people, you’d have 2,500 people helping you find a job.

Examples of your “primary network”:

Spouse Politicians

Parents Alumni

Siblings School Placement Counselor

In-laws Barber

Cousins Tailor

Aunts Boss

Uncles Cleaner

Friends Delivery Man

Neighbors Coworkers

Doctor Daycare provider

Lawyer Tax Preparer

Ministers Repairman

Teachers Banker


temp agencies
Temp Agencies

If you have never had any job experience or

you have not had any job experience in your

particular career field, you may want to

consider working with a temp agency.

Temporary jobs can help you gain experience in

your chosen field. A temporary job could lead

to a permanent position.

List of Local Temp Agencies

temporary placement agencies
Temporary/Placement Agencies


Acclaimed Personnel Services 2307 Oakdale Road 209-551-4573

Accountemps 801 10th Street 209-576-7107

Adecco Employment Services 2100 Standiford Avenue 209-521-9233

Cornerstone Staffing Solutions 2020 Standiford Ave. #F-1 209-579-5073

Cox Personnel 3600 Sisk Road 209-543-0707

Kelly Services 1101 Sylvan Avenue 209-577-4777

Office Team 801 10th Street 209-576-7790

Pride Staff 3400 Tully Road 209-577-3663

Pro Staff 1700 Standiford Avenue 209-544-850

Remedy Temps 1400 Standiford Avenue 209-527-1079

Spectrum Personnel 2020 Standiford Avenue 209-579-5073

Valley Staffing 1150 “9th” Street 209-238-3800


Adecco Employment Services 2205 Fulkerth Road 209-632-5657

Express Personnel 1526 Fulkerth Road 209-668-5830

Reliable Staffing Agency 222 S. Thor Street, #14 209-656-7161

Spectrum Personnel 2130 Geer Road 209-667-8367


BMI Staffing 965 E. Yosemite Avenue, #1 209-824-5392

JMJ Solutions 117 Sycamore Avenue, #201 209-239-6521

Kelly Services 723 N. Main Street 209-823-9356

Manpower Professional 250 Cherry Lane, #116 209-824-1007


Adecco Employment 780 W. Clover Road 209-883-4477

Express Personnel 324 E. 11th Street, #F2 209-835-2000

Hedy Holmes Staffing 2772 N. Tracy Blvd. 209-830-6555

Westaff 324 E. 11th Street, #B1 209-836-9630


Apple Staffing & Payroll 1214 W. “F” Street, #A208-f 209-848-1111

temporary placement agencies1
Temporary/Placement Agencies


Accountemps 2180 Harvard Street, #250 916-922-4480

Act I Personnel 801 “J” Street 916-444-2442

Alpha Staffing 1419 N. Market Blvd., #3 916-920-5627

Apple One Temporary & Fulltime 2425 Fair Oaks Blvd., #5 916-483-9180

BMI Staffing 2020 Hurley Way, #280 916-925-4264

Cal Staff 2020 Hurley Way, #395 916-779-3068

Custom Staffing Solutions 1455 Response Road, #115 916-568-6901

Express Personnel Services 2100 Watt Avenue, #150 916-484-0944

Integrity Personnel 8236 Kilmer Circle 916-689-0567

Kelly Services 2805 “J” Street, #240 916-441-2440

Law Staff 2020 Hurley Way, #395 916-920-2337

Legal Personnel/Temps 1415 21st Street 916-446-7777

Office Team 2180 Harvard, #250 916-922-5770

Remedy Intelligent Staffing 3164 Arden Way 916-488-9911

TLC Legal & Dental Staffing 2143 Hurley Way 916-564-3368


Accountemps 1776 March Lane 209-474-6731

Act 1 Employment 2233 Grand Canal Blvd. 209-476-6731

Adecco Employment 1036 W. Robinhood 209-957-7167

Checkmate Staffing Solutions 4510 Alitalia Way 209-234-1851

Elite Staffing 4330 N. Pershing Avenue, #B7 209-952-4099

Express Personnel 1151 W. Robinhood Drive, #A1 209-956-5668

Hedy Holmes Staffing 3031 W. March Lane, #110 209-957-9630

Kelly Staffing 2529 W. March Lane, #203 209-951-0898

ManPower Temp Services 2800 W. March Lane, #430 209-952-0276

Metrostaff Services 1019 E. March Lane 209-478-6387

Office Team 1776 W. March Lane, #200 209-474-6734

Premier Staffing 8807 Thornton Road, #L 209-478-8500

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volunteering internships

One way to keep your resume fresh is with volunteer work. It can further

your career by allowing you to learn new skills. Volunteer for something

related to what your career is or will be.

Don’t forget to list your volunteer accomplishments on your resume

under work experience. Also, you can gain some references and letters of

recommendations from volunteer experience.

Volunteer Opportunities that may not have crossed your mind:

Public Schools Youth Organizations/Sports Teams

Halfway Houses After-school programs

Community Theatres National Parks

Drug Rehabilitation Centers Prisons

Civic Clubs Food Pantries

Retirement Centers Shelters for battered women and children

Meals on Wheels Historical restorations

Soup Kitchens


Community Choirs or Bands

Neighborhood Parks

get a job
Get a Job

Job Websites

Temp Agencies

Career Fairs

Volunteer Opportunities

Professional Organizations


Reasons Why You Still Haven’t Found a Job

Mind games

job websites
Job Websites

Area Newspapers


City, State, Government

Major Companies

Temp Agencies



newspaper websites
Newspaper Websites

Modesto Bee

Stockton Record

Fresno Bee

Merced Sun-Star

San Jose Mercury News

Tri-Valley Herald

Manteca Bulletin

Sacramento Bee

Tracy Press

Ripon Record News

Lodi News

Patterson Irrigator

Oakland Tribune\oaklandtribune

San Francisco Chronicle

Contra Costa Times

Davis Enterprise Newspaper

The Galt Herald

websites schools universities
Websites: Schools/Universities

California State University, Stanislaus

Modesto Junior College

UC Merced College

Stanislaus County Schools

San Joaquin County Schools

San Joaquin Delta College

University of the Pacific

city and state government
City and State Government

Stanislaus County

San Joaquin County

State of California

websites for major companies
Websites for Major Companies
  • Foster Farms
  • E&J Gallo
  • Community Hospice
temp agency websites
Temp Agency Websites


Kelly Services



Cornerstone Staffing

Cox Personnel

Valley Staffing

Express Personnel

Act-1 Staffing

Hedy Holmes Staffing

hospital medical websites
Hospital/Medical Websites

Sutter Health

Kaiser Permanente

Memorial Hospital

Dameron Hospital

Doctors Hospital of Manteca

national job websites
National Job Websites

Yahoo Jobs

Groove Job

College Grad

Valley Job Finder

Top USA Jobs

Career Builder

Craig’s List

Snag a Job

After College Healthcare

Landmark Legal Professionals

Exclusively Legal Staffing

ABA Search & Staffing

career fairs
Career Fairs

Many companies, colleges, or counties host career fairs in your area on a regular

basis. Numerous businesses are invited to participate. This is a chance for you to

research companies and submit your resume. This is also an opportunity for

employers to “meet” you before an actual interview is scheduled. This is the ultimate

networking opportunity for anyone searching for a job.

Prepare yourself as if you are going to an actual interview. Wear interview dress and

bring numerous copies of your resume. Be prepared for on-the-spot interviews.

Bring a pen because you may be asked to fill out an application.

volunteer opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

Find volunteer opportunities available in your


professional organizations
Professional Organizations

American Society of Women Accountants

National Society of Accounting

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

American Accounting Association

American Bar Association

National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)

National Paralegal Association

International Association of Administrative Professionals

American Association for Medical Transcription

National Association for the Education of the Young


Job search networking is one of the most successful ways to find a job, but it can be intimidating

and scary. It does not have to be.

Informal Networking:

1) You can take a direct approach and ask all of your friends for job leads.

2) You can take a less direct approach and ask for information and advice about job searching from your job network.

3) Pick up the phone and call businesses for informational interviews.

4) Email everyone that you know that you are looking for a job. Keep your message brief and to the point.

5) Tell the whole world! In any casual conversation, mention that you are looking for a job.

Formal Networking:

1) Attend business social or association meetings or events.

2) Use the internet. Join internet discussion groups or boards to network with other professionals in your career area.

3) Contact your career services office at your college.

4) Attend alumni functions.

What do you say to contacts when you are “networking?”

Memorize your strengths and strong points from your resume and share them!

reasons why you still haven t found a job
Reasons why you still haven’t found a job!

You were lazy.

You have to work at getting a job. Plan to work at least four hours a day finding a job.

You did not use all the available resources.

Use the classifieds, internet, employment agencies, college career center, and network with family and friends to get a


You did not proof your resume.

Check over your resume carefully for spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

You were not dressed properly for the interview.

Make sure you have a professional outfit to wear to an interview.

You talked too much.

If you talk a lot during the interview, this is a sign that you are an applicant that needs a lot of attention. This could

create problems on the job.

You badmouthed your old company or boss.

It is best not to say anything negative about a former employee or company.

You acted desperate.

Do not continue to push or pester the manager into hiring you.

You did not sell yourself.

When you are asked to talk a little about yourself, this is your opportunity to mention your accomplishments,

experience, and training.

You did not follow-up.

Always send a thank you note after the interview. Always make one follow-up phone call a week after the interview.


It’s a Mind GameSearching for a job can be a frustrating experience filled with roller-coaster highs and lows. Each person’s experience is different and unique. Keep in mind that finding a job may not happen overnight. Remember to be prepared and keep a positive attitude.