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College/Career Readiness

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College/Career Readiness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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College/Career Readiness
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  1. College/Career Readiness The ACT ACT Compass KYOTE ASVAB ACT WorkKeys KOSSA Industry Certificates

  2. College/Career Readiness Rate

  3. College ReadyCPE Benchmarks College Entrance Exam 1 point College PlacementTests

  4. College/Career Readiness Rate • Based on grade 12 students (graduates or completers with G-Codes in IC) • Includes best score on English, Math and Reading from all The ACT State and National Administrations in Kentucky • Data reviewed by schools and districts prior to fall report Must meet CPE’s ACT Benchmarks Use Student Name from IC

  5. Opportunities to Demonstrate College Readiness • The ACT – Junior year (required) • Compass or KYOTE – Senior year (optional) • The assigned grade level shall determine the state tests to administer. 703 KAR 5:240 What If… Student doing credit recovery jumps from grade 10 to grade 12 this year. How does this student demonstrate college readiness? Compass or KYOTE

  6. The ACT • All grade 11 students, except Alternate K-PREP, Foreign Exchange and First Year EL. • Any student retained in grade 11 should complete The ACT assessment again. • Administered to all high school juniors in March. • Confirm that high schools have determined test site establishment and accommodations procedures.

  7. The ACT • Initial Test Day—March 4 • Makeup Day—March 18 • Accommodations Window—March 4-18

  8. Infinite Campus Review • Update the Infinite Campus (IC) system prior to March to make sure each student is assigned to the correct grade level • KDE uses IC to verify rosters • Errors in IC cause greater cleanup problems later in the year • Be proactive

  9. Important Reminders • All answer documents sent to ACT will be scanned and included in public reporting. • Do NOT submit any blank answer documents to ACT with the scorable materials. ACT Customer Service 800-553-6244 General Questions ext. 2800 Accommodated Testing ext. 1788

  10. DAC Responsibilities • DAC is responsible in SDRR for • completing official state roster. • working with Test Supervisor to record non-participation (i.e., who did not test and why). • printing copies and/or saving the roster electronically. • REPORTING • Student reports will be sent directly to student’s home (3-8 weeks). • High Schools will receive: • School reports in late July to high school principals. • Labels for transcripts will be sent to the high school counselor 3-8 weeks after testing. • DAC will receive all district reports from The ACT in late July.

  11. ACT Reports • ACT Reports will be based on ACT, Inc.’s new benchmarks. • Percentage meeting benchmark will not be comparable to prior years in reading and science.

  12. Accommodations Affect Accountability

  13. The ACT Rosters The ACT rosters open in the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application on February 27 and close March 27 for new request changes and final April 3. Infinite Campus Changes SDRR Changes Non-participation Annotations Demographics (Name, SSID, etc.)

  14. ACT Compass • College placement test administered through KDE and available to grade 12 students who have not met the CPE benchmarks on the ACT. • College Ready Status File—fall • Compass Training Series and Update • Open August 1—June 15

  15. ACT Compass & College Readiness • College Readiness will include scores meeting the benchmarks from: • KDE’s ACT Compass • KCTCS’ ACT Compass • Other Colleges’ scores added during Data Review • All Kentucky public colleges and universities can access KDE ACT Compass scores.

  16. ACT Compass Contact Information KDE ACT ACT Compass® Technical Support (800) 645-1992 Option 2 Available 24 x 7 • General Program Information (OAA) • Jennifer Stafford • Pam Powers (502) 564-4394 • • Intervention Information • April Pieper (NGL)(502) 564-2106

  17. KYOTE • Kentucky Online Testing placement exams for grade 12 students who have not met the CPE ACT benchmarks in English, reading or mathematics. • Trainings are available in August. • Program details are available from the user manual and the training sessions. • NEW: Irregularity Report Spreadsheet • ZoomMath cannot be used on KYOTE

  18. KYOTE Available through University of Kentucky and Northern Kentucky University Contact Information: Paul Eakin (859) 257-6798 Steve Newman (859) 572-5332

  19. College/Career Readiness Rate

  20. Opportunities to Demonstrate Career Readiness • Career Measures – Throughout high school • Career academic (ASVAB or WorkKeys) • Career technical (KOSSA or Industry certificates) • While the tests are optional, students must have these measures to be CCR. • Unless CTE Preparatory Student, ASVAB and WorkKeys does not increase your CCR.

  21. Preparatory Students Student who has completed two career and technical education credits in a preparatory program and is enrolled in the third credit course(s) in the same career pathway. What If… A student is enrolled in welding for 2 credits and takes nursing for another credit. Is this student considered a Preparatory Student? No. Student must be enrolled in third credit of the same career pathway.

  22. Career Ready 1 point ACADEMIC TECHNICAL KOSSA Multiple-Choice = 70 Constructed-Response = 75 ---OR--- Industry Certificate Certification based on industry standards • ACT WorkKeys = Silver or Above • Applied Math • Locating Information • Reading for Information ---OR--- • ASVAB = 50 • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

  23. ASVAB Score = 50 • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery • Available through local Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) • Districts are responsible for entering data into TEDS. • Contact: Glenn N. Stegemann, Program Mgr. (502) 582-5921, Ext. 2241

  24. ACT WorkKeys Silver or Higher • Job Skills Assessment • Administered February 3- March 31 • Available through KDE to all schools directly through ACT, Inc. • Student data should be entered into TEDS. • Contact: Angie Fischer (502) 564-3472 ext.

  25. KOSSA • Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards Assessment • Administered February 3- March 31 • KDE Contact: Pamela Moore (502) 564-3472 ext. • Data is entered by KDE into TEDS.

  26. Industry Certificates • KDE accepted Industry Certificates listed on KDE Website. • Career and Tech Staff—KDE contact or local TEDS Coordinator Program Consultant Office of Career and Technical Education (502) 564-3472

  27. College & Career Ready 0.5 point

  28. Division of Support and Research • Rhonda Sims, Director • Bridget Stanfield, Branch Manager • Joy Barr, Program Consultant • Cindy Greer, Program Consultant • Kathy Moore, Program Consultant • Kevin O’Hair, Program Consultant • Pam Powers, Systems Consultant IT • Chris Williams, Program Consultant • Teresa King, Support Staff • Maranda Perkins, Support Staff (502) 564-4394