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Water/Wastewater Report

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Water/Wastewater Report. 2009. Water/Wastewater Operations.

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Water/Wastewater Report

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water wastewater operations
Water/Wastewater Operations
  • Water/Wastewater operations is a section of the Public Works Division located at 1200 College Street SE. There are six Budget Programs that fund the required level of resources and support necessary to operate and maintain the City of Lacey’s Water and Wastewater infrastructure.
  • Water O&M Programs are: (1.) Production and Storage, (2.) Water System Maintenance, and (4.) Water Construction Utility.
  • Waste Water O&M Programs are: (1.) Wastewater Lift Stations, (2.) Waste Water Mains Maintenance, and (3.) STEP System Maintenance.
w ww supervision and support program
W/WW Supervision and Support Program
  • Water/Wastewater Operations, maintenance and repair responsibilities are under the direct supervision and support of the Water/Wastewater Supervisor and six W/WW Senior Technicians.
  • Each Senior Technician is assigned specific water or wastewater areas of responsibility which are funded from individual water/wastewater utility budget programs:
  • Water/Wastewater Supervisor/Terry Cargil : Supervision & Support & Management Program
  • Mike Snyder/ Senior Technician: Supervision & Support Program
  • Lance Sponberg/ Senior Utilities Control Technician: Production and Storage Program
  • Paul Axtmann/ Senior Technician: Water Mains Program
  • Ed Andrews/ Water/Wastewater Quality Control Technician: Water Mains & Construction Program- Special Repair and Improvement Projects
  • Roger Dickinson/ Senior Technician: Wastewater Mains and STEP System Programs
  • Tracy Anderson/ Senior Utilities Control Technician: Wastewater Lift Station and STEP System Programs

Water/Wastewater Program Supervision and Support Program Staff:Water/Wastewater Supervisor: Terry CargilSenior Technicians: ProgramSupport Senior Tech-Mike Snyder, Water MainsSenior Tech- Paul Axtmann, WaterProduction and StorageSenior Utilities ControlTech-Lance Sponberg, Wastewater CollectionsSenior Tech- Roger Dickinson, Water/WastewaterQuality Control- Ed Andrews, and Wastewater Lift Stations Senior ControlsTech-Tracy Anderson.

supervision support staff professional credentials
Supervision & Support Staff Professional Credentials
  • Terry Cargil Water/Wastewater Supervisor: Washington State Water Manager IV, Wastewater Collections Manager IV, Basic Water Treatment Plant Operator, Water Distribution Field Specialist and Cross Connection Specialist/ 31 years experience w/ City of Lacey
  • Mike Snyder/ Program Support Senior Technician: Cross Connection Specialist/ 20 years experience w/ City of Lacey
  • Lance Sponberg/Water Senior Utilities Control Technician: Washington State Water Manager III, Water Treatment Plant Operator II, Basic Water Treatment Plant Operator, Cross connection Specialist/ 15 years experience with City of Lacey
  • Paul Axtmann/Water Mains Senior Technician: Water Distribution Specialist/ 20 years experience w/ City of Lacey
  • Ed Andrews/ Water/Wastewater Quality Control Technician: Washington State Water Manager II, Wastewater Collection Specialist II/ 15 years experience w/ City of Lacey
  • Roger Dickinson/ Wastewater Mains and STEP Senior Technician: Washington State Water Manager II, Wastewater Collections Specialist I/ 17 years experience w/ City of Lacey
  • Tracy Anderson/ Wastewater Senior Utilities Control Technician: Washington State Water Manager III, Electrician Journeyman EL01,Cross Connection Control Specialist, Basic Water Treatment Plant Operator, Wastewater Collection Specialist III/ 10 years experience w/ City of Lacey
w ww program support tasks
W/WW Program Support Tasks
  • Customer Service, Dispatch & Response
  • Department Maintenance Management Program Reports & Query’s
  • Inventory & Assets Management
  • Water Production Reports
  • Wastewater Pumping Reports
  • Purchase, Requisition and Invoice Management
  • Safety Audits and facilitation of Tailgate Safety Training
  • Certification Training and Registration Management
  • Water Quality Reports
  • Uniform Management
  • Department Time Card Review Support
  • Stand-by Program Scheduling Support
  • Mail Distribution
  • W/WW Facilities Security Lock Program
  • Operations Sungard Maintenance Management System Program Support
  • Front Counter Back-Up Support
  • Fire Hydrant WIN/ Painting Program Support
  • Water Source Temperature and PH Readings

Water Production and Storage Program Staff:Senior Controls Technician: Lance SponbergControl Technicians Top Row: Jason Bourgault, Andy Smith, Uwe Landsiedel, Jim Baker.Water Treatment Plant Operators2nd row: Rick Smith, Chris Nickell.Journey Level Technicians Bottom row: Michael Mucha, Dave Phillips

water system o m programs production storage
Water System O&M Programs:Production & Storage
  • The Production and Storage Program entails the operations, maintenance and repair of the following Water System Facilities:
  • 19 Water Production Wells
  • 6 Water Booster Stations
  • 2 Water Treatment Plants
  • 19 Water Disinfection/Chlorination Facilities
  • 4 Onsite Generation Facilities
  • 7 Water Storage/Reservoirs/Stand Pipes
  • SCADA/ Radio Communication Systems
  • 120 Backflow/ Cross Connection Device Testing
water production storage tasks
Water Production & Storage Tasks
  • Wells Operation O&M
  • Water Treatment Plants O&M
  • Water source samples
  • Training
  • Telemetry O&M
  • Water facility Security program Management
  • Safety valves O&M
  • Water Reservoirs & tanks
  • Annual testing of all City Owned Backflow devices
  • Pumps and motors
  • Water Production Report support
  • Well Pre-Lube Systems
  • Power failure support equipment
  • Pipes & Valves O&M
  • Lighting O&M
  • Heating & Ventilation O&M
  • Facility Site & Stations Checks O&M
  • Equipment O&M
  • Electrical O&M
  • Control Valves O&M
  • Cell Tower Coordination
  • Buildings & Vault O&M
  • Booster Pump O&M
  • Water Well Blow-Off O&M
2009 annual water production storage performance measures
2009 Annual Water Production & Storage Performance Measures:
  • 2,595,234,462 Gallons of Water Produced
  • 528,846,645 Gallons of water Treated Gallons of Chlorine Generated
  • 719 Preventative Maintenance Tasks Completed
  • 92 Routine Maintenance Tasks Completed
  • 88 Repairs Completed During Working Hours
  • 186 After Hour Repairs Completed
  • 0 Customer Response Calls
Water Mains Program Staff:Senior Technician: Paul AxtmannJourney Levels: Chris Milles, Justin Bellis, Zachary Rough and Monte Hughes

Water Mains Maintenance and Construction Program Staff:Water/Wastewater Quality Control Technician: Ed AndrewsJourney Level Utility Locate Technician: John DunlapJourney Level Technicians: Phil Petty, Matt Buchanan, Ray Bushell and Aric Mickelson

water system o m programs water main maintenance
Water System O&M Programs:Water Main Maintenance
  • The water Main Maintenance Program entails the operations, maintenance and repair of the following water system components:
  • 3,400 Fire Hydrants
  • 100 Air Relief Valves
  • 9,800 Water Valves
  • 350 Miles of Water Mains ranging in size from 1” To 30”
water mains program tasks
Water Mains Program Tasks
  • Customer Service Response
  • Valve Inspection, Maintenance & Repair
  • Hydrant Inspection, Maintenance & Repair
  • Unidirectional Water Main Flushing
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Well/Source Meter Calibration
  • Utility Locates
  • Water Main and Service Line Repairs
  • Water Quality Sample Station Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Water Service Line Connection Installations
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Water System Flush/Blow-Off Installations and Repair
  • Air Relief Valve Maintenance & Repair
water system o m programs water construction program
Water System O&M Programs:Water Construction Program
  • The Water System Construction program entails activities and special projects to complete repairs and enhancements to our Water System. This program also includes participation and support in all project design considerations, construction that occurs within the City of Lacey’s Urban Growth Boundaries for both water and sewer facilities.
2009 annual water main performance measures
2009 Annual Water Main Performance Measures:
  • 110 Water Line Service Repairs
  • 30 Water Main Repairs
  • 71 Water Repairs After Hours
  • 111 Water Taps & Drops
  • 282 Customer Response
  • 140 Hydrant Extensions & Repairs
  • 363 Valve Repairs, Raised and Pad Installation
  • 68 Air Reliefs Serviced
  • 87 Miles of Water Main Flushed
  • 128 Miles of Water Main Leak Detected
  • 3,200 Locates Performed
  • 3,617 Valves Exercised
  • 3,344 Hydrants Inspected
  • 3,344 Hydrant Valves Inspected and Exercised
  • 52 Plan Review & Walkthrough Punch list Completed