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Tokugawa Japan

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Tokugawa Japan. Chapter 16, Section III. The Three Great Unifiers. At the end of the 15 th century, Japan was in chaos . Daimyo controlled their own lands and warred with their neighbors (feudal?). Unification began in the late 16 th century with three powerful figures:

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tokugawa japan

Tokugawa Japan

Chapter 16, Section III

the three great unifiers
The Three Great Unifiers
  • At the end of the 15th century, Japan was in chaos.
  • Daimyo controlled their own lands and warred with their neighbors (feudal?).
  • Unification began in the late 16th century with three powerful figures:
    • Oda Nobunaga [oh-DAH-noh-NAH-gah]
    • Toyotomi Hideyoshi [toh-yoh-TOH-mee HEE-day-YOH-shee]
    • Tokugawa Ieyasu[toh-koh-GAH-wahee-YAH-soo]
oda nobunaga
Oda Nobunaga

Seized the capital of Kyoto

Tried to consolidate rule.

toyotomi hideyoshi
Toyotomi Hideyoshi

A farmer’s son who became a military commander.

Located his capital at Osaka.

By 1590, he had persuaded most of the daimyo to accept his authority.

tokugawa ieyasu
Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Edo = Modern-day Tokyo
    • Took control of Japan.
  • Ieyasu took title of shogun in 1603.
    • Completed the restoration of central authority begun by Nobunaga and Hideyoshi.
  • Remained in power until 1868
    • Brought a long period of peace known as the

“Great Peace”

europeans in japan
Europeans in Japan
  • Portuguese first to come to Japan.
    • Welcome at first (fascinated by tobacco, eyeglasses, weapons).
europeans in japan1
Europeans in Japan
  • Jesuits
    • Converted a number of daimyo.
    • Then thousands of Japanese became Christians.
      • Shrines were destroyed by the Jesuits.
        • Hideyoshi issued an edict prohibiting Christian activities within his lands.
          • Some Jesuits continued their mission work.
        • Under Tokugawa leyasu all missionaries were expelled and Japanese Christians were persecuted.
europeans in japan2
Europeans in Japan
  • Europeans were the next to go.
    • Only the Dutch were allowed to remain in Japan.
tokugawa rule
Tokugawa Rule
  • Control feudal system.
  • State divided into 250 territories called hans.
    • Ruled by Daimyo.
  • The Shogun controlled the daimyo by using a hostage system.
    • Had to maintain two residences – one in their own lands and one in Edo, where the court of the shogun was located.
economic and social changes
Economic and Social Changes
  • Upper class Japanese had considered trade and industry beneath them.
  • Under Tokugawa rule trade and industry flourished!
    • Banking was doing well.
    • Paper money was the medium of exchange.
    • A merchant class emerged.