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LOG 340 “Performance Based Life Cycle Sustainment” Presented to the Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT) Presented by Dave Floyd, CPL Performance Learning Director Defense Acquisition University. Curriculum Review. Agenda. Overview Status Update Schedule

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Curriculum review

LOG 340 “Performance Based Life Cycle Sustainment” Presented to theLife Cycle Logistics (LCL) Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT)Presented byDave Floyd, CPLPerformance Learning DirectorDefense Acquisition University

Curriculum Review


  • Overview

  • Status Update

  • Schedule

  • Issues and Concerns

  • Alternatives

  • Questions & Answers

Curriculum review

LOG 340 replaces LOG 236 (PBL) with a two-week , 300 Level Performance-Based Course

Nine case studies over the 8 ½ day course

Two full day exercises/workshops (LCSP, BCA)

Leverages off of LOG 236 and 304 as a baseline and point of departure

Responds to 5000.02, Next Generation Product Support Business Model and New DAG update

Aligns with LOG 201, LOG 235 and LOG 350

Transitions from TLO/ELO construct to Competency/Proficiency construct

Based on LCL, Supply, Maintenance and Deployment/Distribution/ Transportation competency sets

Includes a simulation game IAW new policy emphasis

Leverages CL Modules as prerequisites, read-aheads and homework

Shifts from “Instructor-led” to “Instructor-facilitated”


Curriculum review

LOG 340 Proposal submitted on 8 April, 2010 Performance-Based Course

LOG 340 Task 4.2.5 Proposal submitted on 13 April, 2010

Life Cycle Logistics Guidebook (formerly the Acquisition Logistics Guide)

Contract awarded in mid May

Project Management Plan delivered 21 June, 2010

Project Management Plan approved 1 July, 2010

Issues with Instructor and Student Pilot dates

Correlation of LOG 340 TLOs and ELOs to DoD Core Logistics Competencies and Proficiencies delivered 15 July, 2010

Comments submitted 21 July, 2010

Comments on LOG 340 Task 4.2.5 Proposal sent on 15 July, 2010

Award of LOG 340 Task 4.2.5 anticipated by end of July 2010


Log 340 development schedule
LOG 340 Development Schedule Performance-Based Course

Curriculum review

LOG teaching requirements are expected to increase Performance-Based Course

Growth in Acquisition workforce

Increase in student throughput quotas from USAF and DLA

Additional LOG courses to be deployed


DAU is not funded to hire more Life Cycle Logistics instructors

DAU classroom capacity is reaching it’s peak

LOG 340 is a two-week course that will replace a one-week course

The additional week of training introduces risk of exceed instructor and classroom capacity

Contingency planning is needed to address these issues and concerns

Issues and Concerns

Week one notional course outline
Week One Notional Course Outline Performance-Based Course

Curriculum review

Week Two Notional Course Performance-Based CourseOutline

Curriculum review

New One Performance-Based CourseWeek Notional Course Outline

Moved from first week of two-week LOG 340 course

Week one course lessons for reapplication
Week One Course Lessons for Reapplication Performance-Based Course




LOG 350

Move to


LOG 340

  • Turn highlighted lessons into one-week course

    • On Line Course, or

    • Classroom

  • Convert to individual CLMs

  • Hold for future use