radical reconstruction n.
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Radical Reconstruction

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Radical Reconstruction. . Grab a Robert Smalls Reconstruction Hero Article and Read Prepare for notes. Of Race and Racism. Think Pair Share Activity. 2 Minutes Define the term Race 2 Minutes Meet with Elbow Partner, Discuss, Come up with a working Definition 2 Minutes

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radical reconstruction

Radical Reconstruction


Grab a Robert Smalls Reconstruction Hero Article and Read

Prepare for notes

think pair share activity
Think Pair Share Activity
  • 2 Minutes
    • Define the term Race
  • 2 Minutes
    • Meet with Elbow Partner, Discuss, Come up with a working Definition
  • 2 Minutes
    • Write definition on the Board
  • A social construct
  • A definition created or formed by society
  • Definition: race (n) a human population considered distinct based on physical characteristics.
  • No Scientific Basis
  • The belief or attitude or both that certain human groups are--by virtue of heredity--physically, intellectually, and otherwise inherently and collectively superior to other groups and that this innate superiority is a determining factor in social affairs.

Dictionary of Concepts in History

  • with racism - human groups determined by skin color and physical characteristics
the importance of reconstruction

The Importance of Reconstruction

The 13th 14th and 15th Amendments

  • Racial Equality
  • African American Enfranchisement
  • Build Political Power Base
radical reconstruction1
Radical Reconstruction
  • “Radical” in terms of rebuilding society in our nation
  • End Southern society and its divergent view on the nation
  • Rebuild country’s society
the reconstruction amendments
The Reconstruction Amendments
  • 13th – Ends Slavery
  • 14th – Citizenship to all peoples of color, race and nationality, except Native Americans
  • 15th – Cannot Deny Vote Based on Color
advances in politics
Advances in Politics
  • Power to vote allowed for election of African Americans
  • Made most impact at local level
  • What do local governments do?
reconstructing state governments
Reconstructing State Governments
  • help write new state constitutions
  • establish public school system
  • pass civil rights laws, eradicate slavery
  • abolish imprisonment for debt, divorce laws
  • legislation to rebuild infrastructure and attract commerce
at the national level
At the National Level
  • 16 Representatives
  • 2 Senators
african americans in the government
African Americans in the Government
  • 1,500 public offices held
robert smalls filmstrip activity
Robert Smalls Filmstrip Activity
  • Create a 6 panel cartoon strip of highlights of Robert Smalls’s life
warm up
Warm Up
  • Take out a Textbook
  • Open to the 13th Amendment
  • Read Amendments 13, 14, 15
  • Also, prepare for notes
the reconstruction amendments1
The Reconstruction Amendments

The 13th 14th and 15th Amendments

the reconstruction amendments2
The Reconstruction Amendments
  • 13th – Ends Slavery
  • 14th – Citizenship to all peoples of color, race and nationality, except Native Americans
  • 15th – Cannot Deny Vote Based on Color
reconstruction of society
Reconstruction of Society
  • Previously only the white minority held power to vote
  • African Americans gain ability to vote, become the powerful in South
effect of reconstruction amendments
Effect of Reconstruction Amendments
  • The definition of who are citizens in this country broadens
  • Now includes African American men
the 13 th amendment
The 13th Amendment
  • Emancipation
  • Ends All Slavery/Involuntary Servitude in The United States except as punishment for a crime
the 14 th amendment
The 14th Amendment
  • 5 Sections
    • Section 1 – Rights of Citizens, including nationalization, and guarantee of life and liberty and property
    • Section 2 – Representation in Congress, repeals 3/5
    • Section 3 – Punishment for Confederates
    • Section 4 – Assumption of Federal Public Debt
    • Section 5 – Congress has power to enforce however needed
the 14 th amendment1
The 14th Amendment
  • Finally commits the United States to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence
  • “Life, Liberty and Property”
  • Sets goal towards all men are created equal
15 th amendment
15th Amendment
  • “Cannot deny vote based upon race”
  • Believed power of vote would allow African Americans to protect themselves
aiding in emancipation
Aiding in Emancipation

The Freedman’s Bureau

the freedman s bureau
The Freedman’s Bureau
  • Former name was the Bureau of Refugees, Freedman and Abandoned Lands
  • Designed to help rebuild post war South
  • Run by the War Department
the freedman s bureau1
The Freedman’s Bureau
  • The Bureau supervised all relief and educational activities relating to refugees and freedmen, including issuing rations, clothing and medicine.
  • The Bureau also assumed custody of confiscated lands or property in the former Confederate States, border states, District of Columbia, and Indian Territory.
40 acres and mule
40 Acres and Mule
  • The initial goal of the Freedman’s Bureau was aid the Freedman by redistributing Confederate land to former slaves
  • Why would the Bureau distribute land?
the freedman s bureau2
The Freedman’s Bureau
  • In the end (ultimately) was a failure
  • Its efforts were hurt by corruption, greed, and lenient terms of land confiscation and redistrubution
  • Very few Freedman received their 40 acres and a mule
  • How would this hurt African Americans in the South?
warm up2
Warm Up
  • Take the Packet from the Front
  • Take the Voting Rights Test
  • Elite Southerners begin to take away African American Political Power and regain their own power
    • Take away voting rights
    • Make economic security impossible
    • Campaign of Violence
the retreat
The Retreat
  • Southern Whites and Former Confederates angered at loss of power
  • Had to figure out how to get power back
  • Manufactured myths about African American Politicians
elite southerners
Elite southerners
  • obstruct Reconstruction - maintain economic control
  • sharecropping, convict lease, and lien system
  • land never redistributed
  • emphasized white superiority
  • support from poor white southerners
  • deny black political power
  • terror and violence
myths of redemption
Myths of “Redemption”
  • black politicians dominated state governments
  • justify overthrow - manufactured twin myths - corruption and ignorance
  • necessary to cheat and kill to restore “honest” government
  • myths perpetuated by successive generations of historians
  • era of corruption
real fears
Real fears
  • honesty not corruption, brilliance not ignorance
  • good black government not bad black government
  • Southerners conclude monstrous crime of Reconstruction was equality, violation of American caste system
losing the vote
Losing the Vote
  • Reflect on the Literacy Test
    • Poll Tax
    • “Grandfather Clause”
economic disenfranchisement
Economic Disenfranchisement
  • Planters wanted to recreate a legal system like slavery
  • Create Sharecropping
    • African Americans rent fields for a share of their crops
    • Primary Source: A Sharecropping Contract
disenfranchisement violence
Disenfranchisement: Violence
  • Northerners retreat from protection and occupation
  • Southerners use violence to stop voting and prosperity
  • Primary Source: KKK Victims