radical reconstruction n.
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Radical Reconstruction

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Radical Reconstruction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Radical Reconstruction. Think Back to the last section - What did Johnson’s Plan state? What did southern states have to do?. Approve the 13 th Amendment – banning slavery Write new Constitutions Hold elections. New Southern members of Congress. Northerners alarmed!

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Radical Reconstruction

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radical reconstruction

Radical Reconstruction

Think Back to the last section -

What did Johnson’s Plan state?

What did southern states have to do?

  • Approve the 13th Amendment – banning slavery
  • Write new Constitutions
  • Hold elections
new southern members of congress

New Southern members of Congress

Northerners alarmed!

Southerners voted former leaders of the Confederacy!! Including the former VP of the confederacy.

(Alexander Hamilton Stephens from Georgia)

southern reaction northern response

Southern Reaction, Northern Response

Serve on juries, own guns, gather in groups after dark, only do certain jobs.

Black codes

Ex-confederates elected to state and local offices

Violence towards African Americans

Congress passes the Civil Rights Act of 1866

Protects voting and equal protection

the radical s plan
The Radical’s Plan
  • The Reconstruction Act
    • South divided into 5 military districts
    • New constitutions
    • African American MEN could vote
    • Male citizens equal rights
    • Pass the 14th Amendment (defines what a citizen is)
impeaching the president
Impeaching the President
  • Evidence found to impeach President Johnson
    • 2/3 needed to convict. One vote shy.
    • Acquitted
    • Power to follow through with Reconstruction is now in Congress’ hands.

Impeach = to charge an elected official with a crime

african americans and reconstruction
African Americans and Reconstruction

What should happen with the newly freed slaves? What do they need?

Needed food, shelter, clothing, a way to earn a living, education.

African Americans became sharecroppers. Signed contracts with white landowners to work for pay in return for a share of the crop – never out of debt.

Freedmen’s Bureau


Give former plantation land to freed slaves. Too radical did not happen.

Provided food, clothing, medical care, arranged for work, built schools

cycle of poverty
Cycle of Poverty

Top half

Left side

new amendments
New Amendments

bottom half

Left side

no votes for women
No Votes for Women
  • Women put aside their fight for the right to vote.
  • Joined the fight to end slavery.
  • Women expected the vote for their hard work
  • It did not happen.