running a successful and profitable nature store l.
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Running a Successful and Profitable Nature Store PowerPoint Presentation
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Running a Successful and Profitable Nature Store

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Running a Successful and Profitable Nature Store - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Running a Successful and Profitable Nature Store. Humble Beginnings. We continue to grow. Finally, Our Own Space. Our Current Space. Our Children’s Section. Who are your customers?. What do you want them to learn about your refuge?.

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Presentation Transcript
Does your Friends Group have a logo?

Does the refuge have a logo?

who determines what to carry

Who Determines What to Carry?

Store Manager

Bookstore Committee

Refuge Staff

how to determine what to carry
How to Determine What to Carry
  • Size of Selling Space
  • Number of Visitors
  • Minimum number to purchase
  • Storage Space Available
  • Seasonal visitors or Year round
  • Remoteness of Refuge
size of selling space
Size of Selling Space
  • Think Beyond Books: Folding Guides, Bookmarks, Post Cards and Note Cards
  • Is there room for a spinner rack? These can hold lots with a small footprint
  • Invest in adaptable fixtures
  • A wall of slatwall can be adapted many ways
number of visitors
Number of Visitors
  • Visiting Public
  • School Groups
  • Birding Groups
  • People looking for the restroom
minimum number to purchase
Minimum Number to Purchase
  • Not all items require a large minimun
  • Order books from distributors
  • Order pre-designed t-shirts with namedrop
  • Group purchases with other refuge stores
storage space available
Storage Space Available
  • Do you have storage space within the store?
  • Does the refuge have a secure empty room or closet that you can use?
  • Can you use a storage shed on the refuge?
  • The closer the storage to the actual store the better
seasonal visitors or year round
Seasonal Visitors or Year Round
  • Does your visitation vary from month to month?
  • Do you have special events?
remoteness of the refuge
Remoteness of the Refuge
  • Are You in the middle of nowhere or close to other businesses?
  • Do visitors hike or bike trails?
  • Will they need water to keep going?
  • Will they need sunscreen or mosquito repellant?
how to bring customers to your store
How to Bring Customers to Your Store
  • Refuge Events
  • Friends Group Newsletter
  • Guest Speakers
  • Author Events
  • Website
  • Email Notice
ways to find new merchandise
Ways to Find New Merchandise
  • Trade Shows
  • Browse Publisher & Distributor websites
  • Visit Other Nature Stores & Websites
  • Build relationships with sales reps
trade shows
Trade Shows

Association of Partners for Public Lands

Southeast Independent Booksellers Association

use exhibitor lists
Use exhibitor lists

Museum Store Association

APPL Trade Show

publisher distributor websites
Publisher & Distributor Websites

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Sunburst Books

build relationships with sales reps
Build relationships with Sales Reps

They will help in your search for new merchandise

  • Publisher Reps
  • Commission Reps
  • Distributor Reps
  • Gift Reps
  • T-Shirt Reps
art krival receiving his award for 5500 hours
Art Krival– Receiving his award for 5500 hours

The hero of our story

April 30 1923 – April 7 2010