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Document & Records Management (DRM) PowerPoint Presentation
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Document & Records Management (DRM)

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Document & Records Management (DRM) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Document & Records Management (DRM). Implementation Roadmap Executive Presentation December 2004. 1. Enterprise (APC,AAC,ACC) Understanding of: Current Situation & Change Drivers Assessment Objectives & Approach Solution Recommendations & Benchmarks Implementation Approach & Plan

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Document & Records Management (DRM)

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    1. Document & Records Management (DRM) Implementation Roadmap Executive Presentation December 2004

    2. 1. Enterprise (APC,AAC,ACC) Understanding of: Current Situation & Change Drivers Assessment Objectives & Approach Solution Recommendations & Benchmarks Implementation Approach & Plan Impact on the Business Project Staffing, Cost and Roles 2. Next Steps: Management Review Obtain Sign-Off for Phase II – Design & Development Nominate APC Staff Select Pilots: Departments and Asset Teams Desired Discussion Outcomes

    3. Decentralized Ownership Creates a Number of Document Management Problems Multiple Processes Records Silos Inability to find and access records without searching multiple systems Decentralized Ownership & Governance Increased Document Management costs and risks Multiple IT Systems ( ) 10 Un-Classified documents Low Compliance Inconsistent Search Capabilities Size of Prize 100,000+ annual man-hour savings for GG&E Staff* $200,000 annual A&G savings – IT system retirements BOII Findings Reconfirmed

    4. Drivers of Change Agile Enterprise DRM to Support Changing Business Environment (Electronic & Physical) One-Stop Shopping Efficiencies Shareholders’ Expectation of good Information Stewardship Acquisitions & Divestments New O&G Processes Demands Leadership’s Demands of efficient Storage And Retrieval of Information Assets New Compliance Requirements Good Corporate Stewardship Assurance Nov 18 Stakeholder Visioning Conclusions

    5. Phase I – Assess & PlanObjectives & Approach Executive Sign-off Solution & Project Plan As-Is Assessment - Future State Vision - Gaps Analysis – Implementation Plan Knowledge Management Framework Document Process Mapping Change & Communications Business Case Taxonomy Governance Accomplished in Assessment 3 Months - Key US Departments involved Global Records Managers – 150 people interviewed Assess Existing DRM People, Process, Technology - Design Future State Industry Best Practices

    6. Solution Recommendations Implement organization, processes, and technology to evolve DRM to achieve two key objectives: One-stop Shopping Efficiencies Good Corporate Stewardship Assurance • Key Recommendations: • Implement a governance structure to sustain the change • Implement change management to facilitate new processes & technologies • Evolve a single corporate wide taxonomy • Rationalize and standardize content management systems • Harmonize record retention schedules • Implement tailored access • Align content with core business systems • Staged deployment unit roll-out

    7. Proposed Approach • What’s Different: • Structured Governance Model • Enterprise Classification • Faceted Taxonomy • Role-Based Approach • Process-Content Mapping • Operations-Based • Tool Enabled vs. Tool-Led • Strong Focus on Change Management • Senior-Management Involvement

    8. Industry Insight - Benchmarking Strawmodel     Peer Analysis Underway                         

    9. Key Success Factor: Governance Implementation Ensures DRM Standards are established, and enforced, via the DRM Executive Committee Chairs DRM Executive Committee Chief Compliance Officer Legend DRM delegation Collaboration DRM Executive Committee (includes AAC, ACC, APC) Review & approve Standards Review & approve systems / resources Annual DRM Review Ensure training & competencies for Disciplines Executive Leadership Discipline Chiefs Dept Heads/Asset Team Heads Enterprise DRM Team Internal Auditing Draft Standards Design & Deliver System (people, processes, technology) Develop Procedures & Guidelines Maintain Company Record Retention Schedule Coordinate Classification Usage Operate Central Repository Drive Continuous Improvement Design, Develop, Deliver DRM Competency Dvlpmt Pgms Ensure for their area: Compliance with Standards Integrity of Data Classification Competency of DRM Coordinator & DRM Admin Review Standards Specify requirements (by area of expertise) Subject Matter Experts Management Depts & Asset Teams DRM Coordinators Assist Dept / Asset Teams in applying Procedures & Guidelines to meet Standards Identify and address DRM Issues for their Dept / Asset Teams DRM Coordinators DRM Coordinators Assist Users in applying Procedures DRM Admins DRM Admins DRM Admins DRM Users Follow Procedures & Guidelines to enter & retrieve Records Identify and report DRM Issues for their Dept / Asset Teams

    10. 1. DRM Application Rationalization * 17. Multiple Teams Rolling Deployment Asset Teams 16. Asset Team Pilot 5-6 “Facility Driven” • 2. DRM Web Tool Rationalization * • Web Front • Search Engine • Taxonomy A Starts When Project Starts B C 7. Define Training Program* D 14. Asset Team Pilot 1-2 “Seismic Driven” 8. Training Design & Development * Departments A B C D 19. Change Control:Rolling updates for Taxonomy, Adjusting Training, Technology, DRM Process, Facilities Enterprise Implementation Roadmap We Are Here I. Assess & Plan (Complete) III. Pilot (& Deployment Prep) II. Design & Develop (Foundation & Pilot Prep) IV. Deployment Taxonomy 6. Develop, Configure, Integrate, Test Tools Governance 10. Tools Ready 15. Asset Team Pilot 3-4 “Regulatory Driven” Change & Communication 3. Write DRM Policies Standards* inc. Retention Schedules Document Process Mapping 13. Dept Pilot 2 4. Define Roles & DRM Process* 11. Train (pilots) 12. Dept Pilot 1 Knowledge Management Framework 9. Taxonomy Integration with Content* 18. Document Conversion – Electronic & Hardcopies Implementation Roadmap 5. Design Change Controls Process * Ongoing Alignment with Calgary & Uxbridge Critical Path Items in Red

    11. Implementation Plan 2005 2006 M1 M2 M3 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Develop Design Pilot Deploy Classification & Taxonomy Taxonomy Integration with Content Define Roles and DRM Process Process Department Specific Task List Design Change Control Process On-going Change Control Process Executive Committee Formation & Charter People Write DRM Policies & Procedures Rationalize Retention Schedules Define Training Program Training Design & Development Training Delivery On-going Communications and Role Engagement On-going Communications Briefings (All Levels) Technology Strategy & Logical Architecture (Coordinate with other APC Initiatives) Web Tool Decision Search Engine Decision Procurement & Set-up Develop & Configure Convert Data (including Documentum) Convert Departments by Priority On-going Technology Support

    12. Impact on Business SMEs • Retention Experts (Legal, Tax, Audit, Records Management…) • Content Experts (G&G, Engineering, Marketing…) Phase IV Phase III Phase II Deploy by Department Design & Development Pilots Sustain Departments – engaged as deployment progresses • Limited coordinator & local SME participation in design and development to: • validate DRM process within business • map department classification to global taxonomy • Department Head designates DRM Coordinator(s) and Administrator(s) • Department Head & Coordinator to communicate vision and plan to dept. • Dept Head & Coordinator implement governance & communication • Department training - Coordinator(s), Administrator(s) and general users • Department conversion of existing documents to new taxonomy • Content reorganization and selected back file capture • Department DRM team to execute sustenance plan Effort is primarily one-time – however,ongoing classification is a change for the user

    13. Project Staffing – FTE over TimeProject moves to APC ownership as quickly as possible h

    14. Project Staffing – Estimated Cost & Roles Approval Requested Estimated SLB-SBC Fees:

    15. Next Phase: Time Frame & Deliverables Next Phase: Design & Development Target: All workstreams ready for (pilot) implementation Time Frame: 3 months • Taxonomy - integrated with content across lifecycle • Technology Selected – use cases developed • DRM Policies, Procedures, Roles & Training Defined • Change Control Handbook in Place • Phase III (Pilot) Implementation Plan Developed

    16. Next Steps - Executive Sign-off • Approve Phase II – Design & Development (12 Weeks) • Internal APC Resources • DRM team (6 FTEs - approximately) • Limited time from business • External Resources • SBC & other outside resources (5 – approximately) • Statement of Work is drafted • Nominate APC Staff • Select Pilots – “value added” to APC core E&P business • Criteria drafted • Suggest 2 departments • 4 asset teams across different types of APC projects

    17. Back-up Slides

    18. Deliverables – Next Phase

    19. Impact of Proposed Approach

    20. Calgary: Library Catalogue rollout to ACC using Library web in conjunction with Houston Release of Web4 RIIMS database in Cuadra STAR FileNET upgrade to latest version for Web, Capture and IDM Desktop New scanning application – General Ledger/General Journal Entries and Purchasing/Corporate Services documents Continual review of global retention schedule for North America integration (Houston/Calgary retention) Implement workflow and scanning process for accounts payable documents using SER Distiller application. Evaluate and deploy Cuadra STAR module, Worksaver, (electronic document repository Investigate Documentum implementation for Calgary Review workflow and processes of well information to an electronic format. Alignment With Calgary & Uxbridge Activities • Uxbridge: • e-Search upgrade to version 2.6 - Upgrade will continue, however proposed change of database architecture to fully align with existing "working practices" requires further review in light of DRM Initiative. • Continually review AAC retention policy and schedule with UK Compliance laws. • Implement the new AAC Document Object Model developed during 2004 (now on hold pending new Taxonomy) • Continue to support and maintain Qatar and El Merc Documentum instances • Replace Documentum Desk Top Client 4.3.1 with WebTop 5.3 (possibly via DTC 5.2.5) • Evaluate and deploy Sealed Media - a tool to provide additional security to sensitive documents • Evaluate CIS (Content Intelligence Services) and other auto population tools for metadata • Implement Web Content Management (WCM) services to enable easier publication of web content • Investigate Documentum, Vorsite Web Parts and SharePoint for collaboration and data exchange • Investigate Documentum's Records Manager - to enable better granularity for retention period setting