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Transferring Records

Transferring Records. East Carolina University Records Management. Transferring Records. Transferring records to the Records Center ensures the safety and security of records while freeing up departmental office space from use as storage for inactive records.

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Transferring Records

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  1. Transferring Records East Carolina University Records Management

  2. Transferring Records • Transferring records to the Records Center ensures the safety and security of records while freeing up departmental office space from use as storage for inactive records. • Only materials that are rarely consulted should be transferred to the Records Center. • Records are maintained for the duration of their retention schedule, before being transferred to the University Archives or destroyed.

  3. Transferring Records in 5 Easy Steps • Determine if Records are eligible for transfer • Prepare Records for Transfer using appropriate record center boxes. • Completely fill out the Box Label form. • Contact Records Management staff. • Send boxes via ECU Moving Services to Joyner Library’s Records Center.

  4. Step One - Determine • Only records specifically mentioned on the General or Departmental Records Schedule should be transferred to the Records Center. • To access the General Records schedule, visit http://www.ecu.edu/cs-lib/archives/uncgsintro.cfm or make an inquiry to recordsmanagement@ecu.edu • Ensure records sent are in the proper format and you have the proper records boxes available, if you have questions about proper storage boxes, contact Records Management staff using the e-mail above or by calling 252-328-6671.

  5. Step Two - Prepare • Records should be organized by type before transfer. Boxes with multiple retention dates will be returned to the office of origin. Complete boxes are shredded during destruction. • Records should be transferred to approved records center cartons, which measure 12” x 15” x 10” (see above). Boxes must have lids and handles. • Leave approximately 2-3” of room in each box, do not overstuff. • Do not remove records from standard folders and place them upright in the box facing the same direction. • Hanging files are not accepted as they do not permit the box to close properly.

  6. Step Three – Box Label • Access the Box Label template via http://www.ecu.edu/cs-lib/archives/rmtransfer.cfmor by e-mailing recordsmanagement@ecu.edu • Complete fill out each section of the box label, incomplete box labels delay processing and may result in material returned to the office of origin. • Date range information and series item # MUST be completed in order for records to be processed. • Include contact information for the staff member designated as the departmental records center coordinator or individual transferring the files. • Attach two (2) box labels using STAPLES to the narrow, vertical sides of each box. Labels attached via tape or placed on the lids, wider sides, or bottoms of boxes will result in the return of your materials.

  7. Step Three – Box Label Blank Box Label Template Completed Box Label

  8. Step Four – Contact the Records Center • Before sending boxes to the Records Center, notify records center staff of your intentions. • The status of the records center and other update information can be found at http://www.ecu.edu/cs-lib/archives/recman.cfm • When contacting the record center, please include: • The number of boxes being transferred • If there is any confidential material • The office of origin • Contact information in case there are any questions regarding the boxes upon arrival.

  9. Step Five – Moving Services • Once all boxes are packed and labeled, contact ECU Moving Services to arrange transfer. • ECU Moving Services may be reached at 252-328-6776. • Drop off information for items scheduled for destruction: Joyner Library Records Center • Drop off information for items with permanent retention: Joyner Library Archives, Room 3406. • If you have any questions regarding the location of your records, contact Records Center staff.

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