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what is an archetypal hero n.
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What is an archetypal hero? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is an archetypal hero?

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What is an archetypal hero?
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What is an archetypal hero?

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  1. What is an archetypal hero? Paka’a vs. Nemo

  2. Paka’a Paka’a is a charater in “The Wind Gourd of La’amaomao”. The main question is if he is a archetypal hero or not. Paka’a is a very strong character and he is one of the many main characters in La’amaomao. His father’s haku wanted him to come home, so he’s never seen him. Then he reunited with his father just for him to pass away. Before his father dies he learns some skills from him.

  3. Nemo Nemo is a character in “Finding Nemo”. Nemo is a clown fish that goes through a rough journey to reunite with his father. He has a rough start because his whole family is killed by a barracuda expect him and his father. Then he’s fish napped and put in a dentist's office while his father searches the ocean for him.

  4. Minor Similarities • They both have unusual births. • They both leave their families. • They both have traumatic events. • Each have a rigorous journey to complete.

  5. Minor Differences • Paka’ahas a strong weapon which is La’amaomao’s wind gourd, whereas Nemo doesn’t have a weapon. • Paka’a gets spiritual help from his aumakua, while Nemo goes through his journey without any spiritual help. • Only Nemo had a father figure all throughout his story and journey.

  6. One Major Difference • Nemo was always protected and sheltered his whole life with the help of his father. Paka’a wasn’t protected and sheltered his whole life and didn’t even have his father in his life until he was grown. • It’s easier for Paka’a to adjust his life without his father but when Nemo is taken from his father he feels lonely.

  7. What is an archetypal hero? Well from my point of view a archetypal hero is a hero that is typical. They fit all the same characteristics that humans find interesting. They are typical and predictable. They have a rough start then grow up and do something big and important. Then they lose someone close to them and find their own peace or solve their problem. Conclusion