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The Adventures of Aeneas PowerPoint Presentation
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The Adventures of Aeneas

The Adventures of Aeneas

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The Adventures of Aeneas

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  1. The Adventures of Aeneas By Ben Roberts, Patrick Gommel, Amanda Wilson, Jin Kang

  2. Heroic Qualities and Flaws • The main character of the story is Aeneas and he is an archetypal hero • His qualities are he is brave, strong, intelligent, loyal, strong-minded, devoted to his task, and one of the most famous heroes who fought in the Trojan War. • His flaws are he is slightly greedy and he had a slight weakness for women.

  3. Journey/Quest/Task Events • Task: Aeneas needs to sail to Italy and start the Roman race. (pg. 321) • Quest: If he wants to reach the underworld, Aeneas needs to get the golden bough. (pg. 331) • Task: Aeneas must defeat Turnus during war in order to marry Lavinia and start the Roman race. (pg. 343)

  4. Journey Events • Journey: After he defeats Turnus, he learns the art and science of other countries and incorporates them into his state. He also learned he was destined to bring the people of earth under his empire, to impose rule of submissive non-resistance, spare the humble, and crush the proud. (pg. 344)

  5. Motifs and Themes • Some reoccurring motifs in this story are courage and bravery. • Other motifs are rags to riches, when Dido gives Aeneas everything after his ship got wrecked, and forbidden love, Dido and Aeneas can’t be together because then Aeneas can’t complete his task. • The main theme of this story is that if you have courage and bravery, you can accomplish anything. • Other themes are fate cannot be avoided.

  6. Major Archetypes • Juno: malicious acts, causes troubles for Aeneas, villainous and supernatural force • Neptune: Juno’s brother, inadvertently helps Aeneas, supernatural force • Venus: protects Aeneas and his literal mother, earth mother • Alecto and Aeolus: helps Juno by trying to prevent Aeneas from reaching his goal, supernatural force

  7. Major Archetypes • Dido: beautiful widow, temptress • Lavinia: wife, damsel in distress • Aeneas: needs to start the Roman race, courageous, brave, intelligent, hero • Aeneas’s father: gives Aeneas advice how to make his home in Italy and avoid hardships, wise old man • Doves: helps Aeneas find the golden bough, helpful animals

  8. Major Archetypes • Hell: underworld, darkness,death • Sea: chaotic when stormy, dangerous • Three: separate tasks • Cocytus and Acheron:junction of two great rivers of the underworld, separation between those living and those dead who need to reach the underworld, life

  9. Story Summary • Aeneas has to sails away from Troy because the Greeks won the Trojan War. • Aeneas gets a dream that he must go to Italy and start the Roman race. • While sailing, Aeneas meets Andromache and Helenus who gives Aeneas advice about his journey. • Aeneas arrives at Sicily. A poor man, who was one of Ulysses’ sailors, warns Aeneas and his crew about the Cyclopes and they are able to escape just in time. • Juno resented the Trojans and planned to drown Aeneas during a storm. • Neptune intervenes and stops the storm from drowning Aeneas. He helps Aeneas land on Carthage.

  10. Story Summary • Juno plans to have Aeneas to fall in love with Dido so he wouldn’t be able finish his task, but Venus prevents that from happening. • Dido falls in love with Aeneas and gives him everything. • Aeneas decides to continues his journey and leaves Dido. Dido dies of a broken heart. • Aeneas meets Sibyl of Cumae and she tells him that he must go to the underworld to get advice from his father. • Charon takes them across the rivers of the underworld. They give the Cerberus cake so it will let them pass. They pass the Fields of Mourning where Aeneas sees Dido. • Aeneas’s father gives his son advice on how to endure the hardships.

  11. Story Summary • Aeneas lands near the City of Latium and King Latinus wishes Aeneas to marry his daughter Laviana. • Aeneas’ son Ascanius kills a pet stag which was praised by the people of Latium because of Juno. This causes the people of Latium to be hostile to the Trojans. • Aeneas wants to marry Lavina but King of Rutulians, Turnus tries to stop them by waging war. Turnus makes an alliance with Mezentius and Camilla. • Aeneas visits the King of Evander. The king advise them to gain support from the Etruscans. The Etruscans join Aeneas to fight against Turnus and Mezentius. • Euryalus and Nisus were on Turnus’s side but joins Aeneas. They are however killed. • Finally Turnus and Aeneas fight each other and Aeneas wins. Aeneas was able to start the Roman race.

  12. Lessons and Cultural Values • Gods have human like qualities such as sympathy and anger. • Society back then is portrayed as violent but are intellectual. • Lots of war and fighting occurs during this time. • Women are seen as evil or corrupting like how Dido was trying to prevent Aeneas from reaching his task. • Fate cannot be avoided.