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Guerrilla marketing

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guerrilla marketing


By LyudmylaMakarenko


case 1
Case 1
  • Goals: To promote FORESTRY in Lviv(The city in Ukraine) before starting summer season and increase number of visitors on by 10% per 1 week.
  • Place of promotion: Night clubs Leroy and Galaxy (Lviv)
  • WHY I’ve chosen it?
  • Leroy’s target audience: 20- 35 years old people, have a car, ambitious, love relax, drink expensive alcohol, visit club with friends or business partners, actually most of visitors are fond of sports, especially tennis and healthy life style, have a high level of profit.
  • Galaxy's target audience: 15-30 years old people, have a car, like relax, dancing, visit club with friends, every time looking for fun and new experience, have a high level of profit or have rich sponsors.
  • Main idea:

The promotion was based on emotions:

  • Desire to be free.
  • Men’s wishes to be strong, courageous and ambitious.

My team and I placed promotion products in the restrooms. We used mirrors and walls opposite it.

We glued costume of Viking on the mirror and the image with forest and horses on the wall. When people stand between it, they can imagine being Viking themselves. It drew attention of visitors.

case 2
Case 2
  • Goals: To promote FORESTRY in Lviv(The city in Ukraine) before starting summer season and increase number of visitors by 17% per 1 week.
  • Place of promotion: the supermarkets and the shopping centers of Lviv
  • WHY I’ve chosen it?
  • People visit the supermarkets and the shopping centers in order to buy food (more than 2 times a week) or buying clothes (few times a month).
  • Outlets catch wide audience.
  • People’s mind is open for information.
  • Customers are tired after shopping and ready to relax.
  • Main idea:

There is pure air in the “Viking’s bay”. So, main idea for promotion is telling a story about super healthy air.

Our team put plastic bags with air from Forestry on shelves, on counters, ets.

Name of product: “Ecologically clean forestry air”. There was one a little note: “Adult should buy 12 000 bags by day and breath pure air or every week visit FORESTRY "VIKINGS’ BAY“.

Many customers cameup tothese unusual goods. At first they couldn't understand why supermarket sells empty blown up plastic bags. Then when they understood that it was a joke and advertising of FORESTRY people started to smile and laugh.

The information about this promotion feel Ukrainian and Russian Internet:

let s work together
Let’s work together!
  • Your promotion events will always be unique.
  • I create new ideas.
  • I understand that ROI should be positive, so my ideas are developed in the way to be compensated.
  • My marketing and PR experience provides me with new ideas for promotion of different goods and services.
contact information
Contact information
  • LyudmylaMakarenko(Людмила Макаренко)
  • Skype: kiriitona