adapting to a mobile it landscape from it silo to enterprise strategy n.
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Adapting to a Mobile IT Landscape: From IT Silo to Enterprise Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Adapting to a Mobile IT Landscape: From IT Silo to Enterprise Strategy

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Adapting to a Mobile IT Landscape: From IT Silo to Enterprise Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adapting to a Mobile IT Landscape: From IT Silo to Enterprise Strategy. Kimberly Hancher Chief Information Officer (CIO) U.S . Equal Employment Opportunity Commission . Key Challenges……. Incorporating mobility into strategic processes.

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Adapting to a Mobile IT Landscape: From IT Silo to Enterprise Strategy

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adapting to a mobile it landscape from it silo to enterprise strategy

Adapting to a Mobile IT Landscape: From IT Silo to Enterprise Strategy

Kimberly HancherChief Information Officer (CIO)

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

key challenges
Key Challenges……
  • Incorporating mobility into strategic processes.
  • Translating high level mobility objectives into tactical plans that align with budget realities.
  • Ensuring mobile users have critical tools and services.
what is your mobility vision
What is your mobility vision?

Develop a vision for how mobile tools will help the agency's workforce. For example:

  • Speed Data Collection-field examiners carrying handheld devices and data capture apps
  • Reduce cycle time- real-time synchronization of field data with mission system.

Develop a vision for how to serve citizens and businesses who have mobile needs. For example:

  • Increase Responsiveness to Customers
  • Expand Customer Service Channels
incorporate vision into agency plans
Incorporate "VISION" into Agency Plans:
  • Agency/Department Level Strategic Plan
  • Program Level Strategic Plans
  • IT Program Strategic Plan

* Ensure an inclusive process and wide range of participation in developing the vision.

agency level strategic plan
Agency Level Strategic Plan

Sets Enterprise Level Performance Targets

  • 80% of field workforce provisioned with mobile tools to collect data and transmit info immediately into agency system of record.
  • Redesigned intake process improves customer satisfaction by 20%, reduces average intake process by 20 days and offers customers several channels for intake interview.

Describes Future State - the " To Be"

program bureau business unit plan
Program/Bureau/Business Unit Plan

Describes New Operational Model for Workforce

  • Field examiners with tablets and mobile apps will collect pictures.
  • Field examiner data will transmit in real-time to system of record.
  • Examiners receive prompts from system if more photos are needed.
  • Intake people use automated scheduling, video, text messaging.

Describes New Customer Services

  • Applicants will be able to schedule an intake interview by phone or online using a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Applicants choose whether they prefer intake face-to-face, by phone, by televideo, or by videophone for hearing impaired.
it strategic plan
IT Strategic Plan

Aligns with Agency/Department Level Goals

  • Implement a new Field Examiner Toolkit comprised of hand held tablet, internet connectivity, voice/data services.
  • Using agile methods, develop a mobile app for field data collection and submission.
  • Enhance the intake system with video teleconferencing, instant audio conferencing, and automated online scheduling software.

Lay out desired services over a 3-5 year horizon

transform strategic plan into it tactical plan
Transform Strategic Plan into IT Tactical Plan
  • Adopt a 3 year tactical planning horizon
  • Year 1 = focus on tangible deliverables
  • Year 2 = implement the critical services, the “must haves”
  • Year 3 = move on to setup the desirable services
tactical it plans should
Tactical IT Plans should…..
  • Identify infrastructure and IT competencies
  • Identify initial mobility deliverables and services
  • Develop budget estimates for current and out years
  • Use rough order of magnitude cost (ROM)
  • At the end of Year 1, identify actual deliverables, services, and costs
tactical plan year 1
Tactical Plan – Year 1

Infrastructure Activities

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Service
  • Wireless voice and Data service plans
  • Mobile app development resources
  • App Store
  • Online, secure collaboration and file sharing
  • Online customer portal for Intake process
  • Online scheduling COTS software

Competency Development

  • Agile trained programmers and Project Manager
  • Consumer video teleconferencing - Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout

Security Risk Assessment

Policies for GFE, BYOD, and Rules of Behavior

tactical plan years 2 and 3
Tactical Plan – Years 2 and 3

Year Two - Critical Service

  • Field Examiner Toolkit
  • Download to Database and Confirmation
  • Online Scheduling of Intake Interview
  • Customer Portal for Intake Status

Year Three - Next Most Important Services

  • Customer ability to schedule online intake interview
  • Televideo intake interviews
bridging the gap
Bridging the Gap

Do your agency users have what they need?

  • Policy and Rules of Behavior
  • Devices
  • Mobile Apps
  • Training and Job Aids
  • Data and Information
  • IT support
  • Appropriate Security Measures
  • Feedback loop for constructive critism
bridging the gap1
Bridging the Gap

Do external customers have what they need?

  • Instructions, Self Directed Training, FAQs
  • Device Support
  • Mobile Apps
  • Data and Information
  • IT support
  • Appropriate Security Measures
  • Develop a vision of the mobility program appropriate to your agency
  • Incorporate the vision into your strategic plan
  • Develop a 3 year tactical plan and budget estimates
  • Execute, Execute, Execute!
  • Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate!
  • Update the tactical plans accordingly
  • GSA Managing Mobility Pages
    • links to new Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative Wireless Voice and Data contracts
    • links to new GSA contracts for Mobile Device Management(MDM) tools and services
    • links to all NIS&T guidance on security of managing mobility
  • Federal BYOD Guidance and Toolkit
  • BYOD Collaboration Website