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MC75XX Product Training January 2008

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MC75XX Product Training January 2008. Windows Mobile 6 Overview and Strategy. Crossbow was the code name for the next Version of the Windows Mobile Operating System Based on WM 5.0 / CE 5.0 Official Name is “Windows Mobile 6” Don’t confuse with Windows Embedded CE 6.0

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Presentation Transcript
crossbow windows mobile 6
Crossbow was the code name for the next Version of the Windows Mobile Operating System

Based on WM 5.0 / CE 5.0

Official Name is “Windows Mobile 6”

Don’t confuse with Windows Embedded CE 6.0

WM 6 is based on CE 5.0

Focused on improving Messaging and Office Applications

An AKU for WM 5.0 from an Engineer’s perspective, a New OS from a Microsoft marketing perspective

New OS, therefore will require an upgrade license fee

Crossbow = Windows Mobile 6
windows mobile 6 features
New Skins and Icons “Vista” Like

Improved Outlook and Office Applications

Compatible with Office 2007

Support for SharePoint attachments

Full-fledged meetings arrangement system

Support for HTML e-mail messages

Smart Filter –fast search through messages;

Numerous MS Exchange 2007-tailored changes

Smart Dial 2.0, fast search through contacts, call history;

Integrated Windows Live Communicator Client

Marketplace – purchase, download, and install  from the device

Storage Card encryption

Updated Terminal Services Client

Optional VOIP application/SIP stack (residential focused)

Windows Mobile 6 Features
improved application development features
NET CF v2 SP1 in ROM

SQL Server Compact Edition in ROM

Reduction in Virtual Memory Footprint (still 32M limit)

Added Windows Ink Services for Pen (WISP) Lite

Subset of WISP for Tablet PC

New Sound API - Plays MP3s and more

AJAX support in Mobile IE

Improved SDK and New Tools

Improved Application Development Features
internet explorer mobile
Internet Explorer Mobile
  • Support for basic AJAX applications
  • Script/DOM Improvements:
    • Feature detection
    • Expando support
    • Document.body properties
    • Navigator object
    • Improved support for AJAX for ASP.NET
windows mobile 6 sdk refresh
Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh
  • New emulator images
  • New tools
  • New samples
  • Improved documentation
  • Localized emulator images
  • Links:
    • Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh
    • Windows Mobile 6 Emulator Images
wisp lite
  • Windows Ink Service Platform
  • Subset of Tablet PC WISP
  • Eventually replace Rich Ink
  • Supports:
    • Basic recognition
    • Serialization
    • Overlay and zoom
  • For more Information
new sound apis
New Sound APIs
  • Play several sound formats (MID, WMA, WAV, MP3)
  • Choose whether or not to respect the current sound profile
  • <soundfile.h>
    • SndOpen / SndClose
    • SndPlaySync
    • SndPlayAsync
    • SndStop
    • SndGetSound / SndSetSound
sdk tools
SDK Tools
  • Emulation/testing
    • FakeGPS
    • Local Server Framework (aka FakeServer)
    • Cellular Emulator
    • Hopper
    • Windows Mobile Test Framework
  • APP 204: Developing Test Automation Using the Windows Mobile Test Framework
sdk tools12
SDK Tools
  • Security
    • Security Configuration Manager
    • CabSignTool
  • APP 215: Windows Mobile App. Security
security configuration manager
Security Configuration Manager
  • Examine device security configuration
  • Provision standard security configurations
  • Save device security configuration
  • Sign a file
  • Check signature
  • Formerly a Power Toy
  • APP 215: Windows Mobile App. Security
  • Fakes data received by the GPS APIs
  • Reads NMEA data
    • \Program Files\FakeGPS\GPSFiles
cellular emulator
Cellular Emulator
  • Emulates a real Radio Interface Layer
  • Replaces FakeRIL
  • Simulate Incoming/Outgoing Calls and SMS messages
  • GPRS/UMTS Data Connection
  • AT Commands
updated terminal services client
Localized for WWE, CHS, CHT, KOR, and JPN

128 bit high encryption

Custom port support

Full screen mode – view landscape VGA (640 x 480)

Support for 16-bit and 24-bit color depths

Audio redirection - hear sounds from your local machine on the device

Unicode keyboard input as virtual keystrokes to the remote machine

Auto-reconnect for temporary lost connections

Updated Terminal Services Client
more information
More Information

What's New for Developers in Windows Mobile 6

Deprecated Features In Windows Mobile6

Windows Mobile 6 Software Development Kits (Standard and Professional)

mc75xx hardware overview
MC75XX Hardware Overview
  • TNT1.5 Software Architecture
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Phone Edition (Current AKU 0.7)
  • 256M mDOC and 128M RAM
  • Jedi Radio (802.11a/b/g)
  • Siemens HC25 HSDPA Modem
  • Sierra Wireless EM5725D (Rev A) Modem
  • Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth Radio (Class 2) V1.2 AFH
  • SiRF GPS
scanning imaging
  • Scanner
      • New Trigger Mode – Press & Release
  • Imaging
      • New Trigger Mode – Press & Release
      • Korean 3 of 5 Support
      • New ISBN Supplemental Modes
  • Camera
      • 2 MP Auto-Focus Camera
      • LED Flash
  • Camera Decode
      • Multiple Viewfinder Modes (i.e. Virtual Picklist)
      • ScanAPI support
      • No Support for Symbol Imaging API
  • DirectShow
      • MS Pictures & Video Support (i.e. Still images, Record video, etc.)
camera overview
Camera Overview
  • Press the Camera Icon on thePictures & Videos applicationto launch the app
camera overview25
Camera Overview
  • It will take a few seconds for thecamera to be initialized and forthe preview to appear.PLEASE BE PATIENT!!!
  • You can changes the photooptions by using the Menu keyat the lower right hand of the screen
camera overview26
Camera Overview
  • You can changes the photooptions by using the Menu keyat the lower right hand of thescreen.
system information
System Information
  • To get the build information for Windows Mobile as well as the Power Micro and CPLD firmware versions, choose the SystemInfo icon from the ‘Settings’ menu.
packages information
Packages Information
  • To see if any of the packages have been updated, choose the Package tab of SystemInfo.
ieee 1725 support
IEEE 1725 Support
  • The temperature notification system will mimic the low battery notification where it will implement three levels of notification:
  • Level 1: Temperature Watch; this level is similar to Main Battery Low warning. It indicates the temperature begins to deteriorate.
  • Level 2: Temperature Warning; this level is similar to Main Battery VLow warning. It indicates the temperature is closer to become un-usable. User should stop using the device or replaces the battery immediate.
  • Level 3: Temperature Error; this level indicates the battery reached us-usable level and will immediately suspend the system. This level does not have any UI associated with it.
mpa1 5 bluetooth stack
MPA1.5 Bluetooth Stack
  • The stack will have similar capabilities to stacks found on horizontal products such as other manufacturers PDA’s.
  • Symbol’s stack will be Stonestreet BTExplorer/Bluetopia.
  • The version will be BT 2.0 with 1.2 and 1.1 backward compatible.
  • The stack shall support all the standard security modes.
  • The stack shall support “flight mode” that is triggered via the Microsoft Flight mode.
mpa1 5 power management
MPA1.5 Power management
  • The BT radio shall support several power management states:
    • ON
    • Low-power
    • Wake-On-Bluetooth
mpa1 5 bluetooth profiles
MPA1.5 Bluetooth Profiles
  • Serial Port Profile.
  • Dial-up Networking Profile.
  • PAN Profile.
  • Generic Object Exchange Profile.
  • File Transfer Profile.
  • Human Interface Device Profile.
  • Headset and Hands free profile
  • A2DP
  • SYNC Profile.
mpa1 5 bluetooth sdk
MPA1.5 Bluetooth SDK
  • Integrating BT SDK in to SMDK
  • BT SDK will consists of C and C++ (include and library files)
  • Cab file for the sample applications
  • SDK to have Symbol SDK look and feel.
  • Integrating BT SDK help files in to SMDK
supported bt devices
Supported BT Devices
  • We will support connections to other SIG approved BT devices that also match our profiles and BT version 1.1,1.2 and 2.0
  • There are lists of actual devices used with our terminals on DevCentral (see the section with helpful links).
support rules of engagement
Support Rules Of Engagement
  • Please contact the Symbol help desk for any support issues.
  • Do not call Stonestreet One. All calls to Stonestreet One get routed to Symbol anyway.
  • Please contact Luke Petrozza in the Emerging Technologies Group for application development or support requests.
helpful links
Helpful Links
  • Dev Central Bluetooth forum:
  • Bluetooth SIG:
  • Bluetooth Marketing:
key sequences
Key Sequences
  • Warm Boot
      • Hold down the power keys for more than 5 seconds. Hold the keys down until the display goes blank and WARM BOOT is displayed
  • Cold Boot
      • Simultaneously press the 1 + 9 + Power button. Hold the keys until the display blanks and the splash screen is visible.
  • Updateloader Boot
      • Cold Boot and hold HW trigger (one closest to the power button)
  • Clean Cold Boot
      • Cleanps.bin and pkgs.lst then perform Updateloader boot
customer update and delivery
Customer Update and Delivery
  • Customer must use CAB files
  • AirBeam will be modified to build and deliver CAB files
development tools
Development Tools
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Symbol Mobility Developer Kit for ‘C’
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK
  • AirBEAM Package Builder (to build and deliver CAB files)
sample applications
Sample Applications
  • The Sample Applications will be packaged in cab file, they will not be built into the device.
  • Tests include:
    • SelfTest
    • ScanSamp2
    • ScanWedge
    • MSRsamp
    • Notify
    • Keycheck
    • ImageDemo
    • MemTest
    • CtlPanel
    • OTL/BTL
things you should know
Things You Should Know
  • Performing an Updateloader boot without PKGS.LST or if PKGS.LST does not point to valid files results in never ending Warm Boot (killed by performing a Cold Boot)
phone dialer
Phone Dialer
  • Standard Interface
    • Talk/End
    • Call History
    • Speed Dial
    • Keypad
  • Extended Interface
    • Alert Button for PTT
  • Antenna Icon on Title bar
    • Bars - Indicates registered with given signal strength
    • ! - Indicates not registered
    • … - Indicates searching for signal
    • x – Indicates modem is off
phone dialer in call
Phone Dialer In Call
  • Other buttons of interest…
    • Keypad
    • Mute
    • Hold
phone audio
Phone Audio
  • Use “Phone” Volume icon
    • Sets modem downlink audio
    • What “you” hear
  • Audio Modes of operation
    • Handset – Default
    • Speakerphone
    • Headset – wired connection to headset jack
    • Bluetooth audio – connect to Bluetooth headset
  • Since there is no SIM card, all of the contacts are stored on the terminal.
property pages for evdo
Property Pages for EVDO
  • All property pages located…
    • Select Menu\Options… from Dialer
    • The first page shows your phone number and voice mail number
  • Phone Info - Provides Modem/SIM/Software version information
  • Diagnostic information
    • Check this to make sure latest software and firmware is installed
property pages for evdo contd
Property Pages for EVDO (contd.)
  • Navigate to the Version Information tab for version information and diagnostic information
    • Check this to make sure latest software and firmware is installed
data connection
Data Connection
  • From Settings\Connections – Manage Existing Connection
    • The default data connection is already defined and ready to be used.
data connection using
Data Connection (Using)
  • Tap and hold, select “Connect”
    • Connection status will be displayed on title bar
  • SMS (Short Message Service)
    • Pocket Outlook Inbox – Incoming SMS
    • Create email via Pocket Outlook to send SMS. – GSM Only
wireless power management
Wireless Power Management
  • Wake on ring, data, any URC (Unsolicited response code)
  • Voice call works through suspend
  • RIL Equipment states
    • FULL – Modem is on
    • MINIMUM – Modem is off
  • Flight Mode
    • OS Sets RIL Equipment state to MINIMUM
    • Microsoft decides the equipment state
    • Use Antenna Icon or Settings\Power to set
application development
Application Development
  • TAPI (Telephony API)
    • Microsoft Standard Interface for Phone Application Development
    • Refer to Visual Studio 2005 Documentation
  • WANSample – SMDK for C sample application
    • Provides code for programmatic access for…
      • Incoming/Outgoing phone calls
      • SMS Messages
      • Diagnostic information (signal quality, etc)
diagnostics what to do
Diagnostics – What to do?
  • Reboot device and reproduce (make sure a rogue application is not causing the issue)
  • Check Property Page (Phone Info tab) version information
    • Make sure that all software and firmware are latest versions
    • Log files are created by the modem for use by modem vendor to assess issues
      • These are located in the \Windows folder and if needed, further instructions will be given to obtain the necessary files
    • Provide all version numbers for the OS and for the WAN components using steps outlined earlier
retrieving the ss log log
Retrieving the SS_Log.log
  • Navigate to the \Windows folder on the device
  • Locate the SS_Log.log file
  • With the stylus, select and hold until the copy menu appears
  • Copy the file
  • Paste into the \Temp folder
  • The file can now be copied off of the terminal using either an SD card or ActiveSync
  • You can also copy the file from the \Windows folder to the \Temp folder using ActiveSync
mc75 beta gps setup
MC75 Beta GPS Setup
  • Access COM port settings at:
  • Settings  System  External GPS
  • Program Port
    • Default = COM 8
    • All GPS applications should access this port.
    • Supports multiple GPS applications at the same time
    • Supports the Microsoft GPS API and NMEA data
  • Hardware Port
    • GMX1, Baud rate = 57600
    • This port cannot be changed or accessed by GPS applications
mc75 beta gps setup63
MC75 Beta GPS Setup
  • Access GPS options information at:
  • Settings  System  GPS Setup
  • The GPS Setup icon allows the user to view:
    • If SUPL is enabled or disabled*
    • If a course reference location is provided*
    • SiRF GPS Firmware Version
    • SiRF LPL Version
    • Motorola GPSMux Version
  • *Note: SUPL settings can only be changed by a registry key.
mc75 beta gps applications
MC75 Beta GPS Applications

** Note: Not confirmed yet; testing in progress.

mc75 beta gps performance
MC75 Beta GPS Performance
  • GPS turns ON when the COM port is opened
    • If an application only needs position information intermittently, it is recommended that it open and close the COM port to save battery life.
  • GPS turns OFF when the terminal is suspended
    • The user or the GPS application must keep the system from suspending in order to keep GPS actively navigating or tracking.
    • System defaults cause the terminal to suspend on battery power. To change this go to Settings  System  Power  Advanced, then uncheck the option to turn the device off if it is not being used.
mc75 beta gps performance66
MC75 Beta GPS Performance
  • The GPS RTC is always ON, enabling the following typical time to first fix in strong signal environments (open sky):
  • Questions?