keystone english 10
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Keystone English 10

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Keystone English 10. Vocabulary #6 – Words of Sadness, Pain, Grief etc. PART 1 (13 words). Ascetic (adjective). Definition: Shunning pleasures; self-denying; austere.

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keystone english 10

Keystone English 10

Vocabulary #6 –

Words of Sadness, Pain, Grief etc.

PART 1 (13 words)

ascetic adjective
Ascetic (adjective)
  • Definition: Shunning pleasures; self-denying; austere
  • Context Sentence: The conservative and ascetic Puritans of the early Massachusetts colony rigidly suppressed many forms of pleasure and recreation.
ascetic noun
Ascetic (noun)
  • Definition: A person who shuns pleasures and lives simply
  • Context Sentence: The monk was an ascetic who had given up all worldly pleasures and possessions to live a life of service to God.
chagrin noun
Chagrin (noun)
  • Definition: embarrassment;mortification; disappointment
  • Context Sentence: Imagine my chagrin when I realized that I had worn mismatching shoes to school!
chagrined adjective
Chagrined (adjective)
  • Definition: ashamed; mortified
  • Context Sentence: When my egregious mistake was pointed out to me, I felt deeply chagrined.
compunction noun
Compunction (Noun)
  • Definition: regret; remorse; qualm; scruple
  • Usually used with “no” to indicate having no regret or remorse
  • Context Sentence: The girl felt no compunction about tattling on her younger brother when he broke her favorite toy.
contrite adjective
Contrite (Adjective)
  • Definition: Showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing; penitent; repentant; remorseful
  • Context Sentence: Believing the young offender to be truly contrite, the judge sentenced him to five years of probation and counseling instead of prison time.
contrition noun
Contrition (Noun)
  • Definition: Repentance; remorse; penitence
  • Context Sentence: Many Nazi war criminals showed little to no contrition for the atrocities they committed during World War II.
dejected adjective
Dejected (Adjective)
  • Definition: Sad; low in spirits; depressed; downcast
  • Context Sentence: During the NCAA tournament, Mrs. Custer is elated when UNC wins, but will be dejected if they lose.
dejection noun
Dejection (Noun)
  • Definition: Sadness; depression; lowness of spirits
  • Context Sentence: I could tell my children were going to miss their father by the dejection that was evident on their faces as he left for his trip.
disconsolate adjective
Disconsolate (Adjective)
  • Definition: Cheerless; inconsolable
  • Context Sentence: Hannah and Tyler were absolutely disconsolate when they found out that we were going to have to put our dog Buddy to sleep
disgruntled adjective
Disgruntled (Adjective)
  • Definition: in bad humor; displeased; discontented
  • Context Sentence: Students often become disgruntled when they are assigned excessive homework.
doleful adjective
Doleful (Adjective)
  • Definition: causing grief or sadness; mournful; lugubrious
  • Context Sentence: I was greatly affected by the doleful story of WladyslawSzpilman in the movie “The Pianist.”
glum adjective
Glum (Adjective)
  • Definition: Moody; gloomy
  • Context Sentence: The rainy, dreary weather seemed to match Samantha’s glum disposition.
keystone english 10 honors

Keystone English 10 Honors

Vocabulary #7 –

Words of Sadness, Pain, Grief etc.

PART 2 (13 words)

lament verb
Lament (Verb)
  • Definition: mourn; grieve
  • Context Sentence: Every year on 9/11, we lament the loss of lives that resulted from the tragic event of that day.
lamentable adjective
Lamentable (Adjective)
  • Definition: pitiable; rueful
  • Context Sentence: The reporter won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the lamentable hardships of families living in war-torn Iraq.
maudlin adjective
Maudlin (Adjective)
  • Definition: weakly sentimental and tearful
  • Context Sentence: Movies such as those based on Nicholas Spark’s novels are a bit to emotional and maudlin for my taste.
nostalgia noun
Nostalgia (Noun)
  • Definition: a sense of yearning for the past
  • Context Sentence: Looking at photographs from my childhood, I am overcome with nostalgia.
nostalgic adjective
Nostalgic (Adjective)
  • Definition: Homesick
  • Context Sentence: After being away at summer camp for two long weeks, Dave was definitely nostalgic.
pathetic adjective
Pathetic (Adjective)
  • Definition: Arousing pity
  • Context Sentence: Despite his pathetic physical condition, the wounded soldier smiled bravely for the news cameras.
pathos noun
Pathos (Noun)
  • Definition: a quality in events, literature, music, art, etc. that arouses our pity
  • Context Sentence: The pathos of the final scene in the movie “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” moves many viewers to tears.
pensive adjective
  • Definition: thoughtful in a sad or melancholy way.
  • Context Sentence: Unlike her outgoing, buoyant sister, Elizabeth was pensive and shy.
plight noun
Plight (Noun)
  • Definition: predicament; unfortunate circumstance
  • Context Sentence: Moved by the plight of thousands of displaced families who lost their homes in the flood, many people donated money and provisions to help those in need.
poignant adjective
Poignant (Adjective)
  • Definition: painfully touching; haunting
  • Context Sentence: Chapter 3, when Eliezer is separated from his mother and little sister, is one of the saddest and most poignant chapters in the memoir, Night.
sullen adjective
Sullen (Adjective)
  • Definition: resentfully silent; morose
  • Context Sentence: After being grounded for breaking curfew, Ray was pouty and sullen for the remainder of the weekend.
throes noun plural
Throes (Noun - Plural)
  • Definition: pangs; anguish
  • Context Sentence: Ginnifer experienced the throes of pain as she struggled to deal with her debilitating arthritis.
tribulation noun
Tribulation (Noun)
  • Definition: Suffering; distress
  • Context Sentence: The 1845 potato famine was a time of great tribulation in Ireland.