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English 10
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English 10

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  1. English 10 9/22

  2. Agenda-NOTE book out for notes/bell ringer • Bell Ringer-there, their, and they’re. • Review Ch. 7. • Take job survey. • Collecting theme writing assignment. • Missing assignments and pass back papers • Discuss lab procedures for tomorrow. • Homework: Study Literature Terms –Quiz Moved to Thursday this week.

  3. They’re, their, and there • There • Use there to refer to a physical or abstract place. Usually, if you can replace there with here in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly. • Examples • "There is an old haunted house." • "We are going over there to eat."

  4. They’re, their, and there • Use they're as a contraction for they are. Usually, if you can replace they're with they are in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly. • Examples • "They're coming over for dinner." • "I wonder who they're talking to."

  5. They’re, their, and there • Their • Use their to show possession, commonly followed by a noun. Usually, if you can replace their with our in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly. • Examples • "Their dog is pretty awesome." • "Have you seen their new store?"

  6. Directions: Choose there, their, or they’re for each blank. • My brother is in the hospital. I will go __________ to visit him. • If you find them, tell them________late. • The runners are doing ______exercises. • My sister and her friends think that _____song is the best. • ______out buying groceries for dinner. • Connor and Danielle have forgotten to bring ______homework.

  7. Summary over Chapter 7 (Training Stations) • Haymitchasks Katniss and Peeta if they want to train together or separately. Ultimately they decide to train together. Katniss’s strength is obviously with a bow, and Peeta is strong and an excellent wrestler. • Peeta says Katniss has no idea the effect she can have, and his mother even praised Katniss over him, calling her a survivor. • Katniss says she couldn’t have survived without Peeta, and from Peeta’s reaction she realizes he remembers giving her the bread those years ago. • Almost all the tributes are bigger than her, though many are clearly underfed. • The tributes from the wealthier districts are all healthy.

  8. Summary over Chapter 7 (Training Stations) • The training area has different stations with instructors • Over the next three days, they visit more stations while the Gamemakers—twenty or so men and women—watch from the stands and take notes. • Katniss is last to have her private session with the Gamemakers. She selects a bow from the weapons available, but it’s different than her bow at home and takes some practice before she can use it accurately. She takes a few difficult shots to impress the Gamemakers, but notices that most of them are focused on a roasted pig that’s just arrived at their table. • She becomes furious, knowing her life is at stake in the Games, and fires an arrow straight toward the Gamemakers that skewers that apple in the pig’s mouth. Then she walks out.

  9. Hunger Games Job Survey • http://mbcurl.me/RQZM • Go to the link. • Fill in your name, teacher, and read the (6) possible jobs. • Please select your top three preferences. • Submit  • Paper Copies available

  10. Theme Writing assignment Due Today! • Exploration by interest • Suffering as entertainment • The inequality between rich and poor • The importance of appearances • Choose one theme from the novel. • Discuss briefly in (1) paragraph what the theme means. • How can you compare the theme to Modern-day American culture? • Find at least two quotes from chapters 1-7 where you see the theme present. Explain how the quote applies to the theme. (1paragraph) • Total of (2) paragraphs turned in at the end of class.

  11. Turn in Missing assignments!!! (5th)Highlight them!!!

  12. Turn in Missing assignments!!! (7th)Highlight them!!!

  13. Quarterly Impromptu Essay • Tomorrow in the computer lab. • Please meet the class at the lab. • We do not have enough time to come to class first. • 5th-Lab 202 • 7th – Math Lab upstairs • Seating chart will be there (sit alphabetically) • Please bring a flash drive to save your paper, save to email, dropbox, etc. • You cannot save to the computer • You will have to print whatever you have done at the end of the hour tomorrow. • Plan to be EARLY!