the road to revolution l.
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The Road to Revolution

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The Road to Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Road to Revolution. Events that Caused the Texas Revolution 1826-1836. Mexican government: 1. unstable and unreliable 2. too much power in one person 3. power struggles lead to changes in laws. United States Govt : 1. Stable, dependable system

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The Road to Revolution

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the road to revolution

The Road to Revolution

Events that Caused the Texas Revolution


governing differences

Mexican government:

1. unstable and unreliable

2. too much power in one person

3. power struggles lead to changes in laws

  • United States Govt:

1. Stable, dependable system

2. Bill of Rights: individual rights and freedoms

3. Checks and Balances

Governing Differences
mexican fears and problems

too many foreigner settlers not loyal to Mexico

  • suspicious of U.S.

Centralists vs. Federalists—power struggle for control of gov.

Mexican fears and problems
u s settlers viewpoint

Needed protection from Indians

  • Fear of unstable gov.
  • Used to having stable gov.and the bill of rights! Free Speech, Freedom of religion, etc.
U.S. Settlers Viewpoint
fredonian rebellion
Fredonian Rebellion
  • Edwards gets contract to settle lands around Nacogdoches.
  • Won’t honor settlers claims who already live there.
  • Tried to claim independence from Mexico to get what they wanted: Money!!!
  • Created Fredonian Republic
mexican reaction
Mexican Reaction
  • Mexican gov. fears further revolts
  • Sends Mier y Teranwho says Anglo- American influence too strong! (U.S.)
  • Causes crack down and send Mex. Troops to Texas to control settlers.
law of april 6 1830


No further immigration from the US

Called for military occupation in Texas

No introduction of new slaves

Suspended empresariocontracts

  • Bustamante was Centralist and Dictator
Law of April 6, 1830
  • Mexican soldiers garrisonedto enforce trade laws at this port.
  • Collect Taxes on imports from U.S.
  • Bradburnjailed William B. Travis and Patrick Jack for opposing Mexican laws and starting a civil militia.
  • A fight broke out to release Travis and Jack.
anahuac leads to turtle bayou resolutions
Anahuac leads to Turtle Bayou Resolutions
  • Texans wrote Resolutions camped on the Turtle Bayou waiting for cannons to use against Bradburn’s troops to free Travis and Jack.
turtle bayou resolutions

Texans pledged loyalty to Mexico, butunder the Constitution of 1824- which recognized the rights of the states and was modeled after the U.S. Constitution.

  • They backed the revolt of Santa Anna who they thought was a reformer.
Turtle Bayou Resolutions:
battle at velasco

The Texans brought the cannon by boatto attack Bradburn’sforces.

  • They passed the Mex. garrison at Velasco commanded by Col. Ugartechea.
  • Fighting erupted between Texan and Mexicans, both sides lost lives.
  • Col. Ugartechea surrendered.
Battle at Velasco
1832 1833

Mexico: Santa Anna becomes president in 1833.

  • Texans had hopes Santa Anna would be a Federalist and give Texans back their rights.
  • Texans wanted a state separate from Coahuila.
conventions of 1832 and 1833

October 1,1832:

  • SFA was President of Convention
  • Resolutions:
  • Texas would be a separate state
  • Immigration would be reinstated, along with other issues
  • April 1, 1833:
  • same resolutions as 1832, which had not been presented to Mexico
  • Also prepared a Constitution for the proposed State of Tex. (to show ready to be a state)
Conventions of 1832 and 1833
sfa goes to mexico

SFA sent to Mexico City to present Turtle Bayou Resolutions to government.

  • Santa Anna government in chaos.
  • Cholera epidemic in Mexico City.
  • SFA sends letter back to Texas: go ahead and form a government---situation down here is too difficult.
  • Letter intercepted, SFA imprisoned
SFA goes to Mexico
santa anna institutes reforms


  • English made official language for trade
  • Immigration allowed
  • Religious tolerance granted
  • Texas not a separate state, but increased representation in legislature
Santa Anna Institutes Reforms
new trouble in 1835

Scene: Anahuac

  • Issue: Customs taxes
  • Result: Arrest of protesters
  • Military action led by William B. Travis (who was the prisoner the last time)
  • Mexican soldiers surrendered
  • Some Texans wanted to fight/ Some wanted peace at all costs: War Party and Peace Party
New Trouble in 1835
general cos not pro texan

Santa Anna had switched parties and become a Centralist

  • His General was unsympathetic to Texas complaints
  • Cos sends many troops to Texas to arrest those not loyal to Mexico
  • Texans gravely concerned!!
General Cos: Not Pro-Texan!
consultation of 1835

The Texans met to plan

  • War Party-those wanting to break from Mexico
  • Peace Party-those wanting to keep the peace
  • SFA arrives back from imprisonment in Mexico: convinced Santa Anna was now a dictator- SFA recommended war.
Consultation of 1835