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NALCOMIS, The Next Generation

2. Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity (OOMA) NALCOMIS. BackgroundWhy OOMAWhat OOMA ProvidesOOMA StructureSummary. 3. NALCOMIS The Early Years. In the beginningLong, long ago, Navy squadrons documented maintenance with Single-copy and Multi-copy Maintenance Action Forms (MAF's)E

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NALCOMIS, The Next Generation

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    1. NALCOMIS, The Next Generation

    2. 2 Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity (OOMA) NALCOMIS Background Why OOMA What OOMA Provides OOMA Structure Summary

    3. 3 NALCOMIS The Early Years In the beginning Long, long ago, Navy squadrons documented maintenance with Single-copy and Multi-copy Maintenance Action Forms (MAFs) Equipment degradation was tracked by Equipment Statistical Data (ESD) cards Routine Tasks were documented on Support Action Forms (SAFs) All these forms were keypunched and processed at a Data Services Facility (DSF) for monthly report creation. Streamlining brought with it a single source maintenance document called a VIDS/MAF Equipment degradation was now tracked by assigning a MESM EOC code to this source document and tied to the Work Unit Code (WUC). Routine Tasks were still documented on SAFs

    4. 4 NALCOMIS The Electronic Age Enter the computer age with Legacy NALCOMIS Introduced the electronic version of the VIDS/MAF Brought a locally managed TMS baseline to track life limited items Still required a supporting DSF to process monthly source data and create the Monthly Reports Highly manipulative

    5. 5 NALCOMIS The Next Generation Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity (OOMA)

    6. 6 Why OOMA NALCOMIS? We need to know Where are our current assets What are the reliability problems with these assets What assets are really needed and in what quantities How much time and effort it really takes to maintain our weapons systems We need to defend our budget We must control and stabilize the configuration of our weapons systems

    7. 7 What is OOMA NALCOMIS? OOMA is an automated system that provides maintenance, material and operation managers with timely, accurate and complete information on which to base daily decisions in the management of assigned aircraft and equipment OOMA is a Navy Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS) Business Process Improvement (BPI) that updates the current legacy NALCOMIS OMA application Current OOMA Release: 825-03-05.00

    8. 8 What OOMA NALCOMIS Provides Automated Electronic Logset Management Capability to track installed components in the as built baseline configuration. Ability to verify the TD status for any component in the as configured baseline Eliminates the loss of historical data through the entire life cycle of the component Readily allows viewing of the entire as built configuration for each aircraft and weapons system Data Replication Near Real-time data replicated continuously for population into Deckplate daily No end of the month close-out of source documents Historical data only populates upon WO completion Access by Cognizant Wings and TYCOM can be provided to activities Servers for real-time data extraction

    9. 9 What OOMA NALCOMIS Provides Ability to track accurate aircraft configurations Standard interfaces for aircraft-specific diagnostic systems (AME) Electronic Logsets An entire aircraft logbook with SCRs and associated AESRs are created Accuracy and validity of data is vastly improved The ability to manipulate data has been greatly reduced or eliminated Readiness Data when needed Automatically ties PMC EOC codes to WUC Reduces the ability to manipulate Subsystem Capability Impact Reporting (SCIR) documentation Allows the Maintenance Managers to accurately monitor aircraft readiness status without waiting for monthly generated reports

    10. 10 What OOMA NALCOMIS Provides Promotes Accuracy and Discipline In Reporting PMA managed and administered replicating baseline Point of entry Validation Specifications Reports Generated within the database to satisfy the CNAF 4790.2 requirements It s the right Program for the Job

    11. 11 OOMA Structure Baseline Built using the respective Platforms publications Continuously managed by the Platform BLM Consists of WUC hierarchy populated with only the authorized Part Number / Cage combinations Utilizes Tasks (TDs, Inspections, Overhauls, etc.) that are created to the actual component level All electronic assets created within the fleet are alike Electronic Logsets Each repairable gets an electronic record Each Life Limited Item is created with a Electronic History Record (ALS) to document life limits on Each repairable that has a Task against it has an Electronic History Record (ALS) to record the Task on

    12. 12

    13. 13 OOMA NALCOMIS The Way Forward Received Operational Test letter from COMOPTEVFOR on 01 March 2007 recommending Fleet Introduction of OOMA Currently installed in 7 TMS platforms in: 51 squadrons 22 IMAs 2 DCMAs 2 Depots 24 platform baselines in production with 5 awaiting production Allowed the P3 Community to devise the CMO concept with multiple squadron operating from one database server sharing manning and aircraft

    14. 14 Summary OOMA. . . Tracks the as-built aircraft configuration All serialized components must have a PMA baseline created Provides for Electronic Logsets for each tracked repairable Encompasses standard interfaces for aircraft-specific diagnostic systems (AME) Restricts the ability to manipulate data, as had been the norm with Legacy NALCOMIS Allows all like aircraft and components to be identical from activity to activity The bottom line is: This Maintenance Management Tool can manage the activities aircraft as well as, all uninstalled components, mission mounted items, support equipment, and weapons.

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