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The Next Generation HSSD

HART XL. The Next Generation HSSD. Why Hart XL Aspirating Smoke Detection?. Earliest detection to enable business continuity Extra time is required for safe evacuation Unnecessary suppression release must be avoided Smoke is difficult to detect Environmentally challenging areas

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The Next Generation HSSD

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  1. HART XL The Next Generation HSSD

  2. Why Hart XL Aspirating Smoke Detection? • Earliest detection to enable business continuity • Extra time is required for safe evacuation • Unnecessary suppression release must be avoided • Smoke is difficult to detect • Environmentally challenging areas • Aesthetics & concealed detection are important • Maintenance access is limited

  3. Stages of Fire Obscuration Time

  4. HART Detector Schematic

  5. Receiveoptics Solid State Laser Zener Diodes Collimating Lens Detector Test LED Control PCB Sensor Detector Operation

  6. Balanced sampling system

  7. Pipe has sealed end Variable length pipe branches Pipe layout as desired Sample holes located where required Sample hole sizes vary to balance system Pipe Network

  8. Computer calculated systems “SNIFF” Balanced system Equal sensitivity at each hole Distributed Sampling Types

  9. High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Applications Computer/EDP rooms Telecommunications Warehouse Heritage buildings Offshoreplatform Libraries/Deed stores

  10. Heritage Buildings &Architectural Landmarks • Important buildings • Discreet detection • High value articles • Aesthetics

  11. Museums & Libraries • Valuable equipment artefacts etc. • Discrete detection • Busy environments • Life protection

  12. Earliest Detection to Enable Business Continuity Critical processes that cannot incur any business disruption • Telecommunications facilities • Computer rooms • Banking operations • Production facilities • Internet Service Providers

  13. Extra Time is Required for Controlled Evacuation Environments where rapid exit can be impeded • Underground Stations • Theatres • Public buildings • Airports

  14. Unnecessary Suppression Release can be Avoided Early warning gives time to investigate to avoid unnecessary suppression release • Telecommunication facilities • EDP facilities • Computer rooms • Electrical sub-stations

  15. Smoke is Difficult to Detect Environments with high ceilings, high air flows or vast open areas provide unique characteristics • Clean rooms • Warehouses • Aircraft hangers • Computer rooms • Atria

  16. Environmentally Challenging Areas Aggressive environments with high levels of pollution or extreme temperature conditions can be protected reliably with acceptable maintenance levels • Cold Stores • Production areas • Paper mills • Underground tunnels • Mines

  17. Aesthetics are Important & Replacement Impossible Interiors that must not be spoilt by unsightly conventional detectors - Hart XL can be installed unobtrusively • Cathedrals • Stately Homes • Museums • Art Galleries

  18. Maintenance Access is Limited Hart XL can be located at an accessible location while the sampling pipework makes its way to the restricted area • Warehouses • Production machinery • Prisons • Restricted areas • EMC Controlled areas • Hospitals

  19. In-Cabinet Sampling

  20. Typical Computer/EDP Room Set-up Air Handling Unit

  21. The new Hart XL Product Design Benefits • Aesthetic • Pleasing design • Small size • Unobtrusive • Modular construction • Easy to maintain • Quick release components • Simple to use

  22. Detection Performance • Superior particle counting technology • Dust particle discrimination • No filters • Digital processing • Automatic sensitivity & calibration checking

  23. Particle Discrimination Upper threshold 10 micron particle size Typical smoke particle Lower threshold 10 micron particle size Upper threshold Typical dust particle Lower threshold Photodiode output

  24. Detection Performance Benefits • High immunity smoke discrimination • Simple low cost maintenance • High reliability • High immunity to unwanted alarms • Long term stability • No re-calibration required

  25. The Family of Hart XL Products & How they are Configured XL detector Display Control Unit IIM PC PSU & Batteries

  26. Configured for Top Inlet Configured for Bottom Inlet Wall or flush mounted, rear or side Outlet

  27. Display Control Unit can be an Integral part of the Hart XL Detector Unit or located remotely No separate cabinet required for Display unit Detector retains local Status LED

  28. Hart XL Unilaser with Power Supply & Battery Box Unit attached Can be attached to the unit or remotely located

  29. Hart XL Display Control Unit • Large LCD Display • Clear Information • Three Colour Status LED • Status Normal Indication • Time and Date • Cursor Menu Control • Password Access for Further • Information

  30. Alarm condition Ten bar graph scale Location identifier Fault type identified through password access Hart XL Display Control Unit

  31. Hart XL Detector Unit- Option without Display Control Unit LED Status Indicator Normal Pre-Alarm Alarm Fault

  32. Hart XL HSSD Networking Capability With the addition of the HART Intelligent Interface Module (IIM), up to 128 standard Hart XL HSSDs can be networked and displayed on a PC monitor

  33. Address module Address module Inlet Inlet Up to 127 detectors Last Detector Relays First Detector Relays Exhaust Exhaust Network Loop IIM Remote Display Option Phone line Fire Alarm Control Panel Remote PC with modem Networking Local PC

  34. Programming and Diagnostics Direct connection to PC for Programming and Downloading using LaserNet Software. No programmers or interfaces are required

  35. Programming Options Fixed or automatically set sensitivity Hart XL 0.05%/m to 1%/m obscuration Programmable relays Referencing Latching or non latching alarms Two or Four levels of Alarm Diagnostics & Monitoring Download history & event log Full fault analysis Dial in & dial out via modem monitoring Intelligent interface module common alarm & fault relay outputs

  36. History Log accessed through Lasernet

  37. Hart XL Commissioning & Diagnostic Features Configuration parameters - can be saved to disk or printed Benefits • Simple operation for commissioning • Configuration or diagnostics • No special equipment required • Clear and simple information • Full analysis of fault or fire events

  38. Servicing and Maintenance Main Control Board Laser Detector Unit Fan Assembly Clip-in modular assembly, removable cable connectors

  39. Meeting our customers needs • Superior performance • Flexibility & simplicity • High quality information • High reliability • Operator friendly • Low cost of ownership • Easy to install, configure & commission The New HART XL HSSD system from Kidde Fire Protection

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