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the next generation

the next generation. eGrants web portal provides online submission, tracking, reviewing, and processing of most TEA grant applications. New generation roll-out spring 2007 Many new features Improved access to all grant applications and related documents and forms.

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the next generation

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  1. the next generation • eGrants web portal provides online submission, tracking, reviewing, and processing of most TEA grant applications. • New generation roll-out spring 2007 • Many new features • Improved access to all grant applications and related documents and forms.

  2. What This Presentation Covers • Overview of the Grantee Profile • Critical Events • Application Summary • The new ESC Viewer Role • How to Apply for a New Grant • How to Access Existing Grants • Overview of the Grant Menu • Forms and Applications • Legend • TEA Contacts • Program Information • Calendar of Events • Document Library • Overview of the Resources Page

  3. The Old eGrants System Access to grant applications on the main page and compliance and evaluation reports on the Compliance/Progress/Evaluation Reports page

  4. The New eGrants System Redesign provides districts a Grantee Profile of all grant information for which they are eligible in eGrants. Improvements have been made to provide.. • a new interface providing access to all grant resources • simplified navigation throughout the website • a new role for ESCs to access district information to help districts complete applications • one-stop shopping for districts to locate • a calendar of events for each grant program • a list of available contacts for each grant program • centralized access to supporting documents and related grant information • applications and associated progress/evaluation reports • supporting forms and data collections that must be submitted • simplified access to archived grant applications

  5. The New Grantee Profile

  6. The New ESC Viewer Role Provides ESCs access to any district’s Grantee Profile to support and assist applicants with grant applications and forms. Search by county district number or vendor ID to view any district’s Grantee Profile. All competitive grants are excluded from this view. ESCs applying for grants on behalf of the ESC need a separate user ID and password with the appropriate role to complete and submit grant applications.

  7. Improved Help Features Click the Help? link. The Help window appears.

  8. Information Buttons Each pane has an information button on the top right corner. Provides Help information describing the pane.

  9. Panes and Folders Open and Close Open and close panes by clicking on the folder in the header of the pane. Closing folders provides more screen space to view other windows. Click on folders within a pane to open and close sections.

  10. Available eGrants Grant Programs Menu includes all the grants for which you are eligible. The grant appears in the menu as long as the application or any of its related forms are available to complete. Select the name of the grant from the list and click the button.

  11. Critical Events for Grants in eGrants Events appear for all grants for which you are eligible. Events within 5 days are flagged.

  12. Application Summary of eGrants Grants Scroll down to view eGrants Application Summary. This is a summary your grant applications. Lists all the grant programs you have initiated grouped by stage of the process. • Draft Applications - draft grant applications that have not yet been submitted • Submitted Applications - submitted grant applications that are being processed by TEA • Applications Requiring Negotiation - submitted grant applications that require changes requested by TEA • Awarded Applications - grant applications that have been awarded by TEA • Archived Applications - archive of closed grant applications

  13. Application Summary of eGrants Grants Application automatically moves from folder to folder as the status of the applications change. Expand the folders to see all the applications by organization. If the application was at the campus or site level, the name of the campus or site appears. If the application is at the district level, only the name of the district appears.

  14. Application Summary of eGrants Grants Expand the Applications Requiring Negotiation folder to view the applications that require changes on your part.

  15. Applying for a New Grant The name of the grant does not appear in Available Grant Programs in eGrants until the application or one of its related forms is available to complete. Select the name of the grant from the menu and click on the button. The Grant Menu appears.

  16. The Grant Menu The Grant Menu shows all the information and forms for the selected grant.

  17. Accessing the Grant Menu You can also open the Grant Menu for your applications in process by selecting the application from the Critical Events pane or the Application Summary panes. Mouse over the application link to highlight in gray. Click on the highlighted link to display the Grant Menu.

  18. The Grant Menu The left side of the Grant Menu contains all the forms related to the selected grant.

  19. Campus/Site-Based Grant Applications For campus or site-based grants, select the campus/site from the menu and click the Select button. The Grant Menu appears for the selected campus/site.

  20. The Grant Menu Forms grouped in four categories only appear if available. Supplemental data collections or surveys that must be completed either before the availability of the grant application or after the grant application period has started. Designation forms may be required to be completed before completing the application. Until these form are completed, the application will not be viewable. The eGrant Application. If any designation forms are required, it does not appear until they are completed. Any required Progress/Compliance Reports if they are to be submitted electronically through eGrants. Check your program guidelines for reporting requirements.

  21. Accessing Forms Mouse over the form in any of the panes to highlight it. Click on the form to display it.

  22. Campus Based Forms Some grants require forms to be completed for each campus or site. If the form appears with Select Campus under the status, click on the form… … the Campus Selection page appears. Select the campus or site and click the Select button. The form appears. Once completed, it appears in the list below the Campus/Site drop list.

  23. The Grant Menu The right side contains the legend, grant contacts, program information, a calendar of events, and the document library.

  24. The Legend The legend defines icons that are used in the new system. Some of these icons are not yet used, but new features using them will be rolled out at a later date.

  25. Contact Information Shows all the applicable contacts needed for your grant Click on the email address to email the contact directly.

  26. Program Information and Calendar The Program Information pane contains links to the supporting documents for the application and to useful websites for the program. The Calendar of Events pane displays all the events associated with the program and shows the reporting period and due dates for any required reports.

  27. The Document Library The Document Library contains all versions and amendments of your submitted applications for this grant. The document library defaults to being closed. Click the folder to open it. If your application has been submitted, it shows the last submitted version of the application with any attachments. View all your documents by selecting the View All button. All versions and amendments of your grant application appear with all the attachments and NOGAs.

  28. Resources Click the Resources link in the menu to access the Resources page. Scroll down to see all the available toolboxes and resources.

  29. Resources The Resources page presents information about grant programs, organized into the following panes: • eGrants Resources: links to information and tools for using eGrants • Training Videos: links to training videos on different aspects of eGrants; videos will be added as they become available • TEA Grant Resources: links to information related to all TEA grants and grants management • Formula Funding Toolbox: links to information about Formula Funding grants and tools for applying for grants • Discretionary Grants Toolbox: links to information about Discretionary grants and tools for applying for grants

  30. the next generation Thank You

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