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Comms and Democracy Round 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comms and Democracy Round 2. Mike Potter.

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Comms and democracy round 2

Comms and DemocracyRound 2

Mike Potter

Comms and democracy round 2

  • GOAL Days moved closer to Student Council to consult on key issues, all staff GOAL day held in January and better engagement with halls of residences. - NU:Life Committee appointed in October 2014 and involved with 5 of 6 editions this year. Subeditors responsible for editing making it more relevant to students.

  • Space agreed and rest of NU:TV budget to be spent on equipment for 2014/15. Equipment for podcasting for radio put in annual budget

  • Motion process changed from 50 to 20 students.

  • Voter Registration now central to University’s Induction. Students registered for local and european elections.

Comms and democracy round 2

  • Podcasting to launch in September. Foundations for radio have been laid with research undertaken, risk register written for trustee board and mac blagged from IT department to reduce costs.

  • SU on Tour ran in January and February – engaged with a variety of different students but still evaluating effectiveness.

  • Not a huge amount of progress as we are waiting for results on a funding bid for additional staff to push progress forward.

  • Elections, Welcome Team etc put on snapcomms. Built good relationship with university comms department.

Comms and democracy round 2

  • Attended CopsOffCampus and Stop the Selloff meetings but they didn’t seem to progress much further. Supported EDL counter march

  • HE Debate held, Housing campaign successful and continuing next year. SHAG week did not happen.

  • NUS Community Organiser quit and Electoral Services unresponsive, however I’ve done by own work around this.

Comms and democracy round 2

  • NU:Life student led, Radio not established.

  • GOAL feeding into democratic direction of Union. Format of GOAL Days changed so tended to feed more into Councillors votes.

  • Amendments process added and Council Review voted on at this council

Comms and democracy round 2

  • Other achievements: bus stops in Heaton. - Helped University deliver National Student Survey campaign

  • Refreshers Week- Abseiled down the library- NUS Conference Delegate- Appointed Digital Marketing Coordinator (twice), Duty Bars Manager, NUS Community Organiser, Marketing Manager and student staff- Periodic Review of Nursing and Allied Health

  • Sat on a capital project to improve Coach Lane

  • Lobbied for Metro passes for Coach Lane students to Trinity Square

  • Got electronic voting for Student Council

  • Commissioned the You Said, SU Did brand

  • Recruited a record number of elections candidates

  • Sat on Review, Induction Planning Group, International Committee

  • Welcome Week and lots of induction talks

  • Supported NU:TV to make lots of videos and helped organise Northumbria’s Got Talent

  • Activities Awards/ Annual Awards

  • Made Media a more central part of the Activities department

  • Suggested changes to how we use social media and proposed changes for the website

  • Built strong relationships with campus services and IT departments

  • Helped get cheaper food on campus

  • Welcome Week research leading to big changes for the pass

  • Chaired Coach Lane Action Group

  • Planned more social activities for Coach Lane

  • Got a new desk at Coach Lane to increase engagement in the cafe.

  • Attended NUS Union Development Zone Conference

  • Sat on HR and Remuneration sub-committee of Trustee Board.

  • Worked with an incredible sabbatical team 

Any questions
Any questions? bus stops in Heaton.