the webinar will begin shortly n.
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The Webinar Will Begin Shortly

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The Webinar Will Begin Shortly. After you call in on your telephone, look at your GoToWebinar dashboard (usually on the right side of your computer screen). Is Telephone selected as your audio option? Did you enter the Audio PIN on your phone’s keypad?

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The Webinar Will Begin Shortly

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the webinar will begin shortly
The Webinar Will Begin Shortly
  • After you call in on your telephone, look at your GoToWebinar dashboard (usually on the right side of your computer screen).
    • Is Telephone selected as your audio option?
    • Did you enter the Audio PIN on your phone’s keypad?
  • You are muted as a group when the presenters begin the webinar. If you have questions, please type them into the chat window.
community momentum grants 2014

Community Momentum Grants 2014

RFP and Application Webinar

welcome and introductions
Welcome and Introductions
  • Melanie Maltry, grants management
  • Molly O’Connor, communications
  • Lauren Hipp, policy and community partnerships
  • Dan Torres, policy and community partnerships

webinar overview
Webinar Overview
  • Grantee Portal
  • RFP Review
  • Q&A (if time)


Grantee Portal

rfp review

RFP Review



strategy overview
Strategy Overview
  • Aligns with Strategy #34 of state Early Learning Plan
    • Supports effective and coordinated regional platforms to represent local communities to help inform and advance key policies and implementation strategies of the ELP
  • Ultimate goal: Establish sustainable statewide network of EL Regional Coalitions that serve as implementation and coordination hubs for the early learning system
  • Four major goals:
    • Goal 1 – Early Learning Regional Coalitions have the capacity and infrastructure necessary to coordinate the early learning system in their region
    • Goal 2 – Early Learning Regional Coalitions function effectively and consistently across regions
    • Goal 3 – Early Learning Regional Coalitions are effective platforms for implementing prioritized strategies of the Early Learning Plan
    • Goal 4 – Early Learning Regional Coalitions are building public awareness of the importance of and increased investment in early learning programs and services

funding opportunity eligibility
Funding Opportunity: Eligibility
  • Open only to the 10 Early Learning Regional Coalitions
  • Fiscal Agent
    • Must have a fiscal agent to represent entire coalition
  • Operational Requirements
    • Must meet at least 3 of 5 operational requirements
  • Funding Period: Jan. 1, 2014-Dec. 31, 2014

funding opportunity request range
Funding Opportunity: Request Range
  • Capacity and Infrastructure: Applicants can request a maximum of $60,000.
  • WaKIDS: Applicants will receive $20,000.
  • Home Visiting: Applicants will receive $15,000.
  • “Love. Talk. Play.”: Applicants can apply for one of three tiers of funding. Funding will be distributed across the tiers.
    • Tier 1: $5,000-$7,499
    • Tier 2: $7,500-$9,999
    • Tier 3: $10,000-$13,000

tips for application submission instructions
Tips for Application Submission Instructions

The online application can be accesses through the link provided in the RFP.

  • Logging In
    • Use your CURRENT log-in and password; if you do not remember it email
  • Completion
    • You can save and exit at any time by clicking “save and finish later”
  • Returning
    • To return to your application, use the “Grantee Account Link” provided in the RFP
  • Submission
    • When your application is ready for submission, a “submit” button will become available.

application due date
Application Due Date
  • Friday, November 8, 2013 at 5pm

application overview
Application Overview
  • Applicant Information: Basic identifying information about the fiscal agent applying for the Community Momentum funding opportunity.
  • Project Overview: Summary of key information for the project proposed for the Community Momentum funding opportunity.
  • Regional Profile: Data on the needs in each specific community and opportunities for action.
  • Action Plans: Outcomes, Activities, Resources, and Indicators for the proposed project (aligned with the Goals and Objectives in section I. C), and related narrative questions.
  • Budget & Attachments: Budget and required attachments for the project proposed for the Community Momentum funding opportunity.

action plans
Action Plans
  • Functions
    • Develop Scope of Work for Awarded Funding
    • Maintain Implementation Focus
    • Report of Performance
    • Guide Continuous Quality Improvement Activities
  • Components
    • Goals
    • Objectives
    • Outcomes
    • Activities
    • Resources
    • Indicators

example cm action plan
Example CM Action Plan

special instructions love talk play
Special Instructions: “Love. Talk. Play.”
  • Included in larger action plan template
  • To keep in mind
    • Priority audience(s) for 2014 must be clearly defined
    • Look for connections in all areas of work to build on regional strategy
    • Focus on helping partners deepen engagement with parents
    • Limit number of “events” and focus more on smaller activities with multiple touches
    • Thrive will do a broader awareness push around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

special instructions home visiting
Special Instructions: Home Visiting
  • Included in the larger action plan template
  • Regions will help implement elements the Washington State Plan for Home Visiting by selecting between 1 and 3 objectives of the Plan
      • Goal 4:Ensure high-quality services and effective implementation of home visiting models and programs.
        • Objective F: Identify opportunities to share information and collaborate across home visiting programs and with partners in health, education and human service systems.
      • Goal 5:Build community and public will for a home visiting system that provides high-quality services to families in local communities
        • Objective A: Educate the public about home visiting services and provide information about home visiting services offered in Washington.
        • Objective B: Cultivate champions to support local home visiting services and programs, and provide information about ways to get involved.
        • Objective C: Build off of existing public awareness campaigns that focus on early childhood health, development and learning, in order to inform parents, families and communities about home visiting.
        • Objective D: Ensure that public engagement efforts are informed and influenced by families, consumers and stakeholders, and aim to reflect the diversity of communities served at the local, regional and state levels.

action plan wakids
Action Plan: WaKIDS
  • Separate Action Plan

special instructions wakids
Special Instructions: WaKIDS
  • Included in WaKIDS ELC Action Plan Template
  • New elements
    • Core Elements
      • Statewide Kindergarten Transition Form development
      • Early Learning Collaboration Continuum Tool development
      • Partnering with Early Learning Contacts at each school District
      • Disseminate key resources to stakeholders
      • Focus on increasing math skills
    • Core Activities
      • Steering Committee
      • Regional/Sub-Regional Convening

budget attachments
Budget & Attachments

a note on travel
A Note on Travel
  • Do not include travel in your budget for the following items:
    • Statewide meetings
    • ELAC meetings (Regional Advisor)
    • “Love. Talk. Play.” Advisory Council and Family Engagement Committee Mtgs
  • A travel stipend (in addition to your award) will be included in your contract after the RFP process has been finalized

technical assistance
Technical Assistance
  • Tuesday, Oct. 15 and Wednesday, Oct. 16
    • Register via the Doodle link provided in the RFP for a one-hour appointment to speak about programmatic questions
  • Email completed TA worksheet to Dan Torres two business days in advance of your appointment
  • TA for the online application can be accessed any time by contacting Melanie Maltry,

timeline review process scoring award notification
Timeline, Review Process, Scoring & Award Notification

grantee requirements
Grantee Requirements

Statewide Meetings

    • All grantees are required to send a team to each of three statewide meetings. Statewide meetings will be held on the following dates:
  • April 10, 2014 in Yakima
  • June 19, 2014 in Wenatchee
  • October 9, 2014 in SeaTac

Site visit


    • All grantees will be required to submit program reports at mid-year and year-end and quarterly budget reports.


    • All grantees will be required to participate in a program evaluation.


2014 changes to the application
2014 Changes to the Application
  • Demographic data
  • WaKIDS questions
  • “Love. Talk. Play.” funding tiers
  • Partner upload
  • Home visiting