please stand by the webinar will begin shortly n.
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Please stand by… The webinar will begin shortly… PowerPoint Presentation
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Please stand by… The webinar will begin shortly…

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Michigan Health & Hospital Association and Gift of Life Michigan Welcome to the MHA Keystone: Gift of Life Webinar Wednesday, March 27, 2013 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Please stand by… The webinar will begin shortly….

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Please stand by… The webinar will begin shortly…

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    1. Michigan Health & Hospital Association and Gift of Life MichiganWelcome to the MHA Keystone: Gift of Life WebinarWednesday, March 27, 20132:00 pm – 3:00 pm Please stand by…The webinar will begin shortly… • Due to the attendance today, all participant lines will be muted upon entry. If you have a comment or question, please use the Chat function. Chats can be directed either privately to the host, or publically to all attendees. • If a pop-up box does not appear with instructions to receive a call-back, go to “Communicate” in the top menu, click “Teleconference”, and then “Join Teleconference”. Enter your phone number and the WebEx system will call you. • To receive technical assistance, please press *0 and you will be connected to a WebEx Specialist.

    2. Today’s topic: National Support for Donation and Transplantation: Driving Collaboration and Advocacy in Michigan Hospitals Introductions: • Ashley Renkes Hospital Services Associate, Gift of Life Michigan Questions: • Please type questions into the chat box. • A question and answer session will take place at 2:50 pm. • If you prefer to pose your question anonymously, please direct the chat to the “Host and Presenter” so that your question is sent only to them.

    3. Today’s Speakers Helen W. Bottenfield Executive Director, Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance Michael Hudson Director of Hospital Development Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency CyndyKirschbaum Donation Coordinator II, Gift of Life Michigan Christy Marrocco Hospital Services Director, Gift of Life Michigan

    4. Gift of Life MichiganMichigan Hospital Association Helen Bottenfield, Executive Director, ODTA March 27, 2013

    5. Healthcare Crisis • Hypertension • Obesity • Diabetes • Kidney & Heart Disease Increasing need for transplantation Waiting list candidates  117, 276 (3.12.13)

    6. Shifting Paradigms From Problem Orientation To SOLUTION Orientation

    7. DSA Leadership Team Donor Hospitals MI Donor Registry TransplantCenter Hospitals Joint Accountability for DSA Performance DSA Leadership Accountability For Performance Michigan Hospital Association

    8. Organ Donation & Transplantation Alliance Mission To establish shared goals, align and support the efforts of the diverse stakeholders stakeholders, and work collaboratively to heal the greatest number of lives through donation and transplantation

    9. Member Organizations • American College of Healthcare Executives • American Hospital Association • American Society of Transplantation • American Society of Transplant Surgeon • Association of Organ Procurement Organizations • Society of Critical Care Medicine • The Joint Commission • United Network for Organ Sharing • Organ Procurement Organizations

    10. Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice

    11. (OPTN Data, February 2013)

    12. (OPTN Data, February 2013)

    13. (OPTN Data, February 2013)

    14. Strong Partnerships Creating Opportunities • Community of Practice Action Leaders • CEO/Exec Leadership Summit • QI Task Force & PI Summit • Donor Management Task Force • Transplant Center Task Force • Peds & Adult Donor Management Summit • National Learning Congress 2014

    15. Approaching Issues… Developing Solutions on Variety of Fronts Transplant Center Taskforce Celebrate results, and re-energize National Learning Congress National Learn- ing Congress Performance Improvement/quality process DSA accountability system Quality Improvement Taskforce Integrated DSA goals DSA Action Teams Set clinical practice & disciplined process Donor Management Taskforce Potential is anchored, new goals set Deceased Donor Potential Study Executive Leadership Summit Engaging leadership Publicis engaged and proactive Donor Designation State Teams

    16. Donor Management Task Force • Optimize organ viability • Encourage appropriate donation path – BD/DCD • Improve timely determination of BD • Advance knowledge base • Workgroups : • DSA Practices – Toolbox • Declaration of death – AAN guidelines • Scientific Knowledge – Standard outcome measures

    17. Transplant Center Task Force • Improve engagement of transplant centers in DSA and DTCP • Recognize high performance meaningfully • Improve and share quality processes • Workgroups: • Awards Criteria – Performance goals • Best Practices – Quality toolbox • Communication – NATCO abstract, TMF poster

    18. Quality Improvement Task Force • Use data to drive performance • Implement formal quality processes • Assess DSA-wide performance • Develop educational opportunities • Workgroups: • Core measures – Quarterly Scorecard • Performance/Best Practices – Composite yield • Education – PI Summit

    19. DTCP Webinars • May 2012, capacity increased from 150 to 500 virtual seats due to demand • Transplant Center, Get Connected, and Support & Advocacy Webinar series • More webinar type meetings planned in 2013 • Topic specific with CEUs, CMEs • Declaration of Brain Death • Schedule posted at

    20. National Learning Congress • 2012 National Learning Congress • >1200 Participants • 45 member faculty • 6 Tracks • Donor Designation • Advocacy • Donor Management • Transplantation • Pediatric • Leadership

    21. Our Goals • Share Knowledge • Measure Performance • Save Lives

    22. Breakthrough Improvement • Will to do what it takes to change to a new system • Ideason which to base the design of the new system • Execution of the ideas

    23. Questions to consider… • What is your hospitals biggest challenge in the current donation process? • How can you partner with Gift of Life Michigan to eliminate barriers to improved performance and outcomes? • Who has a role in making the donation process work for patients and families?

    24. A Culture of Donation • Just what is it? • How do you know it exists? • What can you do to help cultivate it? • What does it mean to your organization? • To your community? • To you and your family?

    25. **Save the Dates** 2013 National Pediatric Organ Donation Summit for the Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice Ft. Worth, TX | July 24-25, 2013 TO REGISTER VISIT: WWW.ORGANDONATIONALLIANCE.ORG Registration Opens: April 16, 2013

    26. for the Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice September 25-26, 2013 | Los Angeles, CA **Save the Dates** 2013 National Donor Management Summit TO REGISTER VISIT: WWW.ORGANDONATIONALLIANCE.ORG Registration Opens: June 17, 2013

    27. Helpful websites • • • • •

    28. Organ Donation & Transplantation Alliance Vision A national organ donation and transplantation system driven by a diverse community of practice that is focused on healing lives, inspires public trust, and works collectively toward a shared mission

    29. Gallery of Hope Art Contest Michael Hudson Director of Hospital Development Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency


    31. Organ Donation Toolbox Cyndy Kirschbaum RN, BSN, CPTC Donation Coordinator II Gift of Life Michigan MHA Webinar March 27, 2013

    32. Donor Management Task Force • 2010-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance (the Alliance). • The task force will address opportunities to improve outcomes of, and decrease the variation among OPOs and hospitals in, donor management practices.

    33. DSA Practices Subcommittee • Develop recommendations that can be implemented by donation service area’s (DSA’s) and hospitals that will improve the quality and outcomes of donor management practices. • Review current donation performance data and guidelines • Identify, propose, disseminate, and evaluate best practices in donor management

    34. What is the Organ Donation Toolbox? Mission Statement: Identify best practices and resources for donor hospitals and organ procurement organizations to utilize in real-time to assist in donor management and increased organ availability.

    35. What are the Tools? • Organ Donation Toolbox (413) • Catastrophic Brain Injury Guidelines (11) • Checklists (20) • Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death (62) • Donor Designation (9) • Donor Hospital Information (16) • Donor Management (58) • Electronic Medical Records (7) • Intensivist Involvement Models (9) • Legal and Regulatory References (67) • Neurologic Determination of Death (12) • OPO Hospital Services (63) • Pediatric Donation (51) • Policies for Evolving Practices (1) • Quality (22) • Survey Readiness (5)

    36. How can the toolbox help me? • The toolbox is accessible anywhere at anytime from your computer, smart phone or iPadto provide real-time resources for: • Referral/Donor Management • Catastrophic Brain Injury Guidelines • Neurologic Determination of Death • Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death • Donor Designation • Legal and Regulatory References Do you have a donation question? Just ask the toolbox…

    37. Just Ask the Toolbox…

    38. How do I find it and use it? • Go to or • Add this Web based APP to your iPhone: • It's easy to add a link to a URL to the home screen on the iPhone. When you're looking at a web page, expand page to center toolbox icon in viewing screen, just hit "+" (Box with arrow on iPhone) select "Add to Home Screen", enter title and hit add. • Add this App to your Android: • Bookmark the page you want to add to a home screen, Go to the home screen you want to add the link to, • long-press in an empty space to bring up the "Add to Home Screen" menu • select "Shortcuts" select "Bookmark"

    39. Toolbox Homepage

    40. CBIGs - Adult

    41. CBIGs – Adult – Guidelines

    42. Requests and Offers If you have questions or would like to offer material for the toolbox, please contact: Karen Libs DTCP Consultant