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Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a Foreign Language

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Learning a Foreign Language

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  1. New Horizon English Unit Two Section A Learning the Olympic Standard for Love Learning a Foreign Language Learning a Foreign Language Learning a Foreign Language Learning a Foreign Language

  2. 复合听写 视频讨论 Home Writing Summary Text Olympic Games The Olympic Games, first held in 776BC, has a history of more than one thousand years. The Games is held every 4 years. In 2000, the city of Beijing held the 29th Olympic Games. People from all walks of life are participating in various activities and making good preparations for it. There are five rings on the Olympic flag, which are considered to symbolize, the five continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. The Olympic motto is: "Swifter, higher, stronger." The Games can promote the understanding and friendship among different peoples and different nations. Salt Lake City Salt Lake City is the state capital and most populous city in the US state of Utah. Named after the nearby Great Salt Lake, the city is separated from the lake’s shore by marshes and mud flats. Residents are known as “Salt Lakers” For more information about the city and its surrounding areas, visit and

  3. 背景知识 视频讨论 Writing Summary Text Home Compound Dictation You will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from S1 to S6 and S8 with the exact words you have just heard. For S7 you are required to fill in the missing information. For these blanks you can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words. Now listen to the passage.

  4. 复合听写 视频讨论 Writing Summary Text Home Compound Dictation 4 cities are vying to host the 2016 Summer Olympics: Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. The [S1]____________ is fierce. Leaders from Spain, Japan and Brazil are all expected to go to Copenhagen to make one last [S2]________ to the I.O.C. President Obama says he will not be there because of the health care [S3]__________ in Washington. Instead, he is sending Chicago native, First Lady Michelle Obama to Denmark. competition appeal debate

  5. 复合听写 视频讨论 Writing Summary Text Home Compound Dictation But at an event at the White House with past and present American Olympians, the president made clear his [S4]__________ for Chicago's bid is strong. "Chicago is ready. The American people are ready. We want these games.“ Some members of the U.S. Olympic Committee have indicated Mr. Obama's [S5]_________ in Copenhagen would be noticed, and could have an [S6]_________ on the decision making process. support absence impact

  6. 复合听写 视频讨论 Writing Summary Text Home Compound Dictation [S7]_______________________________________. Standing on the White House lawn, he delivered a message to the I.O.C. "If you chose Chicago, I will [S8]__________ you this: Chicago will make America proud and America will make the world proud." The president said no one should doubt his commitment promise

  7. Video Watching 背景知识 复合听力 Writing Summary Text Home Watch & Discuss Directions: Watch the video and then discuss the topics as follows: • What is the meaning of commitment? • What is the slogan for Beijing Olympics? • What do you think is the Olympic spirit?

  8. 1 3 Writing Summary Pre-reading Home Text Study New Words Structure & Main Ideas 2 Text Reading

  9. Writing Summary Pre-reading Home New Words and Expressions Word Using A Mini-Test Structure Text Reading

  10. 1. presence n. the fact or state of being present e.g. key Phrase: I. Word Using In sb.’s presence/in the presence of sb. I asked you not to smoke in my presence. 我跟你说过别在我面前抽烟。

  11. I could think of little to say in the presence of so many people.

  12. 2. promising adj. showing signs of being successful in the future Use It key The boy is clever and hard-working; he must have a promising future. 这男孩既聪明又勤奋,他一定大有前途。

  13. 3. amusing adj. able to make people laugh or smile Synonym Use it My workmate is an amusing guy with a lot of funny stories. 我同事是个有趣的家伙,总能讲许多好笑的故事。 Funny/entertaining/interesting

  14. 4. lower vt. ① reduce sth. in amount, price, degree, strength, etc. ② move sb. or sth. down from a higher position Key Translation Antonym: heighten, raise 这种药用于降血压。 This drug is used to lower blood pressure.

  15. 5. fatigue vt.make sb. tired Translation Key 5. fatigue vt.make sb. tired My new job really fatigued me during the first two months. 最初两个月,我的心工作真的使我感到疲劳。

  16. Translation Key n.great tiredness 他因为太累而决定辞掉工作。 He decided to quit his job because of fatigue.

  17. 6. approximately adv. about; nearly Use It Tips Approximately 100 people attended the meeting. 约100人参加了这次会议。

  18. 7. indifferent, adj. (to) not interested in, not caring Synonym: Key Use it The star always seems indifferent to public opinions. 这位明星似乎总是对公众的评价漠不关心。 interested, caring, concerned

  19. 8. shift v.change position or direction; move from one place to another Translation Key e.g. Students shifted in their seats impatiently during the lecture, apparently bored. 学生们听讲座时在座位上不耐烦地动来动去, 显然是感到厌倦了。 He shifted the heavy parcel to his left shoulder after walking for some distance.

  20. n. a change in position or direction; an act or result of shifting Translation Key e.g. n. a change in position or direction; an act or result of shifting After the incident, his shift in attitude toward his wife was really obvious. 这次事件之后,他对妻子的态度 有了明显的改变。 The farmer noticed a shift in the wind and realized it would rain.

  21. 9. assert vt. state or declare forcefully Key Translate: 他坚持说那个女孩偷了他的钱包。 He asserted that the girl had stolen his wallet. 近义词:declare, state, insist on, affirm

  22. 10. swear vi. (at) curse vt. make a promise to do sth Key Translate Swear to sb. 对/向…发誓 Swear by sb./sth. 以…名义发誓 Swear on sth. 对…发誓 丽莎要她的丈夫不要在孩子面前说脏话。 Lisa asked her husband to stop swearing in front of the kids.

  23. 11. persist v. continue to do sth. in spite of opposition or warning Translate Key e.g. The teacher persisted in working regardless of his illness. 如果你老是上班迟到,你会被开除的。 If you persist in being late for work, you will be fired. Phrase: persist in sth./ in doing sth. Persist with sth

  24. 12. rank vi. Have a particular position in a list of people or things vt. decide the position of sb. or sth. based on quality or importance e.g. I rank all other Chinese poets below Li Bai.

  25. Key Translate 这座小城市在旅游景点中享有盛名。 所有的杯子都整整齐齐地排列着。 • This small city ranks high among tourist spots. • All cups were ranked neatly.

  26. 13. count on rely on; depend on e.g. 1. I had thought I could count on the support of my family; but I was wrong. 2. I always count on my father to cheer me up whenever I feel unhappy.

  27. 14. take notice of pay attention to Antonym e.g. • She took little notice of his manner, good or bad. • The old members of the committee took no notice of what I said. take no notice of…

  28. 15. reflect on think deeply about; consider carefully Use It e.g. Sitting in the kitchen, the mother reflected on the future of her child. Reflecting on those nice days, Lily couldn’t help giving out a sigh.

  29. 16. in advance before a particular date or event. Use It Phrase • Thank you in advance. • I paid for the ticket in advance. In advance of…:在…的前面;优先 Advance on….:在….方面的发展

  30. 1. The head of the Museum was _____ and let us actually examine the ancient manuscripts. A. promising B. agreeing C. pleasing D. obliging 2. I suffered from mental ______ because of stress from my job. A. damage B. release C. relief D. fatigue II. A mini-test

  31. 3. We find the book quite _____ : it provides us with an abundance of information on western music. A. distracting B. enlightening C. amusing D. confusing 4. "They claim that _____ 1,000 factories closed down during the economic crisis.“ A. sufficiently B. approximately C. considerably D. properly

  32. 5. Mass advertising helped to _____ the emphasis from the production of goods to their consumption. A. vary B. shift C. lay D. moderate 6. We shall probably never be able to _____ the exact nature of these sub-atomic particles. A. assert B. impart C. ascertain D. notify

  33. 7. His temper and personally show that he can become a soldier of the top _____ . A. circle B. rank C. category D. grade 8. Humidity is so intense in some parts of the tropics that Europeans find they are unable to _____ it. A. maintain B. persist C. endure D. sustain

  34. 导入 预习 小结 写作 Back N H C E The passage is made up of 21 paragraphs, and, according to the pattern of the story— beginning, development, and conclusion, it can fall into three parts. For detail Part I Part II Part III Main Idea of the Text During her hard training sessions for access to the Olympics, the author was greatly influenced by her coach, a man full of humor, perceptivity and sincerity. Under his strict and consistent instruction, she not only knew the Olympic standard for love but also learned how to persist in face of challenges. Most important of all, she came to be thankful for her living on earth. Structure of the Text 随 笔 词汇学习 课文阅读

  35. 导入 预习 小结 写作 Back N H C E In this part, the author employs the style of one-way dialogue in the description of her coach. For detail Part I Part II Part III Main Idea of Part I [Para. 1 – 4 ] The author’s first contact with her coach impressed her with the facts that he was far from intimidating but kind, realistic and confident in respect to her hard training sessions. Devices for its Development 随 笔 词汇学习 课文阅读

  36. 导入 预习 小结 写作 Back N H C E The author employs the style of dialogue as well as the technique of deduction in recalling her typical episodes of hard training sessions to bring out the coach’s Olympic standard for love. For detail Part I Part II Part III Main Idea of Part II [Para. 5 – 19] In this part, the author gives a vivid account of her typical episodes during hard training sessions, in which, by virtue of his humor, gratitude, perceptivity, and sincerity, the coach set the Olympic standard for love that the author continues to reach for, even though her skiing days are over. Devices for its Development 随 笔 词汇学习 课文阅读

  37. 导入 预习 小结 写作 Back N H C E Part I Part II Part III Main Idea of Part II This part deals with the Olympic standard of love as shown by Nikolai. (Para.5-9: set up an Olympic standard for love: encouragement mingled with good humor, quiet gratitude, perceptivity, and sincerity. Para. 10-11: another aspect of the Olympic standard for love: Nikolai never babied the writer. Para. 12-13: He was strict about training while with other small things he did not take much notice of the writer’s complaints or outbursts. He saved his passion for skiing. Para.14-19: His persistence and patience. ) Devices for its Development 随 笔 词汇学习 课文阅读

  38. 导入 预习 小结 写作 Back N H C E The author concludes her story of hard training with the progressive listing of what she had achieved in the order of importance. For detail Part I Part II Part III Main Idea of Part III [Para. 20 – 21 ] Despite her failure to get access to the Olympics, the author made great progress under her coach’s strict but consistent guidance, and, more important, she learned how to persist in face of challenges at hand and how to be thankful for living on earth. Devices for its Development 随 笔 词汇学习 课文阅读

  39. Text Reading 短语逆 译 智者绝不会错失展示才华的良机。 by no means 决非,决不 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 By no means will the wise miss the good chance to display their talents. miss the chance to do sth. / display one’s talents

  40. 导入 预习 课文 写作 Back by some means or otherby all meansby any means by means of 短 语逆 译 用某种方式:千方百计地:用一切可能的办法: 借助,依靠: 无论发生什么,救灾部队会想尽一切办法赶到震中。 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 No matter what may happen, the rescue troops will get to the epicenter by any means. no matter what may happen/ rescue troops / by any means / get to the epicenter

  41. 短语逆 译 有无数热情的球迷在场,整个球队异常精神焕发,异常神勇。 in the presence of sb. / in sb’s presence 有某人在场 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 In the presence of countless passionate fans, the whole team appeared more than vigorous and brave. countless passionate fans / appear more than vigorous and brave

  42. 导入 预习 课文 写作 Back in the presence of sb. conceal the presence of make one’s presence felthave presence of mind to do sth. 短 语逆 译 有某人在场:掩盖······的存在:设法引起别人注意:做某事镇定自若: 遇到危险时, 他能镇定自若地应对。 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 In the event of danger, he could have presence of mind to cope with it. in the event of danger / cope with sth.

  43. 短语逆 译 中国人要始终不忘自力更生,奋发图强. to count on 依靠;依赖;指望 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 The Chinese should never forget to count on their own efforts and work hard for the prosperity of the country. count on one’s own efforts / work hard for the prosperity of the country

  44. 短语逆 译 在当今激烈竞争时代,多数公司为员工招聘制定了越来越高的标准。 to set a standard for… 为······确立标准 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 in the current time of fierce competition / staff recruitment / set higher and higher standards for In the current time of fierce competition, most companies set higher and higher standards for staff recruitment.

  45. 导入 预习 课文 写作 Back 短 语逆 译 set a goal for… set an example for… set the tone for… set scene for… 为······确定目标: 为······树立榜样: 为······定调子: 为······拉开序幕: 地震毁灭了我们的家园,但也为弘扬民族精神拉开了序幕。 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 The earthquake brought ruin onto our homes, but also set scene for enhancement of our national spirit. bring ruin onto one’s home / enhancement of sth. / the national spirit

  46. 导入 预习 课文 写作 Back 短 语逆 译 近朱者赤;近墨者黑。 to keep company with to keep faith with to keep pace with to keep terms with 和······在一起: 对······守信用: 跟上······: 和······保持友好关系: Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 One who keeps company with wolves will learn to howl, whereas one who lies with dogs will rise with flea. keep company with wolves / learn to howl / lie with dogs / rise with fleas

  47. 短语逆 译 不论得志与否,人贵在自知之明。 adj. and/or otherwise 不论······与否 Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 successful or otherwise / be wise of one to do sth. / know the limitations of one’s own It is wise of one, successful or otherwise, to know the limitations of one’s own.

  48. 短语逆 译 在抗震中,人们忽然发现了一条真理:大灾有大爱。 偶然遇见;偶然发现 to come upon Back 短 语 应 用 意 群 提 示 In their combat with the earthquake, people came upon a truth that, just as great disaster occurred, so arose great love. in one’s combat with the earthquake / great disaster / great love

  49. 短语逆 译 作为一个富有爱心的人,他对别人的疾苦从不漠不关心。 对······漠不关心;对······冷漠 to be indifferent to Back 意 群 提 示 短 语 应 用 As a man rich with love, he is never indifferent to others’ sufferings. rich with love / others’ sufferings