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  1. GRANGE SCHOOL On line Support Class Subject: English as a Second Language Cambridge IGCSE 0510 October/November Examination 2014

  2. Reading and Writing:Lesson 1. • Topic: Transport • Prior Learning: Students have been travelling. • Before the Lesson: Studied responses to comprehension questions. • DO NOW(5MINUTES):Make a graph or pie chart on your preferred mode of travel. • Starter(5 MINUTES):What is your favourite mode of transport? Explain why.

  3. Objectives/ Outcomes Objectives: • Identify and understand opinions in a range of texts. • Recognise language used to express opinion. • Recognise and understand opinions which are implied but not actually stated. Outcomes: *Most students will understand ,recognise language used to express implicit meaning in different type of text. Some students should understand sophisticated opinion , consistently understanding the language used to express them.

  4. Key words • Environment *Shemes • Community *Common • Police * Fund raising • Highway • Promotion • Population • Protests • Route • Community • Location • Registration • Workmates

  5. Main Lesson: Transport Steps to Comprehension • Read the passage once. • Read the questions • Read the passage again. • Underline difficult words. • *Do paragraph summary. • Answer questions in own words. • Proofread your work for common errors.

  6. Reading Passage:Bike to the future • Registration is now open for Bike to the future-Friends of Earth's annual sponsored cycle ride. So shake off those winter blues and sign up early for what promises to be another great May day out in the countryside! • Bike to the future is the most popular event in Friends of the Earth calendar. Year after year, people have written in to tell us how much they have enjoyed the route., the warm and friendly atmosphere, and the high spirit of their follow cyclists! This years race will start near Hampton Court and take its riders through the beautiful countryside to Eton. As ever, its gentle and undemanding miles will be line up with refreshment stops entertainment and lots of surprises Bike to the Future is the first and foremost a fun day out but there is a serious message too. The routes will highlight the threat to the surrounding area from new road schemes- passing through Chobham Common ,which is affected by plans to widen the M3 and area close to where sections of the M22 and M4 are also currently marked out for widening. • These are just a few reminders of the continuing threats to our health and environment from increased traffic and pollution due to unnecessary road schemes. The funds raised from Bike to the Future will help to sustain our campaign to halt unnecessary road schemes in favour of transport options which encourage less rather than more travel by road. • So help us get there! Register now for Bike to the Future to give yourself time to sign up as many sponsors as you can. • ALL YOU NEED IS A BIKE • The route and all the practical details are taken care of by experts. It will be easy to get to the start and home again-British Rail is laying on special train to take you and your bike to the start and get you back to London from the finish. Marshals will guide you on the route and first aid will be available for you and your bike if needed. • GOOD REASON TO GET SPONSORED • Once you have sent us your entry form and fee, we will send you an official sponsorship so that you can start signing up your friends and workmates. Whether you cycle on your own or in a team, there are loads of prizes for reaching fundraising targets, including badges, and T-shirts, cycle accessories and even mountain bikes • There are also prizes for your sponsors Anyone who sponsors you up to five pounds or more will automatically be

  7. The cyclists in protest

  8. Continued… • be entered in a prize draw. • THE MORE THE MERRIER • You are welcome to register on your own. However, it can be more fun in a group-and if you get together a team of ten or more. We will give you free bike to the World T- shirt. Your team mates will also be able to order T-shirts at half prize

  9. Questions • Are these statements about the cycle ride true or false. • 1.This is the first time the sponsored cycle ride has been held. • 2.The route will be strenuous. • 3.They day is primarily for enjoyment • 4.The cycle ride is a day to celebrate the victory over plans to develop Chobhams Common. • 5.Participants will help plan the route. • 6.Extra trains to and from London will be provided. • 7.Medical help will be available. • 8.Prizes are only available to the teams. • 9.Participants in teams of ten or more get a discount on T-shirts • 10.The ride finishes at Chobham Common.

  10. Writing argument: Lesson 2. • Conway’s council is supporting government plans to build a new motorway. This will link Conway to the capital and some other large cities. Do you think this will be a good development? Who is likely to benefit? Who might be against the idea? Try to think of reasons for your opinion.( Your essay should be in five paragraphs)

  11. Plenary • Discuss one way today’s lesson can be used in your life.(50 words)

  12. Topic:Note taking.Lesson 3 • Do Now: Jot down , in phrases, events happening around you as you are doing this assignment. • Starter: List what you intend to do over the weekend in order of preference. • Objective: To understand and pick relevant materials, analyse details in order to make notes

  13. Note taking skills. • Read the passage twice • A note may not be in full sentences. • You have to note the main points only. • Paraphrase answers. • Highlight Key words. • Write in phrases or single words when necessary. • Your answer should be in a chronological order.

  14. Reading passage • Research in High Places • Scientists have found a unique way of carrying out research in high or inaccessible places-by using an inflatable raft which is transferred from one study site to the next by a huge colorful airship. It was first tested in 1989 and is now used widely. • The raft looks like a gigantic spider web. It has six ribs, which are inflated rubber strips connected by netting ,with a small hexagonal raft at the central point. The whole work place covers more than 60 square meters and the raft can hold up to 10 scientists at a time. Its design was evolved by a need for scientist to access the top of trees. Ropes and climbing tower s had all been used previously but with limited success .A solution to this was to build a raft light enough to settle safely on tree tops and then to move it from place to place by air. • There are special entrances into the raft .Researchers are able to reach these from the ground using a harness. It can thirty minutes for a new comer to get up to the raft. In practice, scientists usually climb up unto the raft before dark and sleep there in order to be able to start the next day’s work without delay of a trek from camp and the ascent to the raft. Everyone wears safety line at all times on the raft. A hunting horn is sounded to signal the rafts location for scientist joining it and the same procedure is used to guide the arrival of the airship, which will move the raft to another position on another tree top. • A French team named each of the raft’s rib after a famous street in Paris and named the entrances after metro stations. The central hexagon is called Arc de Triumph!. These names help people locate specific points on the raft-for example, personnel joining the raft from the ground or people delivering supplies from the air. Sleeping and working on the raft is like sailing, as it continuously sways with the movement of the canopy of trees beneath .

  15. The Raft on trees

  16. Questions • You are going to give a short talk about the tree top raft to your class. Make two short notes under each heading below as a basis for your presentation. • THE TREETOP RAFT • (a) Design: • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(b) size/capacity: • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • (c)Means of access: • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • (d)Raft moving requirements: • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  17. Plenary • Rate your understanding of today’s topic 1-10. • Quaries : • • twitter: @ezimako • Tel: 80823159721 • 08183191371