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Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing
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Search Engine Marketing

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  1. Search Engine Marketing The RMM Method “How your customers use search engines”

  2. They are searching, are they finding you? • Do a couple of quick Google searches, not for your name, but for what you do, where you are (e.g. “Pest Control in Dayton”, “Centerville Termite Exterminator”) • Was your website 1st? Was it even on the first page? • Chances are, that out of 10 searches like these, you weren’t on the first page every time. • Actual customers do those searches, when you’re not there, they hire someone else…

  3. Here’s what they see… Pay Per Click Ads Organic Results Pay Per Click Ads (cont) Local Listings

  4. What that means… • Pay Per Click Ads: • You decide exactly which words you show up for and which ones you don’t. • You only pay when someone clicks on your link, but if you’re not careful that could add up • Organic Results: • Consumers “trust” these results and you don’t pay when they click on your link • But, it’s very difficult to get to this spot for every search you want • Local Listings: • Essentially like a phone book on the search engine (name, address, phone #, website link) • This too, is difficult to show up every time you want to.

  5. How we Help It’s not flashy and it’s not magic, it is just good old fashion hard work and experience. • We consult with you to find out what revenue areas you would like to improve. • We research how those areas equate to searches • We utilize all areas of the search results page to grow that revenue * That’s the short version of the story, the long story is much more boring

  6. How do we do it? • SEO (Organic Results) • We “clean up” the coding of your website so it’s easier for search engines to read what’s there, and they know what’s related. • (robots read your site, not people) • We constantly create new content for your site so the engines will know that your site is up date, and therefore relevant • We spread that content to other websites so they’ll link back to yours. • This is SEO GOLD! Building these links the single most important thing to improving your position

  7. How do we do it? • PPC (Pay Per Click) • We create separate groups for all the unique things you do: • We don’t want someone searching for “Dental Crowns” to see an ad for “Pediatric Dentistry” • We make sure that after they click, they go straight to the page that relates to their search: • You paid for the click, this way they actually call you • We target low cost, high conversion words: • Everybody is going after “Roofer” not everyone targets “Highly Rated Residential Roof Repair in Bellbrook, OH”

  8. How do we do it? • Local SEO (Local Listings) • Your Name Address and Phone Number are listed all over the internet in places you don’t even know about. When they don’t match EXACTLY, that hurts your position • We populate and verify everything the engines think they already know about you plus what they don’t • We get you more “mentions” around the web so the engines think you’re the authority

  9. You’re Welcome • With RMM, you can trust that: • We are a Google Certified Partner • The people working on your campaign are accessible to you • We improve your site, not ours • You get full tracking (clicks, phone call/email tracking, time on site, everything tied right into your site’s analytics) • You don’t have to worry about and spend your time on it, we’ve got this.