social media and generating an income n.
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Social Media and generating an income! PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media and generating an income!

Social Media and generating an income!

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Social Media and generating an income!

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  1. Social Media and generating an income!

  2. 3 Main Reasons Why I target Social Media To Generate an Income: Virtually No Marketing Costs No Website Needed to Build or Host Not Even a Need For Your Own Product

  3. Three Ways You Can Profit Off Social Media: • Sell you own product /Service • Sell Someone Else’s Product/Service (Become an Affiliate) • Do Social Media For Others

  4. How people are using Facebook and Twitter to make money online – 5 simple steps Add Content Daily Gather followers/friends Join groups and follow others Every now and then mention an affiliate product 5.Make Sales

  5. Add Content Daily • Add Tweets and Facebook Posts Each Day • Mix in Good Content with Promotions • Only Recommend Relevant Products/Services • Examples:

  6. This is an example of a post of mine with an affiliate link

  7. Gather Followers • Find People on these Sites with Related Interests and Friend or Follow Them • Join Fan Pages and Groups on Facebook and Friend them • Follow Those on Twitter that Are Talking About Your Niche or Following Well known Competitors • Gather their E-mails and Screen Names (if high value prospects) to Market To and Follow Up With

  8. Join Groups • Many Allow Members to Leave Posts on Them • Find Related Groups and Fan Pages on Facebook to join • Mix Pure Content Posts with Some Content Filled Promotions (Key is to provide Value) • Your Post Can Be Seen By Thousands

  9. Affiliate Promotions • Find Relevant Affiliate Products to Promote • Search Clickbank and Amazon • Locate Not Just Relevant Products but Ones that have High Commissions and Actually Sell... • Stay up to date as New Products Launch All the Time

  10. Make Sales • Promote Products and Services Directly on Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts • Promote on Other Group and Fan Pages (Reach a Lot More) • Build a List to Promote Well into the Future • Find High Value Leads to Follow Up and Market To

  11. The problem with all this is: It’s Very Manual and takes a lot of time! I’m always asking.... What if there was an easier way? The regular way: All by yourself Employ a social media manager or use a piece of software called Social Speed Now let’s move on to Social Media and your website

  12. In creating your Facebook customized page you will need to have open the following windows: • You will need your facebook account opened onto your profile page. Make sure your privacy settings for your profile are set very high as all pages of Facebook are public (no choice) • You will need to have your photo file on your computer opened, with photos there ready to go.

  13. You will need to have the backend of your relevant • Website opened at the new links section of the site. • Now this is a picture of the starting place to create a facebook page.

  14. Next picture is of the developers app page. Remember Do not forget to fill in the about section your URL For your website.

  15. You can add as many Photos as you wish to Help make your Facebook Page Come Alive!

  16. Then finally you have the website URL on the facebook page you also need to now add a new link to your website backend for the front page of your website. Congratulations now you can get going on making more pages and linking. Important tip make sure you search in Facebook for any groups pertinent to your page, join in and drop in the facebook url and invite them to check it out- more likes-more traffic-more money!

  17. Let’s Recap • Step 1: Join Facebook and Twitter • Step 2: Sell you own products • Step 3: Sell someone else’s product • Step 4: Join groups on same niche • Step 5: Create Facebook Fan pages • Step 6: Link your FB pages to your website • Step 7: Automate or outsource as much as possible

  18. Introducing f.a.s.t which is Fast Affiliate Sustainable Training Membership Website. 7 Benefits for you to be a member of this website You do not have to spend hours searching for the information required to help you generate a passive Income online, it is all there for you. All the DVD’s PDF reports are all kept up to date so you have the latest of what is happening on the internet. Every section you use is in different formats for you to choose, DVD, PDF audio.

  19. 4. Every person in this room will be able to afford this System. 5. No more anxiety in using the internet because it is all there in easy language and you can come and go as you please. 6. Being self paced can have a problem in that you wane motivation – but with this website time is money, you waist the time, you waist your money. 7. You will be able to reach your dream, your internet goal much quicker as it is like having me with you at your computer. Valued for lifetime one off fee: $1997

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  23. Reese Casey from the Gold Coast Hi, I met Judi on one of her wine tours, I am a backpacker from Sweden. After Judi Coached me on a few things I made $116 with Social Media in one night! Thank you – Judi Joseph Vandenberg. Joseph from Sweden

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  29. 30 Day Risk FREE trial

  30. Thank you for listening I will address any questions At the back of the room Lunch please be back at 1pm. Please enquire about book sales limited supply - $20