The bean trees vocabulary
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The BeAn Trees Vocabulary. #1 AMPUTATION NOUN -THE CUTTING OFF OF ALL OF PART OF A LIMB BY SURGERY. - A man got frostbite so he had to get his big toe removed, it was toe-tally weird!. Jenny Edwards. 2. Aggravate Verb Defined : M ake worse or more severe, intensify.

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The bean trees vocabulary

The BeAn TreesVocabulary

1 amputation noun the cutting off of all of part of a limb by surgery


- A man got frostbite so he had to get his big toe removed, it was toe-tally weird!

Jenny Edwards

2 aggravate verb defined m ake worse or more severe intensify
2. AggravateVerbDefined:Make worse or more severe, intensify

When only one shower in the house was working, Jack aggravated the situation by using all the hot water before anyone else could take a shower.,r:0,s:0,i:58

Mae Newbern

The bean trees vocabulary

3. Ramshackle (ADJ.)loosely made or held together, in a state of severe disrepair ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Devastatingly, after hurricane Katrina, many people displaced from their homes had to live in ramshackle houses.,r:10,s:0,i:121

Jillian Turkmany

The bean trees vocabulary

4. homeostasis: n.

Hanna Klein

definition: tendency of interdependent elements to remain stable, esp. as maintained by physiological processes.

Humans tend to keep consistent homeostasis, to maintain a stable internal environment, we sweat.,r:8,s:0,i:100&tx=100&ty=52

Sanctuary noun

Sanctuary: (noun)

sacred place where fugitives are entitled to immunity from arrest, safe place, place of refuge


The Catholic Church is a sanctuary used by those looking for God.

6 prim

Kat LoScalzo

6. prim

Following the proper rules, the prim old lady wore an elegant dress to her daughter’s wedding.

Adj. formal, precise or proper,r:11,s:105&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=47ef8c8c9f44eab8&biw=826&bih=638

The bean trees vocabulary

Dasha Gladkov




A persistance, irrational fear

The grown man had a phobia of spiders, also known as arachnophobia.


Emma Shapland


8. Asylum -- (n) refuge, sanctuary, haven, retreat


The lost girl stayed at an asylum for a week.

9 conspiracy

Mackenzie Varner

Secret plot or plan by two or more persons

9. Conspiracy

The apes had a conspiracy to rob the baboons.


10 flotsam and jetsam noun
10. Flotsam and Jetsamnoun

  • Def.: The odds and ends of useless items.

  • Sent: The crew had to remove the flotsam and jetsam that was floating around in the sea from the wrecked ship.

Alexa Osime

11 dormant adj inactive


The man was dormant at work because he didn’t get any sleep the night before.

By: Paige Tademaru

12 pungent adj having a sharply strong taste or smell

12. PUNGENT: adj. having a sharply strong taste or smell-

The cheese shop had such a pungent smell that all that entered cringed their noses.

Meghan Malone

The bean trees vocabulary

13. Cicada

noun. Insect, about one inch long, male produces shrill sound by vibrating membranes on underside of abdomen

The cicada was making an annoying sound, so I coundn’t sleep the entire night.

Isabelle Hiedewohl

14 catatonic

14. Catatonic

Adj. of or in an immobile or unresponsive stupor

The girl was in a catatonic state after she took horse tranquilizers by mistake.

Maddie Kelsey




The little girl was very noncommittal when explaining to her Mom why the dog is pink.

Adjective vague, Evasive, indefinite

Menaka Gentle,r:12,s:0,i:184&tx=110&ty=53

The bean trees vocabulary

16. WisteriaA climbing shrub related to legume family with showy, pendant clusters of blue-violet flowersnoun

The wisteria grew all around the house causing the house to smell of sweetness.


The bean trees vocabulary


the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

I wish that we had catharsis sessions in order to release our emotions.



18 legume noun

India Jennings

18. Legume: Noun

Definition: any plant of the legume family (fruit in form of pod) (bean)

On my family’s farm, we grow legume crops.,r:0,s:0,i:160

The bean trees vocabulary

19. HORTICULTUREscience and art of cultivating plants ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The man applied his degree in horticulture to his bonsai growing experiment.,r:12,s:58,i:368

Jillian Turkmany

The bean trees vocabulary

20. Rhizobia

noun. Plural, rod-shaped bacteria that fix or adhere nitrogen in nodules on the roots of bean plants, clover, etc.

The Rhizobia sucked out all of the gas out of the soil so that the beans can survive.

Isabelle Hiedewohl