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The Bean Trees

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The Bean Trees . A novel by Barbara Kingsolver Chapters 8-17. The Bean Trees chapter 8. Goals – to recognize theme, analyze effects on Turtle, and author’s purpose Families Journal:

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The Bean Trees

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    1. The Bean Trees A novel by Barbara Kingsolver Chapters 8-17

    2. The Bean Trees chapter 8 • Goals – to recognize theme, analyze effects on Turtle, and author’s purpose • Families Journal: • Getting re-married. Have any of your parents gotten re-married? How do/did you feel about your new step-parent? Has that changed? How/why? • Your family is still “whole”? What do you know about step-parents from TV, movies, other books, or fairy tales?

    3. Chapter 8 cosmos

    4. Chapter 8 - • EKG

    5. Chapter 8

    6. Chapter 8

    7. Chapter 8

    8. Chapter 8

    9. Wisteria- Ch 8, 10

    10. Wisteria = ? (symbolism) • They looked dead to me, like everything else in the park, but she always said, “Just you wait.” • And she was right. Toward the end of March they had sprouted a fine, shivery coat of pale leaves and now they were getting ready to bloom (113).

    11. Chapter 8

    12. Chapter 8

    13. Chapter 8

    14. Chapter 8

    15. Chapter 8

    16. Chapter 8

    17. Chapter 8 • Elizabeth Taylor

    18. Chapter 8 CAT Questions What is the theme suggested by this title, “Miracle at Dog Doo Park?” Support your choice of theme with two details from this chapter. Analyze the effects of Turtle’s life as you explain why Turtle appears to be two years old. Include two details from chapter eight in your answer. In light of Estevan’s quote, “This is how Americans think. You believe that if something terrible happens to someone, they must have deserved it,” what is the author’s purpose for this chapter? (117). Provide two details from this chapter to support this purpose.

    19. Half-day Thursday: Review Ch. 8 Turn in Ch. 8 journal (and CAT questions if you were unable to participate). Today we discuss chapter 8. If you do not get a chance to participate, create one “thinking critically” CAT question from the previous chapters, and answer it with two cited TBDs .

    20. For chapters 9 through 11 Homework, due Tuesday, May 28th : For each chapter, write out and answer one CAT question (all on one page, 3 total). The catch: Each question and answer must be a “T,”-thinking critically. I.E. Evaluate decisions, consider author’s purpose, draw broad conclusions.

    21. Ch 9- fig

    22. Ch 9- 4-H

    23. Ch 9- Untouchables

    24. Ch 9- Doll Family

    25. Ch 9- Walnut

    26. Chapter 9 CAT Questions Summarize what Estevan tells Taylor about Ismene including three main details and an overarching statement. What are the major contrasts between Estevan’s and Taylor’s experiences with government? Include two details from chapter nine in your answer. What do you imagine the author’s purpose for writing this chapter is? Provide two details from chapter nine to support this purpose and evaluate how well Kingsolver accomplished this task.

    27. The Bean Trees chapter 10 • Goals – Recognize themes, analyze characters, and draw conclusions about characters. • Being opinionated. • Are you a very opinionated person? • Do you have opinions you express? • Do you shrink from conflict and change opinions to please others? • Are your opinions easily changed once you know more about something? • Consider this: does your opinion on immigration change once you know Esperanza & Estevan’s story? Or any specific peoples’ stories?

    28. “La Bamba”- Ch 10 “Lou Ann came home from the Ruiz family family reunion singing ‘La Bamba’” (141).

    29. Ch 10, 14- Tom Selleck • “pictures of people like Tom Selleck and the President (not Jesus) …” (146). • Do you ever get Oral Roberts shows? She shrugged, “I guess. I like Magnum, P.I.” (202).

    30. Chapter 10 CAT Questions What is a main theme in this chapter? Support your answer with at least two details from the chapter. Describe Lou Ann based on her behavior and comments in chapter 10. Support your analysis of her character with details from this chapter. What conclusion can you draw about Taylor based on her learning not to let “anyone put one over on you” (150)? Evaluate why this quote is important for several characters in the book.

    31. The Bean Trees chapter 11 • Goals – To recognize theme, to analyze cause and effect relationships, and to evaluate a character’s development. • Superstition Journal: Do you have any superstitions? Do you believe in horoscopes, fortunes, tarot card readings, or psychics?

    32. Ch 11- tomatillos

    33. Ch 11- Siamese twins

    34. Ch 11- double rainbow

    35. Ch 11- Cicadas

    36. Ch 11- Palo Verde trees

    37. Ch 11- horoscope

    38. Ch 11- Keno girl

    39. Ch 11- Beaded Hair Clip

    40. Ch 11- Yurt

    41. Ch 11- Pekingese & Trans Am

    42. Chapter 11 CAT Questions What is a recurring theme in chapter 11. Provide two details from this chapter to support your answer. How does Lou Ann change from the beginning of the novel through chapter 11? Why has she changed? Support your answer with information from the novel. Why does Taylor say, “I didn’t want to believe the world could be so unjust. But of course it was right there in front of my nose. If the truth was a snake it would have bitten me a long time ago. It would have had me for dinner”? Include two details from chapter 11 in your evaluation of Taylor’s character.

    43. The Bean Trees chapter 12 • Goals – To make inferences about Taylor’s priorities, to contrast Turtle with the setting, and to evaluate the author’s purpose for using imagery in this chapter. • Respond to this quote, “There’s just so damn much ugliness. Everywhere you look, some big guy kicking some little person when they’re down” (170). Does this quote feel personal? If not, try to respond in the voice of someone to whom it is personal.

    44. Christopher Reeve- Ch 12 • “I felt as though I had a blind date with destiny, and someone had heard a rumor that destiny looked like Christopher Reeve” (160).

    45. Ch 12- Quickraw McGraw

    46. Ch 12- Saguaro Cactus

    47. Ch 12- Ocotillo Cactus

    48. Ch 12- Greasewood Bushes

    49. Ch 12- Spadefoot Toads •