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Interactive whiteboards

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Interactive whiteboards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interactive whiteboards. Finding and adapting resources. By the end of this session, learners will: Be able to identify ways to use an interactive whiteboard in their own teaching Be aware of the different uses and teaching methods

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Interactive whiteboards

Finding and adapting resources

intended outcomes
By the end of this session, learners will:

Be able to identify ways to use an interactive whiteboard in their own teaching

Be aware of the different uses and teaching methods

Be able to: use the SMART Board pens, keyboard and the toolbar

Plan effective use of whiteboards with individuals and groups

Intended outcomes
what is an interactive whiteboard
What is an interactive whiteboard?
  • A way to control your computer from a board at the front of a class:
    • A computer connects to a projector and to the board
    • A touch on the board with pen or finger works like a mouse click to interact with the computer

The Review Project help sheet 1


What the whiteboard can offer

It motivates learners and teachers: both take part in the lesson.

Provides access to extra resources.

Allows different abilities to work together.

Enables sharing: outcomes, knowledge and experiences.

The use of multimedia supports more than one learning style.

Colour, sound and video can support inclusion and special learning needs.

software and features
Software and features
  • Notebook.
  • Toolbar.
  • Microsoft® Applications.

The Review Project help sheet 2

examples of interactive documents



Hospitality and catering

Leisure and tourism euro debate

Examples of interactive documents
the good guide to interactive whiteboards
The Good Guide to Interactive Whiteboards
  • The Good Guide to Interactive Whiteboards CD-ROM gives examples of how the previous documents work within an educational setting.
  • The content on the CD-ROM explores issues under headings such as:
  • Presentation
  • Open practice
  • Techniques for teaching and learning

Note: You will need to install the contents of the CD-ROM onto your computer to view it.

hands on time
Explore the following:

Notebook software


Text recognition

Interactive documents

Hands-on time

The Review Project help sheet 3

further information and help
Your local RSC

The Review Project []: Useful links to further information and downloadable resources

Ferl website []: Search the Technology for E-Learning section for resources and information

AClearn website []

Becta ICT Advice website []: Search for information relating to purchasing and using an interactive whiteboard

Further information and help

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Finding and adapting resources