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FastFacts Feature Presentation. June 24 th , 2008. We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number: 877-322-9648 Participant code: 182500. Today’s Topic. We’ll be taking a look at… How to create and maintain Coeus user accounts.

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fastfacts feature presentation

FastFactsFeature Presentation

June 24th, 2008

  • We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line…
    • Phone number: 877-322-9648
    • Participant code: 182500
today s topic
Today’s Topic

We’ll be taking a look at…

How to create and maintain Coeus user accounts

today s presenter
Today’s Presenter

Tim SchleicherDirector, Office of Research Information Systems

session segments
Session Segments


Tim will show us how to set up a new Coeus user account and make updates to existing accounts.

During Tim’s presentation, your phone will be muted.


After the presentation, we’ll hold a Q&A session.

We’ll open up the phone lines, and you’ll be able to ask questions.

Tim will answer as many of your questions as time allows.

contact us
Contact Us

If you would like to submit a question during the presentation or if you’re having technical difficulties, you can email us at:

You can also send us an instant message!

GoogleTalk –

AOL Instant Messenger – HopkinsFastFacts




At the end of this FastFacts session, we’ll ask you to complete a short survey.

Your honest comments will help us to enhance and improve future FastFacts sessions.

coeus modules
Coeus Modules
  • In Production:
    • Proposal Development
    • Institute Proposal
    • Negotiations
    • Person
    • Rolodex
  • Planned for August 2008
    • Award
    • Subcontract
    • Report Tracking
    • Reporting Engine
  • Planned for 2009
    • IRB
    • COI
  • Coeus and JHED
  • How to create new user accounts
  • How to assign roles
  • Typical roles assigned to faculty and departmental administrative staff
  • What steps to take when a staff member transfers to another department or terminates their employment
  • Review of rights associated with roles
  • Conclusions
  • Questions & Answers
coeus and jhed
Coeus and JHED
  • Coeus User ID = JHED ID
  • Password may be different from JHED password
  • Users can change their own password
    • File>Change Password
  • The #1 email received at is forgotten password
  • JHED integration coming soon!
edit create new user
Edit>Create New User
  • A pop-up window will open.

If the new Coeus user is an employee, click the Find button to conduct a Person Search.

person search
Person Search
  • A Person Search window will open.
  • Within this window, type the name of the new Coeus user and then click Find.
person search results
Person Search Results
  • Search results will appear.
  • Select the new Coeus user from this list and then click the OK button.
setting up new user account
Setting Up New User Account
  • Notice the fields for User ID and User Name are already populated, the status defaults to Active, and the Non-Employee checkbox is dimmed.
assign a temporary password
Assign a Temporary Password
  • You will have to assign a temporary password for the new user account. We suggest you use “coeus”. The first time the new user logs in, the system will prompt the user to change his/her password.
assigning roles
Assigning Roles
  • You will select roles from the Roles Not Assigned column, and then click the Add button to move them to the Roles Assigned column.
  • You can also remove roles that have been assigned by selecting roles from the Roles Assigned column and then clicking the Remove button.
descend flag
Descend Flag
  • The Descend Flag is used when you assign roles at a parent unit. Checking off the red slash descends this role to all subunits below, meaning you only have to assign the role at the parent.
typical bundled roles
Typical “Bundled” Roles
  • A typical faculty member would need:
      • Proposal Creator
      • Rolodex Maintainer
      • View Institute Proposal
      • View Negotiations
  • A typical departmental administrator would need:
      • Aggregator
      • Modify All Dev Proposals
      • Person Maintainer
      • Proposal Creator
      • Rolodex Maintainer
      • User Maintainer
      • View Institute Proposal
      • View Negotiations

Role definitions will be discussed later in this presentation.

you re done
You’re Done!
  • Click the OK button to add the new user to the Coeus database.
system access instructions
System Access Instructions
  • Step 1: Install Java (MAC users jump to step 2 or 3):

  • Step 2: Run JHSecure if you are working outside of the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine firewalls.

  • Step 3: Install Coeus Premium Desktop application

***To access CoeusLite, enter

view assigned roles
View>Assigned Roles
  • You can see what roles have been assigned to a specific user by selecting the user, and then selecting View>Assigned Roles from the menu.
  • A pop-up window listing the user’s roles will appear.
all users assigned to a role
All Users Assigned to a Role
  • You can also view all users assigned to a specific role by clicking the + button next to the role name.
transferring user accounts
Transferring User Accounts
  • When a staff member transfers to another Department, Lab, or Center (DLC) within the Institution, you should remove all roles you have assigned, and then MOVE their Coeus User Account to their new DLC.
  • With the user account selected, select Edit>Move User.
search for the new unit
Search for the New Unit
  • Use the Search icon to find the staff member’s new Unit.
  • Then click the OK button to move the user account.
terminated employees
Terminated Employees
  • When a staff member terminates, you should remove all the roles you have assigned, and then mark their Coeus User account as “Inactive.”
  • User Accounts are not deleted from the database.
coeus role definitions
Coeus Role Definitions
  • Roles currently available:


Budget Creator

Narrative Writer


Modify All Dev Proposals

Person Maintainer

Proposal Creator

Rolodex Maintainer

User Maintainer

View All Dev Proposals

View Institute Proposal

View Negotiations

  • Roles coming in August 2008:

View Award

View Subcontract

proposal roles
Proposal Roles
  • Blue Roles
  • Rights associated with role:
    • Certify the investigators
    • Answer Yes/No questions
    • Submit the proposal for departmental routing and Institute approval
    • Maintain proposal roles
    • Modify budget
    • Modify narrative
    • Modify proposal details
budget creator
Budget Creator
  • Rights associated with role:
    • Modify budget
    • Modify proposal details
    • View narrative
narrative writer
Narrative Writer
  • Rights associated with role:
    • Modify narrative
    • Modify proposal details
    • View budget
  • Rights associated with role:
    • View budget
    • View narrative
    • View proposal details
department roles
Department Roles
  • Yellow Roles:
proposal creator
Proposal Creator
  • Rights associated with role:
    • Create a new proposal.
modify all dev proposals
Modify All Dev Proposals
  • Rights associated with role:
    • Answer Yes/No questions
    • Maintain proposal abstracts
    • Maintain proposal roles
    • Modify budget
    • Modify narrative
    • Modify proposal details
view all dev proposals
View All Dev Proposals
  • View All Dev Proposals can view all parts of all proposal development records for the Unit.
view institute proposal
View Institute Proposal
  • View Institute Proposal can view the Institute Proposal record. The Viewer cannot create or modify any portion of the Institute Proposal record.
view negotiations
View Negotiations
  • View Negotiations can view negotiation activity recorded for an Institute Proposal record. The viewer cannot create or modify any portion of the Negotiation Activity.
person maintainer
Person Maintainer
  • Person Maintainer can upload biographical sketches and maintain educational history at the database level.
rolodex maintainer
Rolodex Maintainer
  • Rights associated with role:
    • Add a new rolodex entry
    • Modify a rolodex entry owned by Unit
    • Delete a rolodex entry owned by Unit
user maintainer
User Maintainer
  • User Maintainer can create new Coeus user accounts.
view award coming soon
View Award (coming soon)
  • View Award can view all parts of the award record.
view subcontract coming soon
View Subcontract (coming soon)
  • View Subcontract can view all parts of the subcontract record associated with an award record.

Every person who uses Coeus needs to be set up as a user

Every user has a set of roles which allow them to perform functions within the Coeus application

Every role is composed of rights which define a specific functionality

Users and Roles are configured through the Coeus Premium interface.

Users and their roles are associated to one or more units within your department, lab, or center’s unit hierarchy

If a user has different responsibilities in various units, they can be set up with the appropriate roles for each of the units

If you need help with Coeus at any time, please email:

Visit the Coeus Help and Tutorials Website at:

We’re going to open the phone lines now!

There will be a slight pause, and then a recorded voice will provide instructions on how to ask questions over this conference call line.

We’ll be answering questions in the order that we receive them.

We’ll also be answering the questions that were emailed to us during the presentation.

If there’s a question that we can’t answer, we’ll do some research after this session, and then email the answer to all participants.


thank you
Thank You!

Thank you for participating!

We would love to hear from you.

Are there certain topics that you would like us to cover in future FastFacts sessions?

Would you like to be a FastFacts presenter?

Please email us at:


Before we close, please take the time to complete a short survey.

Your feedback will help us as we plan future FastFacts sessions.

Click this link to access the survey…

Thanks again!