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We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number: 877-322-9648 Participant code: 182500. FastFacts Feature Presentation. May 29 th , 2008. Today’s Topic. We’ll be taking a look at… How to process leave of absence actions in SAP.

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fastfacts feature presentation

We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line…

    • Phone number: 877-322-9648
    • Participant code: 182500

FastFactsFeature Presentation

May 29th, 2008

today s topic
Today’s Topic
  • We’ll be taking a look at…
    • How to process leave of absence actions in SAP.
today s presenter
Today’s Presenter
  • Cynthia AddisonHR Shared Services Center Manager

Display picture of Cynthia here

session segments
Session Segments
  • Presentation
    • Cynthia will provide an overview of how to process leave of absence ISRs in SAP.
    • During Cynthia’s presentation, your phone will be muted.
  • Q&A
    • After the presentation, we’ll hold a Q&A session.
    • We’ll open up the phone lines, and you’ll be able to ask questions.
    • Cynthia will answer as many of your questions as time allows.
contact us
Contact Us
  • If you would like to submit a question during the presentation or if you’re having technical difficulties, you can email us at:
  • You can also send us an instant message!
    • GoogleTalk –
    • AOL Instant Messenger – HopkinsFastFacts
    • MSN –
  • Survey
    • At the end of this FastFacts session, we’ll ask you to complete a short survey.
    • Your honest comments will help us to enhance and improve future FastFacts sessions.
  • Pre-approval before ISR initiation
  • Completing the ISR
    • LOA w/pay
    • LOA w/o pay
  • Second approvers
  • Retroactive processing
  • Extending leave
  • Returning from leave
  • Wrap up
  • Questions/concerns
pre approval process
Pre-Approval Process
  • Things to check:
    • What type of leave is employee eligible for?
      • Family Medical Leave
      • Personal
      • Health, etc.
    • Is accrued sick/vacation time available?
    • Will leave be supplemented by…
      • Short term disability (STD)
      • Military differential
      • Worker’s comp
    • Was E210 completed with appropriate codes?
    • What is the expected return date?
    • Were approvals obtained from Divisional HR?
  • Process LOA ISRs in a timely fashion to avoid overpayments.
completing the isr
Completing the ISR

LOA With Pay

  • Must indicate prorated semi-monthly salary for JHU staff.
    • STD
    • Long Term Disability (LTD)
    • Worker’s comp
    • Reduced hours
      • Employee is able to return to work at reduced hours without jeopardizing benefits eligibility.
      • Check with JHU divisional HR offices for appropriate approvals related to this option.
  • Base pay and labor distribution record will not be changed by HRSS.
  • Expected return date is critical.
completing the isr1
Completing the ISR

LOA With Pay (cont’d)

  • Proration set up on infotype 2010 by HRSS from start date of leave through the first day of the pay period that contains the expected return date
    • One infotype per pay period.
    • Divisional HR can assist with the calculating the pro-rated semi monthly salary.
  • May also place ee on loa at 100% pay if individual does not have a timekeeping system to record leave (faculty/students)
    • No proration is required for this type of leave
completing isr
Completing ISR

LOA With Pay

  • For Health System Employees
    • This type of leave must be chosen if employee will receive any compensation during leave
    • May continue to process timesheets through Kronos, Nightingale or CATS
    • Employee can only be billed during leave of absence without pay
completing the isr2
Completing the ISR

LOA Without Pay

  • No proration is needed because employee will receive no pay as reflected on base pay and labor distribution record (9027)
  • Base pay and labor distribution remains unchanged.
  • Person will remain on unpaid leave until a Return from Leave ISR is completed.
  • Should not receive any supplemental pay during this time.
    • Benefit premiums are billed by Benefits Administration for periods of leave of absence without pay.
    • System will automatically deduct benefit premiums from supplemental pay received during a leave which will may cause double billing.
completing the isr3
Completing the ISR

LOA Without Pay – Exception

  • Military Leave
    • Employee is placed on a LOA w/o pay using reason 01.
    • Must process additional payments via ISR to pay supplemental earnings using wage type 3076.
      • Please note: wage type 3076 is not in the ISR drop-down list.
      • Use wage type 3055, but indicate wage type 3076 in the Comments section.
    • Earnings on infotype 15 are not prorated.
    • Will require one record for each pay period
    • Must contact Benefits Administration to prevent billing during this LOA w/o pay since monies will be earned during this period.
      • Benefit deductions will be taken from any money earned.
    • For specific military leave policies, consult your divisional HR Office or health system service center.
second approvers
Second Approvers
  • Second approvers are required for all LOA actions for the following:
    • JHU Faculty, Deans/Officers, Staff, Postdocs, Medical Residents/Interns
    • All Home Care Employees
      • JH Home Care Group
      • JH Home Health Services
      • JH Pharmaquip
      • JH Pediatrics at Home
  • ISRs without appropriate approval will be rejected.
retroactive processing
Retroactive Processing
  • Increases the chances of overpayments
  • Effects future dated actions already processed
    • HRSS must redo all future dated actions so that leave status is correctly reflected
  • Check infotype 15 for overpayment advances and resolve quickly
  • Please coordinate with Payroll and HR Shared Services to clear overpayment advances with retroactive payments if applicable
    • Overpaid $200 a month ago and is now receiving a $200 bonus that can be applied to that overpayment
    • Proper approval/documentation required
extending leave
Extending Leave
  • Another ISR for leave of absence with pay is required if the leave extends beyond the expected return from leave date indicated on the original LOA ISR.
  • Proration will be set up solely based upon expected return from leave date by HRSS.
  • Without ISR to extend leave with pay, the employee will return to full pay on the next pay period
  • If the proration of salary changes mid-pay period, HRSS must manually calculate total salary for that pay period.
    • System will only allow one proration record per pay period.
extending leave1
Extending Leave

Things to note:

  • Changing from LOA w/pay to LOA w/o pay requires an ISR.
  • Changing the pro-rated salary on a LOA w/pay requires an ISR.
  • ISR to extend LOA w/o pay is not required
    • LOA actions go into infinity
    • send an email to update expected return date (Monitoring of Tasks – infotype 19) to your client email box
    • Link to our Contact Page:
returning from leave
Returning from Leave
  • Return from LOA ISR is required.
  • LOA actions are processed through infinity.
  • Must return from LOA if being reassigned after leave has ended.
wrap up
Wrap Up
  • LOA ISRs must be processed in a timely fashion to avoid overpayments.
  • Please ensure that you know what type of leave the ee qualifies for and have received all prior approvals before initiating the ISR.
  • Be sure to indicate second approvers
  • Employee may receive salary changes during a leave of absence w/pay.
  • No supplemental pay should be processed/effective during a period of LOA w/o pay (except military leave).
  • Leaves with prorated salary must be extended with another ISR.
  • Retroactive LOA actions can affect actions already on the record.
    • Please do overview of history to ensure actions reflect correct leave status.


  • We’re going to open the phone lines now!
  • There will be a slight pause, and then a recorded voice will provide instructions on how to ask questions over this conference call line.
  • We’ll be answering questions in the order that we receive them.
  • We’ll also be answering the questions that were emailed to us during the presentation.
  • If there’s a question that we can’t answer, we’ll do some research after this session, and then email the answer to all participants.
thank you
Thank You!
  • Thank you for participating!
  • We would love to hear from you.
    • Are there certain topics that you would like us to cover in future FastFacts sessions?
    • Would you like to be a FastFacts presenter?
    • Please email us at:
  • Before we close, please take the time to complete a short survey.
  • Your feedback will help us as we plan future FastFacts sessions.
  • Click this link to access the survey…

Thanks again!