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Smart metering & Smart grids

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Smart metering & Smart grids - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smart metering & Smart grids. 0533883 Kathrin Fidlschuster 0512294 Christoph Gaber 0240661 Alexander Vilits 0612393 Elmar Lettner. Content. smart metering present technology smart metering technology advantages/disadvantages examples for realisation smart metering in Austria

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smart metering smart grids

Smart metering & Smart grids

0533883 Kathrin Fidlschuster

0512294 Christoph Gaber

0240661 Alexander Vilits

0612393 Elmar Lettner


smart metering

present technology

smart metering technology


examples for realisation

smart metering in Austria

smart metering and the Internet

smart grids



historical development

example for realisation in Austria

present technology
Present technology

electric meter device which measures the amount of consumed electric energy

consumption in Kilowatt hours

Ferraris-meter most common technology

Magnetic fields: consumer electricity, consumer tension

multirate meters (industry)

somebody has to read off the electric meter

smart metering technology
Smart metering technology

combine electric metering with two-way-communication systems

communication systems

displays real use

transfers meter data to the supplier

flexible tariffs (peak-load-pricing)

supports micro generation technology (wind turbines, solar panels)

different types of payment (prepayment or credit)

forecast energy demand

advantages of smart metering
Advantages of smart metering

exact billing (mathematical projection)

energy savings (3%)

reading off stops

flexible tariff changes (tariff or supplier)

just one needed meter (two locally placed meters)

metering production & consumption (PV, mini cogeneration units)

disadvantages of smart metering
Disadvantages of smart metering

implementation costs (800 million Euro up to two billion Euro)

privacy (data privacy, consumer protection)

inferences on customer behavior (through permanent recording)

smart metering in austria
Smart metering in Austria

About 40.000 already installed

Pilot projects

Technology by Siemens

Energy providers patient

Huge competition


smart metering and the internet
Smart metering and the Internet

Software to track energy usage behaviour

Microsoft Hohm – Google PowerMeter

Software connected with data from energy provider

Currently tracking the energy use, in future controlling?

smart grids13
Smart grids


„electricity networks that can intelligently integrate the behaviour and actions of all users connected to it - generators, consumers and those that do both – in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies.” (The SmartGrids Technology Platform. 2006)

smart grids14
Smart grids

Smart grids should not be mixed up with smart metering, it includes much more technologies etc.:

The SmartGrids Technology Platform. 2006. “What is a Smartgrid?”

smart grids15
Smart grids

Environmental Stewardship Committee at VTS. 2009. “Smart Grid”


Environmental benefits

Renewable energy

Increased efficiency

Security and reliability

Money savings

Integration of decentralized energy poducers

Open energy market

Disadvantages: costs, privacy, technology

historical development
Historical development

Up to now:

grid with centralised power plants

unidirectional load flow

limited grid integration for new electricity producers

top-down operational planning with previous data

Current trend:

implementation of decentralised power plants

multidirectional load flow

grid integration for new electricity producers

planning with real time information

historical development18
Historical development

traditional grid vs. smart grid

ABB, 2009 „Auf demWegzumintelligentenStromnetz“

examples for realisation in austria
Examples for realisation in Austria

BundesministeriumfürVerkehr, Innovation und Technologie, 2009 „IntelligenteEnergiesystemefür die Zukunft“

  • National pioneering projects
  • Smart consumer: municipality Großschönau -consumers as key players
  • Smart services in Greater Linz
  • Vöcklabruck: intelligent measurement and information system
  • Biosphärenpark Grosses Walsertal: smart distribution grid
  • Smart infrastructure in Salzburg
  • Murau: energy vision – fail-proof power-supply for the region
model region salzburg smart infrastructure
Model region Salzburg – smart infrastructure

Vision to become the first Austrian model region concerning smart grids

Tough challenge to implement a smart infrastructure (geographic situation)

Finding solutions of an overlapping cooperation between the energy sources and the infrastructure components

steps of development
Steps of development

Actually the Salzburg AG runs 26 hydroelectric power plants, two thermal power stations and several photovoltaic systems and biomass plants

Creation of a better grid integration for suppliers of renewable energy

To guarantee an active customer participation (clarify how to handle information)

Finding the best technology solution for the customers

Advance the implementation of bloc heating works


„A Smart Grid for Intelligent Energy Use“